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  1. Blah, ran out of my favorite grey stone color so had to substitute and didn't sand the cliffs enough but it'll work. Be a lot of touch and go from here and might revise what minis I use for the diorama.
  2. My attempt again to do a waterfall diorama. One of my weakness is trying to make water on dioramas. Lot of pictures first start setup.
  3. I don't know how to address people in reply messages bu to Crissair, it was Green stuff putty.
  4. These are all great! that's a lot of work put into this.
  5. Another diorama finished during quarantine. Had some suggested help from Glitterwolf to what was missing from a battlefield and proceeded to add a few missing pieces to make it look somewhat real.
  6. I think you're absolutely right, Glitterwolf. Tinkering now!
  7. I feel like it's missing something and not sure what to do with the dark anand light wood parts.
  8. It's getting there, starting to turn out a lot better than I thought it would. Still plenty of work left to be done. She will be removed from the black base and added to the diorama last.
  9. I'm no sculptor and they kind of turnes out futuristic but once painted and covered with grass and blood and mud I think will help cover essentially my first time sculpting people. Let them dry and add just a tad bit more later.
  10. Working on a small battlefield diorama as her being the center of it looking at the aftermath.
  11. I either do Green or Red and paint gold over it. I use black for Steel or Silver and for copper look most of the time black or green. Most of the time though I use mine as a rust effect underneath.
  12. Ton of pictures of my step process. Sculpt some plants and then how I want to apply them to the diorama. Still a little too green for my taste so I plan on adding a small water pool between the rock and vine and some mushrooms of course. Might sculpt a very small salamander if I can as well.
  13. Working on this beauty during qaurentine.
  14. My Thunder Bird is starting to turn into my twilight color scheme....:\ it happens but I'm still liking how he's turning out.
  15. It's terrible of the world with most places being on lockdown/qaurentine. Bright side though, gives most people to work on hobbies and hopefully save love ones from not being infected. Stay safe! Thunder Bird incoming.
  16. Update, wings added. Not sure to do with a base yet.
  17. I have the King of Hell painted now just wanted to paint her. Wanted to go along with same color scheme but make her look vain with material wealth.
  18. Both are completed except for Mashaaf base but meh, it's fine as it is.
  19. My brother got me this for Christmas and when I saw it, I knew I wanted to paint her up with the color scheme of a starcraft 2 Queen.
  20. An update. I got really lazy with the base as in I kind of didn't care what the coral looked like after awhile. He's almost done, just touch up time which takes a while.
  21. He's unfortunately not the color scheme I wanted for him but now I'm going to see it through the end. I was hoping for just a one day paint with him but with the color scheme that it kind of transition into, I have a lot of work ahead of me. My red sea turtle turned into a fire dragon turtle.
  22. Working on my other female frost giant. I wanted to paint her a valkyrie color scheme as to me she had that feel.
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