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  1. Yes it is a result of the camera ... the colors are more evident in RL .. I gotta get that third light in ther :-) Thanks for the comments ... keep em comming, I need all the help I can get
  2. Finally ... it's done :-) Older Post can be found here ... there's larger pics of the Paladin there too.
  3. LOL .... found one :-) Sorry about the image quality ... it was a polaroid, then scanned and cropped, uggh. It's of an Atlas and a Hunchback game pieces from the board game Battletech. I didn't know about primer or acrylics then, paintjob was poster paint on bare plastic. Found a couple nore pics of the Atlas, this is after stripping and re-painting
  4. Ok ... I don't have that Photoshop plugin .. where can I get it ? But here's a lens flare ... does that count?
  5. Wow man ... nice job .. I really like the cork base, I agree their not too stable, but much cheaper than green stuff of the same amount. Great paintjob ... love the robes, must have been tricky.
  6. I tried to pull out some colors and brightness out in your pic ThePolo, but I think I took it too far ... from what I can see, this is one cool paintjob ... if you can get a closer view that'd be great.
  7. Great work Elouchard reds are very nice ! Love the freehand on the book. I too am interested in your wash technique. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Wow ... nothing wrong with that paint job ... great job. Thinng your paints is a BIG plus I agree :-) Keep painting, post more stuff.
  9. Great color choice, I like the bandages ... makes more sence as bandages than scarves or whatever:-) Nice job, thanks for sharing.
  10. Great wings man ... very leathery :-) The fur looks like it was tricky to paint? Love the base.
  11. I agree with Jubilee, the pics are a bit overexposed ... cut out the flash and it'll look great .... nice job on painting, neat colors :-) Thanks for sharing.
  12. LOL ... that's cool :-) Very nice job on keeping the same colors ... well done Kellyn!
  13. Wow .... that Giant Eagle got some serious feet :-) I love it ... fantastic job on the claws and feathers Stern !
  14. Great job ... eyes are little big but all over a really nice job, great hair and beard. Tools and anvil are well done. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Wow ... this ones old .. found him in a box filled with old D&D modules, dice and old model painted minis :-) Ah, the good old days. Anyway, I dusted this guy off and noticed that the base had broken off in one of my many moves. I took a slotta base and did it up in an hour. Took a couple quick pics and noticed he's in rough shape, anthough better than expected, he was found rolling around in a wooden bocx with a couple rocks, some paper clips and other ods and ends. Larger photos here: Paladin - left side Paladin - right side Paladin - head on Paladin - rear view Paladin - front second view (please note: these images are large, and depending on your connection they may take time to load) Enjoy .... comments welcome.
  16. I'm not overly happy with this paintjob, was done more-or-less in a rush. Fur didn't come out well at all. Comments and sugestions welcome.
  17. That is such a cool mini ... love your choice in colors! Can we get a pic of the other side ? Thanks for sharing :-)
  18. Wow man ... those are fantastic. I'd like to get into painting a squad up sometime ... thanks for shareing!
  19. The background is cool .. but really distracts. If you just have a simpler background you'll be able to focus better on the mini. Keep painting
  20. Right on eastman .. that's a great job ... I love the red and the chainmail, hehe she does have a lot of hair :-) How did you do the base ... what color combo did you use ?
  21. Mini looks good but I have to agree with Otter that the mini kinda gets lost in the background ... try making the mini the focus of the image, unless the min is part of the display (showing scale) ... I cropped your photo to show you what I'm talking about :-) Thanks for sharing your work ... keep painting, post often.
  22. Wow ... very nice Chastity. Your hard work and effort really paid off. It's nice to see you painting for yourself, kinda puts thing back in perspective eh:-)
  23. Looks cool man ... mini has a great face! Great work in the short time you had .. have fun in the demo tomorrow.
  24. Hi ... couldn't help but share this with you guys/gals. I've posted this guy before (Gnome Thief), but I've placed him on a "different" base. Comments/laughs welcome Edit: Yes it is an actual walnut shell. Preperation was easy. Black/brown wash and a few high lights, flock to cover holes (filled with green stuff), and sprayed with a mattle finish, later filled the empty space with modeling clay. I removed the base of the mini (using a dremmel tool) leaving only pegs below the feet to attach it to this nutty base.
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