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  1. I received an email from Reaper with my proper pledge manager! Bless their cotton socks.
  2. Hey thanks for offering the suggestion, however, yes I had previously logged in multiple times to add and remove things from my list. I have my emails and passwords saved for the site and everything. Yet I still tried typing them in just in case. I tried all of my different email addresses and passwords even though I know which one is the correct one. I even tried the "register email" button but no confirmation email was sent...
  3. I've emailed help@reaper. Hopefully I hear back soon. It's not letting me log into pledge manager sadly.
  4. Did you get an email saying your Colossal Skeleton had shipped or did it just show up on your doorstep? I still haven't heard a thing about mine being sent...
  5. In Twitch just now it sounds like the plan is to have more than one option for the ship so that is good news! Not sure if it will be Solid and Translucent Green or Solid and Translucent Clear or possibly all three, but with what Jon said it sounds like it wont be just the one :)
  6. Thanks Dan! I'm watching the latest Reaper Live now as I missed it and they even said wait till Monday in the video. DOH! But it is great to have the confirmation. And then right after that they gave you a thanks in the video for you graphics and I was like "Hey I'm just reading Dan's comment to me!" What a crazy random happenstance.
  7. So I won one of the Reaper Giveaways from last weeks Live episode and I still haven't received an email back from Justin saying my shipping details were received and now they've moved on to this weeks giveaway winners...does anyone know if they normally respond to the emails or is the week long delay just because of the insanity of the kickstarter? I'm just worried it will fall through the cracks and I won't get sent my goodies haha
  8. I haven't read it, but I assume it's great as I love his other books. It also reminds me of the mummy 3, and Uncharted yeti scenes.
  9. The Yeti Encounter looks amazing. I can imagine having a campaign built around finding it, and then the adventures finally come across that built into the mountain! It's awe inspiring! Give them a minute to get excited about the treasure that will be found inside before a giant ball of ice is thrown at them and BOOM roll for initiative and Yetis crawl out from every crevice and corner.
  10. Now that the ship price is revealed and Greek part 3 is revealed maybe the salty comments might stop for a bit so we can enjoy the final days of the kickstarter I went off of Facebook because of the constant negative posts on hobby groups, I don't want to leave this enjoyable forum as well. I love this hobby and the supportive people who are apart of it. I like seeing the pictures posted and reading the discussions of what miniatures people like and what they plan on painting first or how a specific miniature will be used in a game etc. that is good fun! I just hope my financial situation improves so I can get all the minis I'd like in this kickstarter
  11. Well Ron teased that you've been working on another project...where can we find the pirates that you have been working on @Rainbow Sculptor
  12. Silly Americans and their views on nudity. I'm happy Ron is ok with allowing at least one of these sultry ladies to be exposed. My wife and I think these look amazing! I will definitely be adding these to my pledge.
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