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    I like playing RPGS, especially being the DM. I also like to collect and paint miniatures and craft terrain.
  1. Wow! Your painting has nice crisp coloring, and I can see a lot of nice detail here. This kind of model could end up looking like a busy mess with everything going on in it, but you made it look great!
  2. I can't take credit for that pic one of my players snapped that one for me. We all had a blast in this encounter! One character charged right in and got smashed by the hammer. Another tried to fly up to it's head and grapple it, only to be thrown to the ground. The smart wizard and cleric stood back and cast spells, doing damage and keeping the front line alive.
  3. Here are some shots of the bones colossal skeleton guarding the dungeon entrance in a dangerous canyon. I was very excited to spring this surprise on my players
  4. He seems quite the brute. The Mum-ra paint scheme is fun and good job on the gems. Now you're going to have to get a mini for Liono and Snarf! :)
  5. That looks great! His robe really looks like cloth and I like the shading on the model. Is he based on a penny?
  6. I purchased my first Reaper miniature about 10 years ago. I wanted a fighter model to represent my character in a Forgotten Realms campaign I had started playing in. I got the mini at the gaming store and enjoyed painting it and using it in the game. I had previously collected Warhammer miniatures and before that had some Ral Partha models. Now I love miniatures and have quite a collection of different brands. I really do like the reaper bones models quite a bit.
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