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  1. Under 48 hours left and this pugnacious little group is doing quite well. They have unlocked a load of stretch goals so the main pledges now include a bunch of cute extras. The best is probably the kitten in the dino costume (extras will also be available for £5 as a add-on). But even better they just added a new hedgehog free-bee add-on if they hit £30,000 ( racing close to it already)
  2. dschumm

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    I've backed 29 projects Currently running: 2 Projects Delivered: 21 (4 Late enough to annoy me, and one shipped me some rough draft stuff that was a made me feel a little scammed) Projects with Future Delivery Date: 2 Projects Running Late: 0 Unsuccessful Projects: 2 Funding Cancelled : 1 Dead/Scam Projects: 1 project didn't end up happening but my funds were donated instead of returned.
  3. Checking out their website they have a great selection of emotive anthropomorphic minis. Look at this troupe of weasels. They would be a perfect pairing for the the Pirate Otters in Bones 5. While the weasels aren't currently part of the kickstarter I will be getting them at some point to go with the cats of Crumptown, some reaper mouslings, and the Pirate otters to fully staff my new ship from Bones 5 when it arrives.
  4. dschumm

    Warren of Vile Fungi

    Some really awesome ideas. I like the ancient one in particular, but don't know if it makes sense to ship to Europe for just a couple .Best of luck.
  5. They just unlocked a crazy owl-cat hybrid as a £8 add on and are also throwing in a dice set for backing at he main levels. really awesome to fill out so many cats at once to go with all my wife's mouslings. can probably do a whole campaign now.
  6. I hope you are all happy. Spent the last 30 minutes whipping up another tortle on heroforge to go with the spikeshell antipaladin. It's either customs or wait 2 years for Bones 6, hope I can persuade them to make turtlefolk adventures party and wait another 2 years after that for the minis...
  7. This.... My Bones 3 purchase was such a boon to the group I play with. No I haven't painted much of the set but the hours people have spent sifting through coming up with player ideas. Probably my favorite character inspired by the set was the main dude from the Ogre Command. The backstory to turn that into a player character was a half giant- NPC won over by some amazing natural 20s on diplomacy was sent to guard a town. When the bard died I asked the DM if I could be that giant, he said sure if I could makea backstory. I said that he was almost killed defending that town but in the towns' church the light of a deity shown on him and he picked up the church door and effigy from the the altar and smashed the goblins to save the townsfolk. Boom I got a lawful good half giant paladin carrying a tower shield door. Sorry for the ramble but mini are so inspirational for me. Each Kickstarter is a storybook waiting to be open.
  8. Last graph for posterity Last few days Bones 1 Bones 2 Bones 3 Bones 4 Bones 5 187756 71598 70400 112244 60144 239347 84661 122025 96080 69347 419481 107468 218413 159224 146254 608215 210931 222307 289733 200835 758196 590727 580786 544657 476402
  9. Well that is even better, it means you can save :) For me dinner with wife and kid plus a couple drinks = $50 -$75 and if we hit the movies or equivalent that is another $40 ish. But that is because I think of my budget for 3 people at once
  10. I spread it out and compare it to other things. I might easily spend $100 on a night out with dinner and movies with the family. Maybe $200 if I we went to a concert or sporting game. Let yourself enjoy things. If I don't have a backstop of things to paint I find I will pick up $40-$50 worth of stuff if I stop in a store (and I get much less) I never let my hobbies come before things I need and I don't borrow money for these type of things , and I have started to sell extra hobby stuff to have a balance. Don't beat yourself up that takes the fun out of it.
  11. If budget was not an option it would be $761.02 , far more than my budget and more than I spent on Bones 3 or 4. So cuts and budgeting must be made. My recent move to Ireland really has increased my personal hobby/painting collecting time while plummeting my actual tabletop gaming time. So in addition to budget I will see what of this fits with my new lifestyle and if I have the desire/access to sell extra stuff in which case I will go for a lot more. I will definitely get more than Bones 4 and might challenge what I spend on 3 which is amazing considering I was filling empty mini coffers that time. Getting for sure ~260 Pirate Ship Loot Golem x 2 Dragon-Lion Dark Depths Mammoth Aganzarax Yokai Yog-Sothhoth Paints x 2 Will add later as things develop (Likely PM adds) ~120 Kobold Swarm Gem Dragon OverGourd Fan Favorites Monsters Elemental Scions Ravenhome Really Like But Probably are getting cut ~200 Greek Brinewind Brinewind Extras Troll Bridge Kalanzar PIt Gallowgaurd Kaiju
  12. I can't believe they dropped a Fan Favorites at the end. I think the Mammotaur is going to turn out awesome when it is finished.
  13. Best first half by a mile and slowest last week. All in all good though and in line with the rest
  14. This Bones went at a different pace then the last two. Really anything 3-4 million was looking likely at carious points so I am not surprised that they had a few things in the bag still
  15. I got an awesome Turtlefolk too!!!!