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  1. Mage Knight Kevin

    (03431) Frost Giant Princess

    Recently painted up the Svetlana figure. I'm using her as the young daughter of a Cloud Giant King, so didn't opt for the "normal" blue Frost Giant skin. Blog Post: http://mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca/2016/05/figure-for-giant-princess.html Kevin in Edmonton http://mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  2. Mage Knight Kevin

    (02868) Eldritch Demon

    Latest Reaper painting project. Blog post... http://mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca/2016/04/tentacles.html Kevin in Edmonton http://mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  3. Mage Knight Kevin

    (02516) Tortoise Dragon

    A few pics of my latest Reaper D&D monster...the Tortoise Dragon. Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  4. Mage Knight Kevin

    Dragons Don't Share...Terrain

    Quaestor, Painting was pretty easy because I didn't attach the 2nd storey of the tower until just before doing the moss and ivy. Kevin in Edmonton.
  5. Mage Knight Kevin

    (14452) Dire Bear

    This is Jason Wiebe's Dire Bear sculpt. Really like this figure. I've posted a short video tutorial for the painting of this figure here: http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca/2014/11/video-tutorial-painting-reapers-dire.html Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  6. Mage Knight Kevin

    (03465) Spider Demoness

    This is the Shaerileth figure. I wanted to do a black & white/greyscale figure, set off with a single accent colour. Well, in this case it was red blood! Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca Edit: Ah, as a new user, I've just discovered that you can't show a nude figure here. No problem. If you'd like to see other images of this figure (from the front, for example) you can just travel to my blog, linked in my signature. Thanks everyone!
  7. Mage Knight Kevin

    (14537) Eye Tyrant

    Going to post a couple of random Reaper monsters today. Starting with this miniature we've used as a D&D 5th Edition Spectator. Made the base texture out of greenstuff. Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  8. Mage Knight Kevin

    Dragons Don't Share...Terrain

    Dr. Bedlam, To keep the groundwork on the pie plate, the metal was covered with a high quality textured masking tape first. This gives the glue something to stick to. It's working fine. Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  9. Mage Knight Kevin

    Dragons Don't Share...Terrain

    Lowlylowlycook, You can get a step-by-step description of the build here: http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca/2015/11/ruined-tower-large-terrain-project-step.html Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  10. I recently picked up the Dragons Don't Share boxed set, and was really taken with the terrain pieces. So I decided to undertake a hefty terrain project. The Bones pieces and slate were glued to a cork sheet, which was then glued to the back of a metal pizza pie plate. The ground was covered with small tallus pebbled, and then with a sand mix. Many different grades of static grass, flock, tufts, wildflowers, climbing ivy and moss covering were used to finish off the base and rubble. Hope you like it. Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  11. Mage Knight Kevin

    (03350) Young Forest Dragon

    LittleBluberry, Done. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Mage Knight Kevin

    (02521) Cavern Worm

    Adrift, Appreciate that. Good point. Thanks!
  13. Mage Knight Kevin

    (02636) Wyvern

    This is the Blacksting Wyvern figure. I'm of two minds about this one. First off, most of the effort went into the basing...which was built up from basla, cork and lots of slate. I wanted a broken mountaintop look, and I think it turned out OK. On the other hand, for the actual figure, I liked everything about the sculpt except the wings. Because of the way they were sculpted, the wings looked very "meaty," not "membranous." In the end I just went with it and painted him like he had a couple of juicy steaks hanging off of his shoulders. LOL. Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  14. Mage Knight Kevin

    (02521) Cavern Worm

    This is a really odd figure, but I was looking for a burrowing creature, and this guy fit the bill. Biggest challenge was to find a paint scheme that looked rocky and organic at the same time. A floor wax coating on the teeth and tongue after the flat sealer gave the appropriate "wet" appearance. Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  15. Mage Knight Kevin

    (02325 & 02933) Ogres...Husband and Wife

    A couple of Reaper Ogres... Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca