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  1. Never thought about making a list for my paints, but I just downloaded the PaintRack app and also payed for full version(even though I might not use all the features, I like to support the creator) Thanks for this thread, I would never have thought about looking for an app to sort my paints
  2. Nicely done! Like the color choices you made and the eyes are really great!
  3. Very nice ominous figure! I love the sword and shield, very well done!
  4. Did some more work on the various heads for the beast.. I wanted to work with some blues so I changed the pink inside of the tentacles to blue and it looks pretty good. Now I am wondering if I should make the ends of the outside of the tentacles a light blue too, gradually blending into the orange. For the head with all the horns I also started with blue. It is still far from done but wanted to ask for an opinion on the darkness of the blues.. I think its a bit on the dark side and wonder if it will look good making it lighter or make it something very weird an inappropriate.. An
  5. I did some more work for the tree vignette and painted up 60147: Druid and Familiar. The familiar is done and the druid is near finished. I am thinking about bringing in some more colors but haven't decided yet which ones. I think I'll let it depend on how I will paint up Autumn Bronzeleaf. As for the layout of the vignette I am still not really sure if this round base is maybe a little to small.. I want to put in some other animals besides the still to find crows or raven in the tree. As for the raven or crows I think I will delegate it to my brother who is a wizard with 3d printing.
  6. Fantastic colorful job you did once again! Worthy of another like bomb on this thread!
  7. thanks! very much appreciated.. I am not in a hurry so let me know when you had time to find something
  8. I painted the tree today and did some more work on the base.. I first was working on a square piece, but found a not used plastic round base which I found more fitting for my vignette. It is actually a utensils drain rack bottom from IKEA.. It costs 79 euro cents, a cheap alternative for a wooden base. It's 128mm and got a nice beveled edge. Does anyone know a nice set of sitting birds, preferably crows or raven? I know there was a set of bones familiars, but can't seem to located them anymore in the store. I found the metal variant, but I want a lot of birds, so it is going to
  9. The Angel of Shadow has a new home and was received with tears of joy I have been working some more on the tree sculpt. I took out my last batch of green stuff strips. I know I will never buy strips of green stuff again, the center always leaves these hard already cured chunks in it and always I loose more blue than yellow with cutting it out. Anyway.. After I had it separated I used the middle with the chunks to fill some of the bottom of the tree, figuring it won't be visible when it is mounted on the piece I am working on. This is where it is at at the moment.. Som
  10. There are more places than your Island.... I thought there is just the Netherlands, all other places are just small dutch village outposts? Well, there are some Islands out there, the natives there aren't as sophisticated as the Dutch, but if you take the right precautions, you can approach them to barter with. There is a smaller Island on the other side of the North Sea, and then there are rumours about a larger Island further away... But those are rumours, of course if you sailed to far, you would fall of the Earth... That is the reason why I don't travel great d
  11. There are more places than your Island.... I thought there is just the Netherlands, all other places are just small dutch village outposts?
  12. As for the gift part, I just read on the website of our tax do thingies, that a gift from outside of the EU can have a maximum value of 45 euros or about 50 dollars to stay tax and import fees free.. As long as there are no obvious signs of retail stuff on the box and it is marked (very prominently as a gift) it should be fine without taxes or import fees
  13. Within the Netherlands shipping has a flat rate up to 10KG For shipping to the UK see photo Third option is for a signed parcel and my choice when I will ship it back to the UK
  14. Thank you! The feathers were the easy part of this piece. I painted them with VMC Medium grey, did a wash with 70/30mix sepia/black ink and them did some highlighting with VMC medium grey followed by VGC ghostgrey and finally a 50/50mix ghost grey and VGC dead white. I even did a bit of dry brushing for the top parts of the wings About the OSL, that was/is the whole thing that kept/keeps me from doing more with OSL.. I was thinking about making a nighttime setting for this piece, but didn't feel confident enough that I could pull that of. It is easy to put everything under a coat of dark
  15. I cropped the photos so you can see more details. Thanks for the advice Chris Palmer and Ravendas!
  16. I see a tiny bit of blue that is somewhere where it's not supposed to be.. Tomorrow I'll fix that, now it's time for some sleep
  17. Thank you Chris! The previous photo I cropped with irvanview.. Next photo I cropped on my phone.
  18. I cropped one photo to see how it will look. Already it starts to blur a bit.. I will look into getting sharper images.. Thanks for the feedback!!
  19. Thank you and yes you are right, I need a better camera. I only have my Xperia Z5 cell phone to take pictures and if I come closer I can't get a good focus. It has a macro setting on it, but that tends to distort the colors a lot. Time to spend less on miniatures and save up for a better camera Thank you Pochi!
  20. My first finished piece with some minor OSL, made as a gift for a very dear friend of mine. The head of this otherwise beautiful bones miniature had some casting flaws, so I swapped her head with a cast copy of a Kingdom Death Sunstalker dancer Pin-up miniature. Any critique is very much appreciated, since I just want to learn and keep getting better with miniature painting.
  21. last update of today. I started on a base for the angel. Instead of the broccoli base, with which I absolutely had no idea what to do, I decided to have her land on a wall. I cut of the base, drilled a holes in a 45mm beech base and cut a piece of blue foam to size. I carved some stones in the foam and cut a piece of wire long enough to hold the angel and to stick it in the wooden base. So far I only put a gray base coat on the wall, but I am really tired.. Tomorrow I'll continue with the rest of the base and painting.
  22. Thanks guys! This is only the first of three heads that's near completion.. I also started on the vortex thingy but that will take some more thinking on color choice.. Working on a few different miniatures does make it a little easier though, because I don't have to stop painting all together when I can't see clearly what I want to achieve on one model. The photos are a bit on the orange side, I will see if I can fix that with the next photos
  23. Thank you all for the encouraging comments! A little progress today on the Angel of Shadow. I have been procrastinating doing any real OSL for a long time, even when I was doing 1/35 scale stuff I always found an excuse not to do it. This time I just started and hoped for the best. Since this is my first real attempt on OSL I would be very glad with any and all comments and critique. I read and watched a lot of tutorials, but some of you have been doing this for a long time and I really value those inputs! So without further ado, here are some photos.
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