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  1. Thinning paints will make a world of difference in the look of your minis. Did you prime these in black? I like the skin color, just needs a bit of refinement :-)
  2. Great fur man ..... I ran your pic through Adobe Photo Shop and tweaked the levels out a bit: I didn't want to take it up too far and loose your details, color and look of the fur. Great mini !
  3. What a great mini to start with ... nice job on the armor and the gem on the sword. I agree with DS about the back of the shield ... needs to be much darker. The base is sharp too :-)
  4. Well painted man .... keep at it
  5. Man ... that's great looking stone!
  6. Cool ... lunch break speed painting, gotta love it. Looks pretty darn good man ... LOL ... maybe same time tomorrow you could throw a black/blue ink wash on him ... and call it an hours work :-)
  7. Well painted man .... hehehe ... I've yet posted a Reaper Mini here either (my bad) .. I have 2 Reaper on the workbench now I'm about to start. Keep painting eh .
  8. The skin tone is GREAT man .... well done. I tink the fur cloak could use some hi-lites and stuff. Not really nessary though. Your limited palette choice is great. Keep painting eh.
  9. Wow ... great paintjob Jester ... your mercenary looks as he's done quite well for himself. Great color choice.
  10. No that's cool .... well done ! Don't worry about snapping a pic of white ... It's hard. Great job ......
  11. shhhhhh One knows fu, and one knows no fu. Never fu oneself by asking what is fu.
  12. I believe this guys and all the others I have are from the early 80's
  13. I have the same problem finding a local supplier ... I'm on the east coast of Canada and get my minis shipped from the west coast :-)
  14. Wow ... comming along great Stern ... could just be plain ol gravity making the arm loose ... but as for the lance being bent, could the rider tipped over and landed on the lance putting strain and bending it, thus loosening the arm? I have kids and am quick to jump the gun only to realize it was probably a acident when one of them bumpted my paint table to sit down and play on the computer (I have a "L" shapped setup paint area and computer on another table in a corner/confinned area). Keep painting man ... great job !
  15. They look pretty cool ... can we get a close-up of one to see what didn't work, cause they look as if the suncatcher(s) are filled with cotton batton, or the resin has tiny bubbles in it? Guess my old eyes or the small monitor can't quite make em out
  16. Yeah ... those bigger bases look sooo much better for a mini thatn the norm. Great gold. How did you do the gradient (*sp*) on the lower legs, just above the feet?
  17. Lookin good man .... the air brush is the way to go! Wish I had one LOL .... not that it would help my painting much
  18. That's pretty cool man ..... I like the color change :-) Keep painting, post often.
  19. Cool .... I like it. Now I can see what you guys/gals are talking about :-)
  20. Here's another expression filled little guy ... this elf miniature once had a sword (I think it was a scimitar), but it had broken long ago. This is still a bit of a WIP ... I gotta decide either to make him into a spearman or a flag bearer? The 'spear' is made from a straightened paper clip :-) Also that spear is just about 2-3mm taller than your standard 25mm mini. What do you think? Comments most welcome ......
  21. Great job in expression man I agree haldi, I was just thinking .... hehe, looks like he's suprised and about to say ... What, that dam thing isn't dead yet!
  22. This little guy is my favorite ... I haven't painted anything remotely close to the number you guys have completed. But I still like em ... I think cause he's soooo small (about 1/2 the size of a standard mini).
  23. Cool ... one in clothes .... Yeah, I think the base could use a DB drybrush too, and maybe a hi-lite in the clothes, but just abit :-) Keep painting ...
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