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  1. Go to a home supply store and buy some slate tiles. I have used them for dragon bases in the past and they look great. Cheap, heavy, and nice clean edges. My wife also used to work for a granite countertop company. They had 2 and 3 inch square samples that are gorgeous. They lack the cool natural rock texture of the the slate but might be even better for bookends. You might able find them at the home store as well. Certainly at a countertop showroom.
  2. So my brother got a bunch of minis for me for Christmas, which weirdly frees up budget for more Bones 5 add ons. He he got me the two Chronoscope Hippos which I’m excited to build out my antropromorphic crew for the Bones 5 ship. The otter pirates might be the thing I’m most excited by now. I also have cats, weasels and I’m wondering if anyone else is planning an unusual crew
  3. I think I would rather a clear flying base under the spider and a clean sculpt rather than a pile of crap underneath
  4. Invest in a big pile of the tiny rare earth magnets, should be easy with a pin drill
  5. If we are going that way lots of cool exotic options like Flamingo, Cassowary, Kiwi, Puffin, Tucan and domestic like Turkey and Robin
  6. A few more hippos so I could completely crew my Bones 5 ship.
  7. Had the same issue. I did see it on offer yesterday but now not so much.
  8. Going for Tinker and the Cat Dragon in the tree. Did something happen to Ashana? It wasn't on until yesterday as far as I could tell and it is gone today. Did they not have enough of those for more than a day?
  9. Yeah, that is the one and it used to be sold by itself, but it is out of stock now, my assumption it is not coming back but maybe I ma wrong an it is just the EU store whenever I check it.
  10. I actually have one, but it was the one my young daughter decided to 'learn to paint' on. I haven't had the heard to strip it but at the same time I am not exactly going to go out go my way to get another. Dad problems
  11. What I meant is the pirate sophie that is from Black Friday is different from the one with Sophie and the treasure which is only available in the pirate box set.
  12. These are really nice, I am a little bummed I can't get only pirate sophie outside but I guess I have the box set.
  13. This seems like great fun. I'll have to get in next time. I've moved to Co Clare in Ireland so miniature habits are surviving by post.
  14. I do know that, I just wish we would see them again ( maybe in new skulpts and poses) because they are so cool .I only have the Lemur but would love to get the rest
  15. If there are bringing these back I can dream of the Legion of Justice and Caeke coming someday
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