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  1. She's really lovely. My favorite bits are the pouches and bottles around her waist, and her eyes. Her skin tone has such a nice cool cast to it. ~jenna
  2. I've been working on this UltraForge resin Giant for a friend for some time now. He had primed him black, started painting him and got frustrated quickly, so he stripped him. I got him in a plastic baggie with remnants of black primer in all of the creases. I scrubbed him thoroughly and used the brush on white primer to get started. He's truly a giant, standing about 10.5 cm. That's just over 4 inches. The skin tone has been a real challenge. He still needs his club, (will be pinned to his right hand) and I need to finish his pants up- I haven't painted the cording keeping them up yet. The base is incomplete too. The tattoo was done pretty quickly- I'm a fan of Japanese tattoo so it was easy to find reference I liked. One issue at this point though- you can see in the pictures he's got a bit of shine to him- I think it's from the resin underneath. I used the anti shine additive in one of my last glazes (after these pictures were taken), and now my mini has a film all over it- like chalk! I thinned the additive way down with the paint glaze. I think I started hyperventilating when it dried and left the residue. I just couldn't believe it. I tried to wash it off, and washed some of the paint off in the process. I've since fixed some of the scrubbed off paint, reglazed and sealed it and it seemed to help a little, but he definitely needs some more work before he's done. Anyone know why this would have happened? Any comments/critique/ suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! ~Jenna
  3. So sorry about your fuzzy friend. He was very handsome. I'd be lost without Ebby, our kitty.
  4. I think the one thing that I need the most work with my technique right now is contrast. Maybe a class in painting composition? How you direct the viewer's eye through a piece using light and dark and the conscious decisions made with color choice and contrast? I'd find that really interesting.
  5. I adjusted the levels a little bit in PhotoShop- is this a little closer to her actual colors? Her robes and skin are very nice!
  6. I really like it. It feels like she's going somewhere. The colors are really balanced. Nice job!
  7. OMG me want!!!!! I love it Lanse!
  8. Her eyes look fantastic- do you have a closeup of her face?
  9. I like the limited palette you've used on him. He looks really balanced.
  10. Nice to see you posting again. I too love the braid and the freehand. Not sure if it's the picture or not- does she have pupils? ~jenna
  11. I agree- some great articles! I went to college for illustration and I miss my classmates in my final year- we had established a great group of people that trusted each other and gave great constructive criticism. Here at work, constructive criticism is how we make our designs better- it's true about two heads are better than one. The important part is the constructive bit though. We follow the PPCO when evaluating stuff here at work. Plusses - always start off on the positive! Potential- what would make it even better? Concerns- what needs fixing? Overcome concerns- offer suggestions to overcome your concerns, or brainstorm. I find that the PPCO is a great tool when offering constructive criticism. ~jenna
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