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  1. Always good to see a burn victim recover.
  2. This is probably the best pose I have seen from KM. Cool
  3. Now that's a goddess I can get behind! Where's my armor? Screw Sigmar, I hate him too!
  4. Ninja Ponies. Evil Souls. That's a hell of a translation error.
  5. Weren't Pukel-men statues carved from wood? Also, clever use.
  6. #NotMyApril But that's hardly your fault, at least you've shown off the sculpts. Is the game as good as I hear?
  7. Dire ​Otters? It's like I've heard the voices of a thousand female gamers cry out in terror... Perfect. P.S. I still want that war elephant...
  8. Because I can't find them, I'm guessing they're ReaperCon promos, which is sad, I submit this second to raise awareness and get them out, as they have such character. Beware a man who looks rough, but his weapons shine. Also, 09030 leather brown => 09008 makes a great mustard
  9. ​ Yeah, I can see where you're going. Generally I shade dark to light, yet colors like that one might be an idea to base in a darker shade before base shade.
  10. Algor Alignment: Chaotic Evil Holy Symbol: None, although His faithful prefer the holy symbols of others, defaced by claw markings. Domains: Trials, Tribulations, Murder and Hope Animals: "Were" Creatures Favored Weapon: Simple or Improvised Weapons, Priests prefer the Kugelblitz, clubs or maces inset with black, polished marble or granite. Raiment: The skins of the hunted. Color(s): None Holy Days: None, although His faithful will celebrate the anniversaries of great violence or turbulence. Daily Prayers: None. Sacrifice: "You will know." Place of Worship: None. His faithful will
  11. Since I've been commenting, have a simple villager. Also, still looking for that nmm tutorial, specifically a legal copy... Gotta smooth those blends.
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