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  1. I think it's great ... love the scales ... keep painting :-) Website is great too .
  2. I've updated some pictures again ... and placed this tiny miniature on a unique base :-) Comments Welcome
  3. Yeah me too .... I cropped the origional image from battleMountainminis website. Man that's a fantastic paintjob. I love her ... the face and skin are right on. The wing color os very eye catching, and I can't get over the base . Well done !
  4. Cool looking sculpt man ... I think a light black/brown wash would do this one a world of good and really bring out details (IMHO). Maybe thinning your paints some. Keep painting man ... thanks for sharing.
  5. Niloc


    Wow man ... that rocks .... I like the fact you were able to get both them on one base. Excellent colors, excellent presentation ! Well done.
  6. Fantastic job as always man .. very nice flesh tones, most fitting :-) I'd love to see this guy on a cork lava base, but that's just me.
  7. Looks great so far Kit ... nice and clean painting. Love the eyes and feathers :-) What are you thinking about doing for the base ?
  8. That's a real nice job Jubilee ... well painted :-) Love the colors you choose .. hehe, this is the first time I noticed that little cat head on the bottom of her belt. I like this one for all the neat little things she carries around with her, must have been fun to paint :-)
  9. Wow ... that's real nice Anastrianna well done :-) What a great winter scene, I know the person who gets this for a gift will be very happy. I never tried a snow scene before or water effects yet, thanks for the inspiration, gonna give it a go soon. The fairy is beautiful, love the cool winter colors.
  10. Happy Holidays ...... don't leave your coin pouch out on the bar unattended or ... yoink! Still have to base this one ... was thinking green and snow patches. Comments welcome ... I can take it.
  11. (*grin*) ... I know that line :-) "Look he's too late .... See the cliffs of insanity!" - or something like that :-)
  12. Yeah .. primer helps your paint stick to the mini, stops chips and flecks breaking off. Can I suggest the next mini you paint, prime and after it dries, give it a black/brown wash (1 drop of paint to 20 drips of water/thinner) ... let that dry and man, can you ever see details that you never noticed before. I have to quote Jester (sorry man) ... thin you paints :-) Thanks for sharing and post more ... these look like you really enjoy the art ... keep at it. Later
  13. Updated a new pic of the base with the dark brown wash ... looks alot better, thanks !
  14. Wow mrbuddylee ... this is about the hairiest dwarf I think I've ever seen, he's great! Keep painting :-)
  15. That's great man ..... what a cool idea. I really like that orc sculpt and the ranger is on my wishlist :-) The scene is really well done, and the water effect really divides the line between good and evil IMO :-) Your right ... I think the orc is gonna win, but hopefully not before the ranger gives him the fight of his life! Yes there are some things worth dying for. Keep painting, looks great.
  16. Ok ok ... here's a finished pic (see above post)
  17. Chastity ... man, those are nice gaming figures. I'd be charging no less than 10 bucks each IMHO ... if the client has more than 5 minis he/she wants painted, then cut them a deal :-) These minis look great, love the metalics, very clean job.
  18. Those look great Vinny! Excellent colors, love the free hand :-) I'm not very familiar with the 40k Chaos Space Marines or any of the Space Marines thing ... do you have free range on what you can do, or do you begin with a grunt(s) and work up to something, then add better armor and weapons ? Cool base ... what did you use ?
  19. I've UPDATED - Better Quality Pictures .. colors are correct now :-) To Darkstar: I agree with you on black being hard to hilight ... LOL too bad I was painting in navy blue ... uggh, I gotta get better lighting :-) To airhead: I'll try that with the dark brown ink wash, thanks. Gotta go get some lunch ... There's a few more pics of the captain on my site. Keep those comments/suggestions comming, I got alot to learn :-)
  20. I think this is my best piece to date, let me know what you think, I can take it :-) Just updated this post with new natural light pics ... colors are correct now :-) Here's a close-up of the body: Here's a close-up of my attempt at NMM, gems (hilt of sword), and rust: Noticed that these pics look rather shinny ... this is after a light matte finish. I've also used a thinning mixture of 1 part future to 4 parts bottled watter. This may or may not have anything to do with it ... maybe my light source is too direct?
  21. Hey man .... your Alchemist's Table is excellent, and the Hero Quest - Tome on Altar is cool .... really like how you did the reds. The Hero Quest - Torture Rack looks like it could use a bit of wood grain detailing (IMHO). Keep at it, looks good :-)
  22. (-: DIDO :-) Fantastic Painting Jerster As Always !
  23. Great fur Mclimbin. That tree thing would be great! I see it as the dire bear pushing the tree over with that outreached paw, and it's snapped off where you have the stump, the angle is right for it by the look of the pics. Almost would look like the bear is just "walking over" the tree as it's in its way :-)
  24. Nice job man .... I really like the scroll and the freehand on the ummm, cloth :-) I ran your pic thru photoshop and here's what I got ... again nice job.
  25. Wow ... very nice job on these three DS. I haven't been able to pick a favorite :-) I can't get over the skin tones and NMM love it man! (*sigh*) one day I get it, one day.
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