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  1. Yeah well I always thought the lyrics to the song were.... Secret ASIAN man... I guess I had ninja's on my mind.
  2. I'm not sure how it would work in this instance, but I've always used a can of regular coke, warm, to seperate two pieces of metal that have corroded together... However I think the answer you will be looking for is going to be brasso and some elbow grease. I would guess if you are set on using the dremel you could look for one of those remote attachments and some buffing heads, with brasso on it.. What did you ever find out about their history?
  3. Laugh I brought it up..so I'll explain my POV. I used it as a point to bring out the glaring lack of proof being offered. It is a bit further down the believability scale, but sometimes a bit of exaggeration is used to bring forth an argument. You are correct, it has nothing to do with the specific subject at hand, just used as a point of clarification. You are correct on the interpretation of conspiracy. However you have taken it out of context in my post. When you add the definition of theory, that would apply in this instance..."An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture. ", it should become a bit clearer. Does that help at all VL?
  4. In "theory", monkeys might fly outa my butt, but I wouldn't place any money on it. *edit* Man, I work in a science lab. There is a lot of difference between "theory" and actuality. Also, the badges and graphics that they showed on the website look like they were done by a 10 year old, not the kind of thing you have on an "elite" squad. Not to mention that if they were planting WMD's there would be NO screw-ups, trust me I was in the military and that is one area you do not screw around with. I don't believe this guy at all, even he wasn't there. It's all supposation, with no hard evidence. Man while I agree with the general gist of what you are saying...the comments like the type of graphics that are on his website don't really enter into the picture. That would lead credence to many web pages that are well designed with graphic artists on staff, but claim something like....George Bush is really a shapeshifting alien bent on the destruction of the World. Working in a science lab don't do much good, because well, well, this isn't a science lab we are discussing...so it would be like comparing appes and oranges...it doesn't lead any credence to your argument, just kind of muddies the water... Claims based on your military record are not any different from claims he has made on his website, without documentation or proof, well, it doesn't do much good here...
  5. Considering the way the US media, or forign media for that fact, operates...I think if there were any such information available...this story would have broken long ago. The fact he's offered a $1000 to any reporter who can 'break' this story is meaningless, any reporter who could make this story happen would have long ago...it's gold in the bank. It may very well be that something unexpected happened that night at the airport. The US does run ops that the general public will probably never know about. Service records that are primarily black lines through the entire report, or reports none of us will ever read. But with a loss of this magnitude, I can't a story about this wouldn't have broken. My biggest problem is that he doesn't really offer any proof except his own conjecture, and offered his alleged military background in intelligence as proof. Not to mention his background shows, from what I interpret at least, as not much more than a translator. What he does offer are essay's and emails he sent out...I didn't see a single return email. Ok, lets define an essay... "A short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author." Hmmmmm....I don't see a single shred of anything from this page that proves anything except he's another of hundreds of thousands of conspiracy theorists on topics that range from the war in Iraq to Elvis was kidnapped by UFO's. I give all of them about the same consideration...not much.
  6. Laugh...I take it you didn't read the entire thread huh?... Look two posts up....*grin*
  7. Thanks guys... The bolt holder is new...and I put foam on the bottom of all the drawers to kep stuff from chipping...I've been thinking about using some aluminum pistol cases to start storing all my mini's while they are waiting to be painted.. On the blacklining...I thought that was supposed to happen after the painting was done...DOH! I'm trying to teach this old dog some new tricks here, so y'all be patient, I got hardheaded at 30, and it takes a bit more of a beating these days to get the lessons across...*laugh* I'm currently trying to teach myself to pin small pieces for my two Warlord armies...boy, it's kind of a pain in the rear trying to not drll a hole through something like a mini's hand...*LOL* I think I'm going to keep these mini's painted though, on second thought, and put on display to show the progression of my painting...maybe later on I'll go buy the same mini's and repaint them and show them side by side...hmmm...now that's an interesting concept. Now I just need to get a mini who's paint won't chip or slough off and practice some more highlighting...
  8. Yeah what he said... Man I need to work on my eloquence dagnabbit...
  9. Not something I had considered...these probably sat for two months in a nuts/bolts holder before painting. Is there a way to remove the dust them before painting or is it pretty much a lost cause?
  10. Yeah...washed in a mild soap/water combo with a toothbrush, then rinsed in water... the other I did is worse....any edge of the cloak is showing primer...just rubs off down to the primer...I figured if the primer was bad though....it would rub off down the bare metal...no?
  11. Laugh...I was shopping for this camera for about three hours today...I thought the salesguy was going to LOOSE HIS MIND. He was starting to get frustrated with me I could tell...*laugh* The Cool Pix were the only camera's under $300 that could get close enough to satisfy my personal taste. And since this camera will be used almost exclusively for Macro Photography, well so be it. I just need to play with the lighting and camera settings to get some better pics... I may start painting on the one I did in automotive primer, just to see what goes on, I thought primer might be the cluprit...and that's why I'm going to bug Jester at the conference to show me how he does his...Somewhere around hee I've got plans for an airbrush booth that evacuates the fumes out a window, so you can paint/primer inside, where the humidity in an area like Houston, where it's rare for us to drop below 50%, doesn't really come into account...since the AC system removes humidty from the air....
  12. I don't believe in new years resolutions...why not just make a promise to yourself...I don't see the significance of 'New Years'...
  13. These were done in GW black primer, this set didn't flake, powder or bubble...however some other's did....expecially with white. I've got one I've primed with automotive silver primer...I'll have to see if that works worth a crap...
  14. Ok, went out today and got a Nikon CoolPix 4100, good little camera... But this thing shows flaws that I'm having problems seeing with my nekkid eye... *grumble* I don't know how y'all do such perfect paint jobs.... Well, lets start from the beginning... Here are a few that I painted in the months before discovering the wealth of information about mini's on the web...before thinning paints...They are going to be simple green'd and done over....probably after I go through the other 80 or so mini's I've got to paint... This one I didn't even realize the leg detail until now that I've now sealed...*sigh* I think I need some new eyes. And now go on to my WIP, well one of them anyways...here's my complaint...The paint keeps chipping off for what seems to be no reason. This mini has been handled only on the unpained blades, thus far...yet it seems the paint wants to chip off it's frickin annoying... Here's what I'm talking about... and a front view So at this point I've figured out that my eyes are bad, and I can't figure out why the new paint isn't sticking to the model well... Suggestions?
  15. Yeah I'm about to piss off some waiters here... Here we go. I use 15% as tipping for average service. Now if I see my waiter only four times, that's once to take my drink order, once to take my order, once to refill my ice tea and once for the check...that's not average service, that's sub-par and will only get about 10%, unfortunatly that's the service I get about 40% of the time. I can't count the number of times I've had to get my own ice tea refill because I waited 10 minutes or more and saw not hide nor hair of my wait staff. And of course, wait staff from other tables weren't coming over, cause it wasn't their table...great support there I tell you... I never dock a waiter for bad food, but he does loose points if the food is cold, or if the plate is hot and any garnish is wilted (aka obviosly spent alot of time under the heat lamp), however if a waiter is in the weeds, some consideration is given. What do I consider average service you may ask...well here we go, I expect a smile, I expect refill's of my ice tea when it's low or out, however i don't want my wait staff hovering over my table. That's it...that's all it takes to make me happy. Ice Tea, and a smile...if the food's bad I'll take it up with the manager. As a person who did some waiter work in college, I understand, but I'm sorry if my tipping policies upset you, or other people's tipping upsets you...but that's the way this world works. I'm not a sheep, and I'm sorry they've decided to push you around and treat you unfairly in the world of food service...but that's the way it works.
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