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  1. I just bought Cinder and Blightfang. In Pathfinder/3.5 would they be consifered Huge or Gargantuan?
  2. The reds are MSP Brilliant red and MSP Gore red, Its been washed with a little brown wash and a little flesh wash mixed. the orange and red in the base were done with Windsor and Newton heavy body acrylic. MSP HD tusk ivory on the horns, vallejo gold on the eyes.
  3. Working with a lot of shadow: came out pretty neat. Kinda creepy.
  4. Fire dragon. Base created with windsor and newton heavy body paint and Kroma Crackle. MSP used in the dragon.
  5. Holy moly those tattoos are cool. Love the ruins on that ax too, the tattoos are amzeballs
  6. Next skill to learn free hand paint! Very inspiring I've got some guys logos for shields I've been meaning to try. Very inspirational, great use of color.
  7. Well I've been really reading and watching tutorials, this is my first attempt at snow on Sculpey rocks, my first attempt at water, and my first use of clear acrylic rod pulled over a flame to create icicles. The water was created using Testors window maker. This is also the first time I've used a pin vise to attach a figure to a base. Edited: lighter pictures uploaded. Thank you for taking the time to look!
  8. This is just super cool love the colors the mushrooms are super neat, love your use of static grass and the colors really pop nice, what a great looking piece!
  9. Royalty: court viseurs, queens, princesses, honor guards, kings,standing suits of armor, blank flags, ballistas, catapults and calvary.
  10. CmdrAwesome


    Wow, that is super cool!
  11. Very cool, love the way you have the light playing across his face.
  12. This guy is such a great sculpt, love the beautiful scrollwork on his shield.
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