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  1. UGH .... Gamma World Flashback .... Thanks for sharing :-D
  2. Wow... I can't get over the lighting effect you done ... well painted! Thanks for sharing.
  3. LOL ... yeah, should've looked at the posting date too .... I've been away from the board and brushes for about 6 months now and just now have the work chedule to get back into the art. Wanted to check the board out for inspiration ... mah, heck with reading dates .... I like the picstures!
  4. Once again Jesters "experiment in paint scrubbing" makes my work look like something you'd get outta a cereal box. LOL. Great work man, I anyways enjoy seeing your work. Great colors. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Great work LordColdsteal, I really like the base.
  6. Now that cool ... great job WintersRainne. Keep painting, post often.
  7. Wow .. great job Sergeant_Crunch. Thanks for sharing. The only thing I did with Q-tips was a torch conversion
  8. Nice job Mclimbin, well done. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Great conversion ... looks sharp! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Great work so far dargrin. Keep us updated please :-) Thanks for sharing.
  11. Outstanding job on the dwarf and fairy ! Thanks for sharing :-)
  12. Very nice work pewtermonkey ... well painted. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Excellent job Madzerker. Thanks for sharing. Excellent job Madzerker. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Excellent job Madzerker. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Looks great dewen. Well done gem work. Say, what's your bandage recipe? I'm working on #2077 and can't get it to look right.
  16. OK ... where's my primer ... this one looks great ! [opening blister and looking at mine] Great metallics and the decals add a cool touch. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Very cool job Kelcore. Really like this sculp. Love the extras. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Fantastic work with the photos BP ... hats off to your Dad. Those are great! Oh yeah ... like the painting too (*lol*). The Ettin is my favorite ... how big is this bad boy anyway? Thanks for sharing.
  19. Great job on the Bull Orc LordColdsteal. Has inspired me to pick up the brushes again and get busy. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Beautiful work Whizard Hlavaz ... I have this one still in the blister. Thanks for the inspiration. Geat work on the base and light source. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Love the free hand ... I never knew GW paints reacted that way to sealant (*weird*) ... looks great man. Your blues are really nice. The green braided cloth color separates the yellow sharply without taking away from the other areas. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Great work Anastrianna ... I like this sculpt. You really gave it life. Thanks for sharing :-)
  23. Outstanding Jester ..... I took a second look and a third ... are those lights painted or real? Great job. Thanks for sharing.
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