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  1. I always enjoy that color scheme cause it's easy on the eyes imo. Well done though, you did a great job at the cost of your sanity. If I remember correctly, I don't even thing the official art for her is that fancy.
  2. ooooooooooo, that looks like it would be a fun paint! do you have riddles ready to fool adventures from their life?
  3. As promised a few month back, I was going to post the town I printed and painted out along with the graveyard I painted and such. 3 months of work for an 9 hour session (that my players and I very much enjoyed and was safe as well) the graveyard buildings and fences are not 3d printed. Those are part of age of sigmar warhammer set but all the buildings and stalls and some of the minis are 3d printed along with the gravestones. painting it all though took a very...very long time. Trees are handmade with Woodland scenic fall flock Lots of pictures. I'm sorry Thread manager if there are too many pictures here. Long story short, enter town, shady stuff going on, investigate that an old war paladin saved the town from a evil warrior long ago, go to graveyard to stop cultist from raising the evil warrior, turns out cultist were good people trying to raise the the evil warrior who was good and the paladin was evil. party does well in graveyard fight (too well, clever peeps) unfortunately take a little longer on their way back only for the evil paladin to raise from the grave in the town at a full moon on Halloween night and epic battle ensues with 2 of the party members down and the 1hp warlock staring death in the eyes while the 10hp cleric finishes off the "Pumpkin King" once and for all. Which she quickly revives the rest of the party with the last bit of her magic spells and asking a little bit help from her goddess.
  4. Displacer Beasts will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first monster that I used for DM kill on a PC. Well Done!
  5. A 3D printed miniature printed at 250% its size and 300% its size. I happy how well I painted the headless horseman. Gifts for my players on Halloween night. Haven't seen them in years. Still got a few more to work on. Cat needs a few slight touch ups but pretty much done.
  6. @GBPrime I got it from https://www.myminifactory.com/users/DarkRealms I like most of his buildings which I have printed at 75% size instead of their normal 100% size. The church I'm working on was also the one he has up.
  7. Long story short, got commissioned to build a gothic/medieval church for a Christmas display. I was up for the challenge and decided to get a 3d printer and print out a church (customer was fine with plastic display and loves the church so far, still working on it) well, decided to just print out a whole town for my dnd games. Having a special Halloween dnd this year and this will be the inn. I will post the whole town a few days after Halloween.
  8. Been back to working long hours again as things have really picked up so I haven't been posting much but here is just a small selection of the few things I have painted. Working in the medical field isn't easy, specially during a pandemic.
  9. most of the time I use them after a basecoat or to bring down a shine of metals after I've highlighted them. I'm not a fan of priming and doing a wash before I apply the basecoat if that's what you're implying. Brown wash is always good to use but I always tend to add a tiny amount of more water to the mix and go from there but that's a personal preference.
  10. He's getting there. I didn't get too fancy with the cloth as I got a little flustered but it's ok and it works. Glue removal on the base became just shave off a few things to make it work and will just putty later.
  11. My father likes to collect old things and then gives them to me to restore. This is another one of those little projects he was wondering if I could clean up. The color blending is better in person as white is hard to capture on my phone. I'm still working on the mummy outfit just a tad but when I get these, they're are in terrible shape so I sculpt little missing pieces and try to fix them best I can.
  12. Except for a very few small touch ups and a little touch up to the waterfall (which is a little more splash effect on the bottom, needs to go a little bit further) it's done. Took a little over 10 days I believe but I took my time and I'm happy with my results.
  13. Took a few days off to relax and started working on the miniature and getting them on the diorama. Still got a few more things to add and hopefully it'll be done. Small hole up top as that was the first place I placed the Male Kitsune until I thought it'd be cooler if he was jumping the water fall, so after many failed attempts and just went straight super glue on the rocks, it'll do. My bad, some of the pictures were out of focus. My bad, some of the pictures were out of focus.
  14. I always forget that water effects take forever to dry. The Shrine isn't glued down yet. Waiting till the water effects dry before I do.
  15. Slowly getting there. Next step is going to add both water pools, then attach the water fall. Gotta let it dry completely before I add the water fall highlights. I'm happy how it's turning out so far.
  16. @WhiteWulfe They're from a game called Bushido that I believe use to be a UK company that made them. I got them at Gencon a few years back and now just had an idea to use them for a Diorama.
  17. how I feel when I see such beautiful metal reflections and been trying years to do it. Awesome job!
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