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  1. I know this isn't a reaper dragon, but I got this in a box of minis that I bought for my nephew last year and the dragon was a good gift idea for a retiring coworker who likes reading fantasy and dragons. I think this will do the trick. Her favorite color is blue so of course a blue dragon but I wanted to give it that unique look. I think that'll work.
  2. I love the metal shading and highlighting, that's pretty hard to pull off with metallic paint, unless that isn't metallic paint then I tip my hat to you.
  3. The figurehead was awkward to paint on and off but I feel like I didn't do my best but I still have the face to finish and a few small details. She fits with the theme though and that's all I really cared about.
  4. Lots of pictures but finally finished most of the body, now I'm working all the nitty gritty details and working on the figure head.
  5. I decided to start up the boat for my DnD games and I'm gonna be honest, this miniature is a dream to paint but man, it's going to be a while until it's finished.
  6. Wanted to try a new color scheme and I think she turned out well.
  7. I need a few witchs for my library crawl and I kind of got too detailed for my own good but she's turning out real nice.
  8. Unfortunately not, I have it setup to look at the players. All I see on my side are the flat backs of the bookshelves. I printed over 102 bookshelves and man, if they were back to back, I'm not sure I'd be done painting already.
  9. Each year I've done a Halloween dnd special for my old group and have done it for quite a few years, we missed last year due to covid. So I went ahead and made this year extra special and 3d printed a full library dungeon I have planned out and painted. I still have to finish the red room floor and making a garden for them to explore and fight in as well. I also made a customize final boss, the pimp pumpkin I made myself with the help of 3d printing the cauldron.
  10. I thought I had a completed picture but these are as close as I get for a gift diorama I did. My biggest project by far. 3d printed lighthouse and animals.
  11. Hello All, been a while since I've posted, lots of life stuff but I manage to get a few paints in lately and this one fits my world of the Twilight Realm. I call him the Twilight King.
  12. I always enjoy that color scheme cause it's easy on the eyes imo. Well done though, you did a great job at the cost of your sanity. If I remember correctly, I don't even thing the official art for her is that fancy.
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