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  1. Good job! I know how you feel about yellow. It's such an easy color to get wrong or to throw off the entire balance of a piece, but you've done a great job with it here.
  2. If want to worry less about the colors matching the original game colors then maybe you could keep that to strictly the bases. It would be nice to have the freedom for the skin tones so that maybe a few have just turned and are only slightly off human tone while some have lost most of what makes them even seem human. I haven't seen many of the Zombicide minis though to know how much variation and creativity you can have with them.
  3. The hair is looking pretty good already and definitely reads as fire. You could stop there and be pretty happy, but if you specifically want to tinker and add more detail to it I would recommend looking at some reference of people fire breathing for reference of the kind of fractals you can find in the fire while its billowing. You could also take the fire all the way to white hot in a few core places where the fire is close to the source. Good luck. I'm sure this one will turn out great!
  4. These look really awesome! If you plan on doing any crystals again in the future it would maybe also be cool to see some OSL of the light caustics the crystals would cast on each other.
  5. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement everyone! Is the cleaning pretty much the same for the plastic and metal minis? This one was plastic, but the next one I have lined up to do is metal.
  6. Hey All, I'm finally happy enough with this one to call it finished. This was my first real attempt at blending, and while there is a bit of stepping in some places I think the piece is still better for the attempt. I do wish the surface texture was a bit smoother in some places. Perhaps I need to clean my minis better before starting. All comments and criticism are very welcome.
  7. Looking good. Nicely done! As people have already mentioned a wash will do wonders for adding a bit of contrast and exaggerating the depth of the crevices on the model. I recently did my first paint as well and didn't have very much for supplies so I took my base colors and mixed them with a light amount of black. Then I watered the mixture down to make it thin and used that as a substitute wash. I would still recommend buying your inks and shades for consistency and quality, but in a pinch its a good method for some more depth.
  8. Got some time to work on this a bit. I'm starting to like the direction it's going in, but it will need some more clean up before I get into shading.
  9. The blending is beautiful and I absolutely love the color scheme you've developed for this one. I maybe would have put some more highlights on the breastplate, but perhaps that would have detracted from the pristine look you have?
  10. The colors are amazing and eye catching, but for me it's the wings. They have this superb feeling of looking through an actual thin layer of skin and it takes the figure away from just being a model to give it life. Great work.
  11. The detailing on the book is absolutely inspiring. Good job finishing this one up.
  12. I'm working away at the base layers in this guy. Trying to get a feel of what I want from him. I just finished setting up my first wet palette so I'm excited to try some blending as well as some other techniques. Please feel free to comment and critique, as I try to nail down my look on this guy.
  13. Everything is so crisp and vibrant.the Golds are really amazing. Really fitting for such a powerful model.
  14. A lot of nice detail in this model. Looking forward to more updates.
  15. Looking awesome so far. Can't wait to see this progress. Have you done tests yet to see how the lighting might interact with your Frost Wyrm?
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