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  1. That’s a good point I’ll keep in mind for next time. Avoid finishing over a bank holiday. That’s a good point I’ll keep in mind for next time. Avoid finishing over a bank holiday
  2. Hi Sudan, I’m not aware of your missing packet. If you’d like to message me via Kickstarter I can chase up your order. It could be it was delayed by the bad weather we had at the start of a March, I know a packet arrived in the USA this week, which was dispatched at the same time. But whatever has happened I’ll make sure you do get your miniatures and please accept my apologies for their delayed arrival. Thank you all for the enthusiasm for my miniatures. I do hope they find there way onto your gaming tables or make great encounters in your adventures. We’re almost at the end of the funding campaign and I’m amazed at the support it’s attracted. I’ll continue to make animal miniatures beyond this campaign and I’m open to suggestions for more. Wild boars, Aurochs and centaurs are certainly at the top of the list. Many thanks, Phil
  3. PhilH

    Norse Lord

    . Really nice model, looking forward to seeing it finished.
  4. PhilH

    Ogre Witch

    Hi, I've just signed up to this forum. I've been sculpting for a number of years for my own pleasure, but recently started working on 28mm sculpts and commissions. I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember and it's great to combine my two passions. Still learning as I go along. This is an Ogre Witch I made. She's 50mm tall. I've got a cleaver option in work instead of the staff.
  5. PhilH

    cultists and circle and tea light

    Soooo cool, what a great idea and I have some tea lights :D
  6. PhilH

    Ogre Witch

    Thank you for the comments and likes. I've been away from the hobby for a number of years, too many distractions with work and a young family. But the kids are older now and I have plenty of spare time, so I'm backing into it with a vengence. Plenty more sculpts on the corks too :)
  7. PhilH

    Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish vs Frostgrave

    Finally got a o play Otherworld and it didn't disappoint. We got to grips with the game mechanics quickly and by the third round the game was flowing nicely. I had my monster Warband led by a sinister sorcerer against a Pig Ork group, which had an ogre and rust monster along with them. I won, but mainly because my opponent had some horrendous dice rolls. My Frost Giant ripped into them but survived unscathed as they never brought their numbers to bare on him. I found that the tome of truth magic item was invaluable as it allowed an extra two activations, so I could keep the pressure on throughout the game. Looking forward to my next game, will try and get some missile troops included for my next game as well as making up an undead Warband, too many lovely undead figures around not to.
  8. I have a PS4 and my son has the Xbox One. Game wise they're pretty much the same but the Xbox has a better menu system. Look to the exclusive games and if any of those appeal to you then get the system it belongs to.
  9. PhilH

    The Great Beast (Fractured Dimensions)

    Very nice. What a terrific miniature, great to see it assembled and painted.
  10. PhilH

    Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish vs Frostgrave

    I'm playing my first game of Otherworld tonight. Looking forward to the game. I have a small but expensive Warband that I think will maybe suffer from limited activation points, but I can refine it later, just planning on getting to grips with the rules.