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  1. edz16

    2019 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    Im in again. Forum picture is fine. name: edz16 - Mike
  2. edz16

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    I got all my classes, no issues, thank you for the video, that helped!
  3. edz16

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    still no ETA on class purchasing going live?
  4. edz16

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    looks like registration limits are still there. is it something that will still be removed before purchasing goes live? Also, when does purchasing go live?
  5. edz16

    First Bones 4 painted figure

    love your bone recipie here! Mind sharing?
  6. edz16

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Classes arent listed yet, right? You are just talking about what you want to teach?
  7. edz16

    New Previews!

    is it just me or do all the links keep redirecting to the figurefinder?
  8. hate to ask again, but I cant find the link that shows their fulfillment tracking. Can anyone post again?
  9. edz16

    Old man fishing miniature

    Scale doesn't matter to me. Any ideas on what to search on?
  10. Hello all! I'm looking for a bust or statue or model of an old man fishing. Anyone seen anything like that? I havent found much online in my brief looking so far...
  11. Hello. I'm looking to do some NMM on a sword that has its flat parallel to the ground, or in other words, the flat is looking up to the sky, as if it was lying on the ground. In addition, the sword has a middle section, so a curved edge to a flat middle to a curved edge. I was hoping to get some advice on how to do NMM on this pose of the sword, since most of my experience is edge up and without the middle section on the blade. thanks!
  12. edz16

    Muller Skeletons

    were they shown in a reaper live or something? I'd love to see the preview.
  13. edz16

    Muller Skeletons

  14. edz16

    Favorite Bones Ultra-Color paints?

    I have had this exact same behavior from the bones HD browns. It makes them very hard to use.
  15. Cloud. Microsoft OneDrive or GoogleDrive or DropBox or name some other one, there are lots.