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  1. That is some really nice work you did there! Great concept and very cool execution, both sculpt and paintjob!
  2. Attempt #2 I have been working on a few different things the past month. I started sculpting an old gnarly tree with some super sculpey and green stuff for the finer details. I plan on using it in a vignette or a small diorama. I had more photo's of the work in progress but lost them all in a desktop pc mishap. These are photos taken today. I also started on Autumn bronzeleaf and was almost done with her when I decided my paintjob wasn't doing her justice, so I dunked her in 99% alcohol for a few days and started over. This is just the fresh ly airbrushed wolf grey primer.
  3. Hey everyone, it's been over a month since I posted any photo's of progress. Was really busy, lost a bunch of photo's in my desktop pc screw up. But today I took some new photo's of the latest progress. I am trying to do some minor OSL around his eyes and so far I think it looks OK.. I'm not done yet, the eyes themselves need some more work and I need to do some more highlighting on the head and horns. Any c&c is very welcome!
  4. Hi All! Before everyone thinks I had disappeared or something, I am still here.. Had a bunch of problems with my pc and because of that I lost all my photo's, music, files.. Well, I just lost everything I had stored and backed-up on 3 drives.. Still kinda flabbergasted about the whole thing.. If you haven't changed to windows 10 yet.. DON'T!!!! That will mess up your stuff if you have multiple drives and OS's. I got a new fresh install and got most of the previous programs and stuff reinstalled so I can go back to painting and being creative again.
  5. Hi all, Its been a bit slow for me painting wise, but I am always on the look out for great deals. Today I got an email from Kingdom death.. They are selling all, read ALL the expansions for the game, for the next 7 days, before they go back to their original plan to bring out 1 expansion every few months.. So if you want one, or all, now is the time.. Ends on 21st March
  6. I always thought those fading labels had to do with the kind of ink used. In this case heat activated ink, like the kind on receipts at grocery stores. Taping over those labels with scotch tape will have them fade faster because of a chemical reaction between the glue on the tape and the ink. So either use a sharpy or print your own new labels. Looking at a few new reaper paint pots, it looks like they are a low resolution heat activated ink print.
  7. Yes, yes it did! I went through the first dvd tuesday, and started on the second yesterday It is a great tool to have, lots of very usefull advice. I love the way they both share their own techniques and fill in when one is painting and the other tells how it could also be done. Thanks for bringing this set to my attention TaleSpinner! Thank you all!
  8. That's the modern version of a Britisch knife thrower.. And now they want to exit the EU.. Ow boy, what will become of them..?
  9. The last thing we need is European involvement, just look at what happened in the 1770s when you lot stuck your noses in, you almost ruined America! Lol.. Without us (the dutch) there would be no New York.. And for that matter probably they would still be running around with bajonets on their guns..
  10. The first Dark Sword Jen and Anne dvd set is on its way to my humble abode and will arrive tomorrow somewhere in the afternoon Is it tuesday yet??
  11. I kinda feel lucky now that those dvd sets were not available anymore. Next time I have some extra cash to spare I'll look into those Lazlo dvds. And I will look into those James Wapple videos right now, thanks!
  12. She looks spectacular!! Gems, Eyes, Skin, Armor, Hair, Headdress.. It's all stunning!! Very well done Sir!!
  13. This would be something I would be very interested in joining too. I haven't been drawing much lately, but this is a good incetive to pick that up again!
  14. That looks like something I think I must be needing.. right away.. As soon as possible.. Lol.. Awesome work and very simple and effective design! Very inspiring!!
  15. Just finalised the order. Also bought some Scale 75 paints, some basing materials and of course, how could I resist, a few more miniatures
  16. Well, you should pay for them, since it costs money to make and it's a company that's been struggling for years now but is still cool enough to release the videos for free. Free != free. For DVDs, depends on your skill level. I'd definitely start with the Jen and Anne set, they're the gold standard for your first DVD set. I personally like Jessica's after that, though Marike's is also great. But they're both a bit more advanced, I wouldn't work through them before you're become comfortable with the stuff in the initial set. I just got a very good deal offered on that Jen and Anne set f
  17. Thanks, I looked into those and they look really interesting! Instead of donating money, go to youtube and search paintingbuddha.. Lots of very good stuff. See comment below I have seen a bunch of those painting buddha video's but wanted something extra and I would like to have something tangible in my bookcase other than miniatures and euhm.. books.. haha
  18. Hi everyone, I want to buy some painting tutorial dvds and I found "Miniature Painting Secrets" 2 different sets by 2 top artists, but the only one I can seem to buy is a download from CMON from Natalya(Alexi Z) I would like to get my hands on both the dvd sets instead of just the 1 download. Does anyone here know where I might be able to buy those? I tried Battlefield berlin, it looked like they had it in stock at a discount, but unfortunately they don't have those anymore and won't get them ever again. Or maybe someone can recommend some other good dvd's?
  19. Another small update. The body is almost finished, just his claws and some more highlighting on his legs and all the spines. I almost gave up today.. The gray on his legs didn't want to go where I wanted it to go, but after a break and a long walk it suddenly seemed to go all by itself.. There are some small touch up spots I need to adress on some parts where I keep holding the beast, but all in all I am very pleased with the result.. When the body is done the heads will be a nice challenge and the most challenging piece, the vortex.. I haven't even touched the thing yet except for primer.. T
  20. I just ordered me 150 glass agitators to be on the safe side.. Back when I bought those stainless steel ball bearings I didn't have much options, only thing I could choose from where glass beads(but those where to light), ball bearings and lead sinkers.. I didn't want to taint my paint with lead so I thought I took the best option available with the stainless steel bearings. Bought them at an autoparts shop nearby. Now to try to get the ball bearings out with losing to much paint.. Thats going to be fun I tried with some neodimium magnets, but those don't get a hold of the bear
  21. For stainless steel corrosion: Acids and Cl- ions (as from table salt, for instance) can cause the direct sort of corrosion that you would expect to see in rusting iron or steel. Perhaps more importantly, galvanic corrosion* can occur when you have two metals of different composition in the same solution. This could be an issue in a Reaper paint bottle, since they typically have a tin-alloy agitator. I do not know how stainless steel would react with tin in an electrolyte. Recommend using something non-metallic like glass or hematite beads. * Same sort of reaction as in a battery. It's al
  22. I had my bearings for a long time.. I put one in a closed lid photofilm pot with tap water for close to 2 years after someone told me they would rust.. This was when I was still doing only modelkits and they still haven't rusted.. Some bearings are at least 8 years old.
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