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  1. Great one, good job on the base. Congrats !
  2. Strange colour for an ogre, but very well done. I like the idea od Glitterwolf (snow ogre)
  3. Nice one, i like the color scheme !
  4. Thanks for the nice comments everyone !
  5. I've just finished Demogorgon, a demon prince from Forgotten Realms D&D universe, resin kit limited to 1500 copies From GF9. It's been a long time since i wanted this kit ! I have to re-do one of the trickles of drool as it has bubbles in it. The blacksmith is here for scale.
  6. Old Bones 1. The two giants were bought recently (who knows why i had not taken them at the time, considering i had taken everything, uncluding two core sets...) and the aboleth (Goroloth) was lost in a drawer....
  7. 2 cars for the "Highway patrol" Sponsor Starsky Hot Wheels 1970 Chevrolet Chevell SS Pilot : Plaster casting Ramshackle Games Minigun : NorthStar miniatures (Implements of Carnage) Air intake : Plaster casting NorthStar miniatures (Implements of Carnage) Rear wheels : Plaster casting Dice Mechanics Games Front wheels : Plaster casting Dice Mechanics Games Front bumper : Stan Johensen Miniatures Beacon : 3D printing Hutch Hot Wheels '69 Dodge Charger 500 Pilot : Plaster casting Ramshackle Games
  8. It gives a good aspect, i like it. Compared to the original we can see the difference ! Are you gonna add weapons/armor/ crew ? Pistache Hot Wheels Combat Medic Pilot : plaster casting Ramshackle Games Pilot seat : model kit german bus WWII Mini-gun turret, gunner and weapon : plaster and resin castings from Ramshackle Games stuff Armorded side pannel : Ramshackle Games Ice cream holders : evergreen Ice cream : homemade (pâte epoxy Pro-create, biscuit is the same plus sewing thread) Loudspeaker : Dice Mechanics Games Wheels: plaster casting fro
  9. Dragsters : Kerosen Hot Wheels no name Pilot : plaster casting Ramshackle Games Machine gun : Ramshackle Games Hoses : homemade (epoxy putty Pro-create) kérosen cans : plaster casting can from Stan Johansen miniatures Jet engine : resin casting Dice Mechanics Games Exhausts on hood :pieces of evergreen 2,4 mm pipe Rear wheels : From the heavy truck Heavy Truck "Hummungus" Spoiler : plasticard 1mm Supports of the spoiler : evergreen 1,6 mm Supersonic red Hot Wheels Fangula Pi
  10. Here are 9 Buggies for Gaslands ! Molotov Matchbox Dune buggy Pilot : Body : Stan Johansen miniatures, Head : german gunner Italeri '88 canon Molotov cocktails thrower : bottom: Stan Johansen miniatures, Top : Orion/Caesar 1:72, cocktail/flames/smoke : homemade Machine gun hose : homemade (pro-create epoxy) Machine gun : Dice Mechanics games Front wheels : plaster casting from another Hotwheels Rear wheels : plaster casting from Zinge Industries Spikes : Toothpicks Seat: german 1:72 WWII bus model kit Chain : Green stuff Worl
  11. Here is a foutain from Bones 4, painted, then forgotten on a shelf in my workshop... Water is epoxy resin with a drop of green ink and a drop of blue ink.
  12. same as Glitterwolf ! Yep, makes me regret not getting it too. Great job ! Love, really love the weathering job on the bones.
  13. The big wyvern from Bones 4. Enjoy !
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