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  1. The Scale 75 Metallics are top notch. I have yet to find something comparable.
  2. Pro's: - Bigger MSP area, preregistration. - Bigger hobby hijinks area. - Shorter class time. - The idea of the brinewind store instead of the auction - this is great, but has its own problems, which I will hit on in Cons. - The venue is always a huge plus. - Metal Trade. This is always a favorite of mine and TBH I was afraid it would be gone with COVID, but I was very happy to see it still going strong. Cons: - Brinewind store - specifically there wasn't enough stuff and it was all gone by Friday. That and it is still too overpriced and out of the reach of the normal con-goer. Even a bucket of reaper paints and a bucket of bones miniatures that you could select from for 100-300 bucks a pop would have made it much better. The thing I miss the most is having a chance at the classroom paint sets. Wish they could figure out a way to get those into this as an option somehow. Generally, just needs more selection. The action was great for its hype and seeing all the super cool stuff, product and branding together. That part was completely missing. All that said, I believe the store idea IS better than an auction, just needs tweaked. - Missing vendors - Badger, Frontline Games, Darksword. I know it was probably COVID related, but still, they were the ones I was most excited for and were not to be found. - No swag at the con. Like I mentioned in the other thread, there is just something super special about getting a pile of loot and sorting it out on your hotel bed. I miss having a pile of swag at the con itself and really felt like losing that hurt the feel overall. - The reaper store seemed to have less than normal stock and options. I was missing browsing all the options that have been there in the past. - No ending event - agree with points above. I actually left Sunday morning and didnt go at all because there wasnt anything scheduled as a sold "end cap" to the con.
  3. So the con center still has rooms, just not on the block. Heres the difference: block price: $129 non-block price: $274 hard pass for me. I got i to one of the last rooms at the Fairfield for the con price of $99 by calling them directly.
  4. Im in again. Forum picture is fine. name: edz16 - Mike
  5. I got all my classes, no issues, thank you for the video, that helped!
  6. still no ETA on class purchasing going live?
  7. looks like registration limits are still there. is it something that will still be removed before purchasing goes live? Also, when does purchasing go live?
  8. love your bone recipie here! Mind sharing?
  9. Classes arent listed yet, right? You are just talking about what you want to teach?
  10. is it just me or do all the links keep redirecting to the figurefinder?
  11. hate to ask again, but I cant find the link that shows their fulfillment tracking. Can anyone post again?
  12. Scale doesn't matter to me. Any ideas on what to search on?
  13. Hello all! I'm looking for a bust or statue or model of an old man fishing. Anyone seen anything like that? I havent found much online in my brief looking so far...
  14. Hello. I'm looking to do some NMM on a sword that has its flat parallel to the ground, or in other words, the flat is looking up to the sky, as if it was lying on the ground. In addition, the sword has a middle section, so a curved edge to a flat middle to a curved edge. I was hoping to get some advice on how to do NMM on this pose of the sword, since most of my experience is edge up and without the middle section on the blade. thanks!
  15. were they shown in a reaper live or something? I'd love to see the preview.
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