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  1. I was showing some friends last night how to play warlord. I took 1k of necro stuff and 1k of razig guys as my demo force. To keep it really simple i used no magic or equipment on either force. It was razig and 9 bone marines in one troupe and lebone and skeletal crewman in the other troupe. For the necro army i used judas and 9 crimson knights and azarphan and some skelly warriors in the other troupe. As the game started nothing really happened for a bit while the knights moved up and the pirates single moved for a turn or two. Once the necro guys got into range though the pir
  2. Well i'm still pretty new to warlord but spent a mint on the game already. I have at a pretty loose guess around 2500 to 3k necropolis. And for the wife she has probably 2k to 2500 razigs. My big list though is for cav. I can put on the table the last i figured around 21k and change. I'm working on painting up my warlord stuff now got all the necro guys primed and put together just taking my time with painting em up. Moslty one coat of this color or that color but nothing that i would say is done. The wife has yet have me prime her pirate guys for her.
  3. So these 3d printers you guys have mentioned. How exactly does that translate to a plastic or metal mini? I'm a machinist by trade so i can understand getting an autocad program to make a mold of something that makes a program for said mold etc etc. And from there you go with some kind of injection with plastics or aluminum molds that you use with soft metal injection or lost metal foundry work with harder metals. But what kind of techno goodies are we talking about process wise of how you go from i'm assuming a laser 3d scan of something to actual figure on the table? I'm a geek at he
  4. Well the milnet guys did post some beta rules for some much needed changes last friday to ccv involving infantry. Some of the rules are clunky atm but better then the pdf rules by a bunch. Look on the main page and look up the articles page and click the link to see em. Whenever somebody says vehicle vs cav in close combat i laugh. We used to take bets with newer btech players and made a killing money wise on this one. Imagine 100 tons of savanah masters vs any 100 ton mech and who would you bet wins? With the charge rule you would sacrifice a few savanah masters to deleg the m
  5. Anybody have any info on what if any faction doctrines you get for the pirates? My wife has a bunch of it otw thru the mail for her to play but i can't find any info on what they get. As is my necro guys won't scare more undead stuff very easy so it should be kinda fun.
  6. Well stealing from my btech days here let me try to explain the exp stat. By no means is this factual just my pure guess. But i would say that if i'm getting better as a pilot i would want either to not be in the fray...therefore living longer...or i would want the biggest most armored...therefore most likely to get me home kinda ride i can find. If you look at the data cards the bigger assault cavs all have 8ish exp in the first track. Most middle of the road cavs and recon units have 5 to 6 ish in the first track. The biggest disparity i noticed looking thru the data cards quickly
  7. Man you warm weather freaks kill me. In ohio after a long winter 45 degrees outside is a no jacket smoke break at work weather. You can golf up to 50 degrees with no jacket on. Hell i dont even break out my shorts till its 65 outside. Of course living on the erie shore makes for some hardy folks hehe.
  8. Well going thru the list of spells it seems that clerics have it pretty good. Good cheap heal spells. I don't fully understand the problem? If the problem is that it doen't hit then i guess they should be more devote eh? I play a necro army and for me to heal anything i have to be fighting the right kind of army and be lucky with where i have my vamps and or mage. That is even if i'm playing vamps or choose the life sucker type spells...which are more expensive then heal 1's btw. I just got my wife the razig faction and from what i can see her choices are even smaller as far as
  9. Well i just a little playtest with the 8 mini army vs a pretty big skelly grunt army with the grave horror and vandrian as a solo. Had lots of archers who did nothing...the skelly warriors are just sad vs an adept crimson knight...and given that i outran my army with vandrian he doesn't do too well vs those knights and judas. Ran it thru 6 turns before my scotch starting kickin in but i can tell you that up to that point...oh my god do i like that little army setup. Now of course this is vs just more necro trash mobs some middle of the road leader types and 2 solo minis. I'm sure vs
  10. Well i'm trying to save playtesting time by bouncing ideas off the board. I just got all my necro stuff today in the mail and went thru a marathon glue trim and basing session. I got my warriors most of judas, malek the archers and athak and azarphan all based and put together. Sir vandian was a pain and the crimson knights are still in the box. I'll finish glueing everybody together tomorrow when the glue buzz wears off. I would prefer to use the calvalry approach and then fill out with cheap grunts but i have yet to buy any of em and the wife is thinking of getting into warlord as
  11. Well here is another list that i was kicking around. Different concept but still 1k army. Judas bloodspire upgraded with the avenger, greater magical armor 346 pts crimson knights x 6 each upgraded with magical weapon 504 pts Malek upgraded with gruesome familiar and magical protection with spells ice blast x1 bolt x3 rigor mortis x 2 141 pts Basically i'm trying to get the biggest beafiest adepts and warlord i can get with some decent magic support. Would the fewer amount of troops hurt me or since they all
  12. Quick thing i forgot. The est bubble is established regardless of a target lock...or even if you dont use the target point location from the recon unit. And any other unit can target a seperate spot for their target/target point roll as long as you consider type of fire and weapons etc.
  13. No the action or the attempt on the target lock gets you the target point location. That is one action. The EST fires off as a result of the target lock action. If you want to chain in any other units that is considered a seperate action even though it factors into the range of the increments of the target point roll. Or 24 inch range band. But if you want to just use the recon minis higher tc value as a result of est then you go off of the longest weapon on the data card to establish range bands. On the panther if i remember right its what a 28 inch range? The bad thing is th
  14. Forgot one point here. If i'm moving my fire support units they can't do a target lock action and fire in the same activation so they lose the tc twice bonus. So if you do the same routine as above minus the cfp attempt and the panther moves he gets tc of 3 as a bonus to his target point roll...which gives the rest of the sectoin...as long as they in the in the aoe a plus 3 to their target point roll. The rest of the conquerors try for their shot at tc of 2 plus the est bonus of 3 and gives them a plus 5 total to the target point roll.
  15. Ok i'll run thru the list and you can grab what you need from it. Repeatable actions are like move repair. Non-repeatable are fire reform section specialty action, (like fist or the engineer sa). The list is longer then that but its in the pdf and i'm sure you can reference it quicker then i could type it all out. Your repeatable and non-repeatable actions directly relate to what you can get away with from a recon unit and how they relate to the rest of the section during one phase of activation. Say i take a panther who has a tc of 3. I want to target lock and then chain fire in
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