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  1. Fantastic ..... what can I say ? LOL .. those little buckles would have drive me nutz. ... just fantastic !
  2. I perfer the "lengthwise format" man .... better size and can see more detail. That sculpt is right on ... can't figure why it wasn't released either ? Can't wait to see the others. Great work.
  3. Was thinking the same thing doing the Elmers glue, but mixing a Deep Red acrylic paint into it and after dry, painting shading / hi-lites on top after. Them a gloss sealant (paint on kind) on top.
  4. Great idea ... hehe ... something I could actually make ! Thanks for sharing :-)
  5. Ewwwwww .... that nasty man .. well done :-) Great conversion.
  6. Wow .. both are really well done ... hats off to the both of you :-) Post more ...
  7. Great armor and I like the loincloth .. needs a bit more hi-lites? The base is great ... keep painting.
  8. Wings are excellent ... nice touch man !
  9. Here's a close-up of the base: Thanks again LT for all your help
  10. Cool thanks LT that's a great help ... I should have something painted, sealed, scanned and posted by the end of the day :-)
  11. WOW ... that IS some nice skin tone ... are those from the new paints ?
  12. Great Ork man ..... love the red armor, the chipped/well used weapons, and the checker board strip on the axe! What's that you used for the rocks on the base ?
  13. WOOHOO I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done Sorry ... but I'm really happy about how it turned out. Happy Winter Exchange Everyone!
  14. Thanks Lady Tam ... great advice ... I just finished the base and will go back and work on the hooves, muzzle and other areas you suggested. Hopefully I'll have better luck with a bit lighter scan this time round. Talk to you soon !
  15. Wow man ... nice job :-) Keep painting
  16. Fantastic man ... great fur, the base is excellent, display to be proud to put your name on :-)
  17. New images uploaded. Please comment :-)
  18. Well, I see it like this ... if your hand guns are about 1/2 the size of your body you weilding you can pretty much wear whatever color you want too :-) Well painted FuzzyIzmit, your sis-in-law will be very pleased.
  19. Wow Jester, you're a wealth of knowledge .. thank you so much, not only from newbies like me who eventually want to break into the painting biz (well, just to pay for my hobby), but from everyone I can saftly say, if it wasn't for your comments and suggestions our minis would be deffintly second rate :-) Keep painting, post often!
  20. Well done ... I can bearly paint eyes (was considering using a graphics pen), but to paint lines that long forget it. Great job
  21. I took your advice and redid the torch. Here's the results: New flame added, highlights added, more details and lite reflection.
  22. That sword blade is fantastic !!! Great use of pirate colors :-) I like the skin tone you chose for the face, looks like weathered leather, very refreshing.
  23. To Jester: hehee ... hey, maybe she's cold, she does look like she has goose bumps. To Jaligard: No really, I like the mini, great change in colors than the regular .... Funny, the star trek thing didn't hit till I read on in the thread, but anyway, I'm getting off topic here. I have [uggh dial-up] here and was reading your post before the image loaded up, and thought you were painting it like you were painting it a statue "jade stone" It'd look neat if you could almost get the cloth to look like it was just hanging or wrapped around the statue (sheer for course for effect) ... the statue being polished stone, very glossy. Just a thought (hope it made sence) ... keep painting.
  24. To Frankthedm: I aggree ... I should have sprayed it with a mat finish before I painted it ... it settled and q-tip bits all stuck together ... but does the flame colors look ok ? Will pop it off and try again someday ... hopefully at that time I'll have a digi camera :-) To Darkstar: Yeah .. I should have held off and took a long look at where the light would have it the minis face and stuff ... the reflective light was an after thought ... won't be next time. To zaphod: 25mm bases are the way to go ... I've added it to my next shipment list. I think in total I have somewhere around 12 to 15 Citadel Minis from the early 80's ... their nice and a blast to paint, but very small, and I know my gnome theif (see icon) would be lost ( it's about 3/4" tall) ... hehehe, he could build a nice little house and settle in on a 25mm plot er base. Thanks for the great feedback all ... later
  25. I've had this miniature forever ... along with all the other old Citadel's. This one was damaged and for the longest time, I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Then, just the other day it came to me. The conversion was simple ... all to took was a Q-tip, a knife, some crazy glue and a bit of paint. Here's the final results: Let me know what you think?
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