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  1. Always good to see a burn victim recover.
  2. This is probably the best pose I have seen from KM. Cool
  3. Now that's a goddess I can get behind! Where's my armor? Screw Sigmar, I hate him too!
  4. Ninja Ponies. Evil Souls. That's a hell of a translation error.
  5. Weren't Pukel-men statues carved from wood? Also, clever use.
  6. #NotMyApril But that's hardly your fault, at least you've shown off the sculpts. Is the game as good as I hear?
  7. Dire ​Otters? It's like I've heard the voices of a thousand female gamers cry out in terror... Perfect. P.S. I still want that war elephant...
  8. Because I can't find them, I'm guessing they're ReaperCon promos, which is sad, I submit this second to raise awareness and get them out, as they have such character. Beware a man who looks rough, but his weapons shine. Also, 09030 leather brown => 09008 makes a great mustard
  9. ​ Yeah, I can see where you're going. Generally I shade dark to light, yet colors like that one might be an idea to base in a darker shade before base shade.
  10. Algor Alignment: Chaotic Evil Holy Symbol: None, although His faithful prefer the holy symbols of others, defaced by claw markings. Domains: Trials, Tribulations, Murder and Hope Animals: "Were" Creatures Favored Weapon: Simple or Improvised Weapons, Priests prefer the Kugelblitz, clubs or maces inset with black, polished marble or granite. Raiment: The skins of the hunted. Color(s): None Holy Days: None, although His faithful will celebrate the anniversaries of great violence or turbulence. Daily Prayers: None. Sacrifice: "You will know." Place of Worship: None. His faithful will congregate around locations with histories of violence or catastrophe. Should they grow in sufficient numbers, they may seek to create or "refresh" such a location... Appearance: Unknown, or at least uncertain. He prefers Avatars via possession, usually shapeshifters or aberrations. Details: Algor is a terror that should not've been. Jovial and gregarious, as a mortal Algor caught the attention of the gods through some deed long forgotten. How it came to pass is uncertain, but Algor was tasked with the mantle of "Adversary", perhaps as controlled opposition or in lieu of a another force. In the end, however, he proved unnatural: a chaotic thing is primordial, unthinking. Algor established something unthought-of: Patience... of a sort. His faithful believe in the "Moment". It is either now, or not. When it is, it is. So they prepare. For the Moment, or a Moment, there is little difference, for either way it is the "Moment" when it comes. As for temperament, His faithful are violent, passionate, and appreciative of both wit and irony: it is not uncommon to hear tales of outsiders surviving chance encounters with cabals or covens hearty and whole. Nor is uncommon for them to offer trade or salutations to one side of a village while they rape and plunder the other. The city of Nodens, (sometimes Rodens) has been called the city of rats, after his Faithful led an armed slave rebellion to seize the city - killing every cat within its walls as they did. He gathers the souls of His faithful as they die, so that they may ever be part of his trials and tribulations. An army, some say, waiting. Waiting, for the ​Moment.
  11. Since I've been commenting, have a simple villager. Also, still looking for that nmm tutorial, specifically a legal copy... Gotta smooth those blends.
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