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  1. BananeDC

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera

    I like it a lot. Great colour, great basing, really good ideas.
  2. BananeDC

    A lot of Bones 4

    Thanks everyone ! Yes, some suffer from the speed, the reason comes from the über project started in 2013 : a bestiary dor Dungeons & dragons. Sor far, more than 2.000 minis painted (D&D minis repainted, Bones KS 1,2,3,4 fully painted), with the same uniformity for the bases. I had no other choice than speed painting a lot, and you are right Evilhalfling, it can be seen. I take more time for the ones i like or the big monsters though.
  3. BananeDC

    A lot of Bones 4

    Thanks ! :) This is a roc (in D&D universe), that's why it is muche bigger than a giant eagle
  4. BananeDC

    A lot of Bones 4

    It's been a long time without posting here...Her are some bones 4 Gauth was a little too big for my studio... Here is Gauth Gauth and an unlucky female adventurer, under it paw...) The Roc !! Size comparisson with a barbarian : The rock troll : And the cart^^
  5. BananeDC

    D&D minis, Bones 4 and some bones 3

    Sorry for the delay Glitterwolf, here are the sides of the crocodile.
  6. BananeDC

    77261 Nabassu

    I agree. (just try a more neutral background ) Well done !
  7. BananeDC

    Rusted Nurgle Army (pic heavy)

    Amazing work, well done ! I'm a bit bored at Nurgle minis in general because everybody tend to paint them green, so i like yours a lot. I also painted mine (a Nurgle Bloodbowl team) rusted.
  8. BananeDC

    Tarrasque time!

    Hi, Yep, feel like seeing how you worked this one ! If you want a bit of help/inspiration, i have done mine last year : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78703-tarrasquekanjira/
  9. BananeDC

    D&D minis, Bones 4 and some bones 3

    Really surprised. These are Reaper minis...Anyway.
  10. BananeDC

    D&D minis, Bones 4 and some bones 3

    Thaks Glitterwolf ! Are you serious concerning the Succubi ???
  11. Hop, here we go ! Succubi (nude) : https://postimg.cc/DmM9ZxJP
  12. BananeDC

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Bones 4 Wraith

    Black and shades of grey, just the right prportions. Really Excellent, i love them !
  13. Hi ! I need a little help for Bones 4 : I couldn't figure out where thess parts (Core set) should be glued : Thanks for helping ! Edit : i found for the cauldron (Baba Yagga's) but the fur part remains unidentified.