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  1. Thanks everyone! I added 2 new photo links for your viewing pleasure
  2. For agitator balls I use stainless steel bearings.. I bought some extra few months back from PK-Pro in Germany. They got a lot of good and affordable tools and other stuff, 150 agitators for 7,95 euro or 8,85 in dollars.. They also sell lots of different kinds of dropper bottles for really cheap
  3. She looks superb so far!! Love the eyes!! I am so jealous at everyone who paints those stunning tiny eyes For the headdress.. Why not use the same colors as the dragons heads? There are 5 pieces sticking out.. Or is that to obvious of a choice? Next choice: silver with blue would look very good on her with the small bulb on the front painted as a blue gem But no matter what, she will turn out great, I am sure!
  4. She is stunning!! Absolutely gorgeous and like Herman said a winner!
  5. That is once again a real colorfull bunch of minis you are painting and they look fantastic!! Those eyes are looking all so very good, do you have a special technique for that? I just can't seem to get them to turn out like I want them to.
  6. The past few days progress has been slow, but today I managed to do quite a bit. Yesterday evening I figured that the lower armor plating on the rear legs didn't give me a very good idea on where they stopped being armor and thus I created those boundaries myself with some green stuff.. It turned out that was a good move and today I finished painting all the armor. I'm very pleased with the result and am now debating if I should create some better defined boundaries on the lower part of his upper-arm armor plating.. This beast is taking quite a bit of my time, but I enjoy every minute of the
  7. Hey everyone, I posted her on CMON too.. If you care to vote, here is a link http://www.coolminiornot.com/393758
  8. Put in links to the photo's.. I completly forgot about the nudity, sorry if I offended anyone!!
  9. I forgot about the nudity not being allowed.. I'll upload them elsewhere and put in the links.. Sorry if I offended anyone!!
  10. Hey everyone, Here are some more photo's from the WIP The only thing missing is a wooden round sockel I ordered, but that will take another week at least before it will be back in stock and then shipped. She was a valentine gift for my girlfriend and she really loves her. Hope you all do too! Linked for nudity and made new photos http://myalbum.com/photo/opvqdNChQn9X/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/xzR4iBRwKGHV/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/rmSFJTGPv126/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/b3kVyjHfabHC/1k0.jpg http://myalbum.com/photo/fupjpk9bHxoH/1k0.jpg Any C&C is
  11. Hey everyone, This is a work in progress for a finished piece. I finished her yesterday but couldn't post the work in progress, because it was a valentine gift for my girlfriend and she sometimes roams the forums too. She picked this model a while back when I was ordering and told me right from the start she wanted something golden green. I painted the dryad gold green and was my first real blending on a miniature that small. It turned out pretty well although my shaking hands still bother my painting skills at times. I mixed the green gold with VMC golden olive, VGC yellow olive, VGC glor
  12. I had a similar issue with my reaper pearl white.. Turned out the hole in the tip was not a hole.. somehow with the fabrication of the plastic tips something went wrong.. I ended up drilling a hole in it with an 0.8mm drill, that fixed it
  13. Hey everyone, progress is slow with all those many, many layers of glazing, but I'm getting there.. The back is nearly finished.. Some minor touch ups and some more glazing on the spikes and I will seal it up.. Question: does sealer(reaper) change or dull colors? Any C&C is as always much appreciated
  14. Another small update. I did some basecoating on the armor with a mix of vgc hot orange and vmc carmine red and started highlighting part of his back and shoulder armor.. It's going very slow, but I want to try to accomplish almost perfect blends. And since I'm not in a hurry I just take my time, which will make sure the previous layer is really dry before I put on the next one. I also did some more works on the tentacle head. Which brought up an interesting question. Where are his eyes or mouth?? The mouth I can picture somewhere between the tentacles, but eyes? I think I will sculpt some ey
  15. Thanks Herman! I'll search for some poster.. I thought about putting a poster on ones of the walls of my "a new Park entrance" vignette.. Now I will definitely do that!
  16. This is really great looking so far and by reading what you've got planned to further this diorama, I think it will be freaking awesome when it's finished! How did you manage to create all those little posters, did you print those on a home printer?
  17. It really is awe inspiring to see what you come with!! I really like the 2nd(oval) base and when you mentioned a raised area I thought.. Why not have a piece of the wall or maybe even 2 walls stick out from the confines of the oval base on that raised area.. And instead of a 90 degree angle for teh walls, make it something like 120 degrees? But what ever you decide, I know it will be a stunning piece in the end!
  18. I decide to go with the orange top.. Did the base color on top and a little blending towards the stomach area
  19. It is getting a boring piece to look at with all that greenish gray.. One thing my girlfriend cleverly noticed is that it looks like it is having armor plating resembling that of a crab with all those pockmarks.. I might try something with the orange color of a deepsea crab. If I do that I will leave the lower greenish gray part as is and try to blend it towards orange towards the top.. That way it will be a more colorfull piece to look at, instead of a dull greenish gray beast with black spikes.. And already it gave me an idea for a small diorama too..
  20. Another bit of progress today.. Most of my evening went into searching tutorials on how to paint black with a blue shine to it.. Found some videos on painting black, but not exactly what I was looking for. Does anyone know of any good tutorials on black with blue shine/glimmer? I did try a bit myself, but not convinced this is what I want. On the beast I did some of his back, his stomach area and a bit on the hind legs.. All done with glazing. I also started on one of the heads, just base color and a tiny bit of glazing on the tentacles. As always any c&c is much appreciated!
  21. Its not part of a force or really themed.. Its more of a, I will see what will come of it, project.. Mostly to practice my glazing I decided to go with green, it looks better and gives me more options with colors for things like the spikes and armor plates.. I just finished mixing a bunch of glazing mixes and put them in a dropper bottles so I don't have to worry about not matching colors..
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