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  1. Your Gold NMM is great man and the cloak looks great as is :-)
  2. The snow on the cloak is a great effect ... mini is great as well. Got a question about the snow [i've never used it] ... does it come in a powder like the green flock I have here or is it like that "spray" snow you get for your windows? Just a dumb newbie question I know :-)
  3. Great job SB ... looks bang on !
  4. Burnt the midnight oil yesterday into last night ... comming along great, I'll be finished in time. (*whew*)
  5. Wooh, serious psyco chick ... love the eyes man ... I think you should put her back down, I don't think she likes to be picked up :-) Fantastic expression ... can't wait till she's done.
  6. Hey man .. and welcome to the boards :-)
  7. That looks sharp man .... nice job !
  8. Niloc


    Wow ... that's great man .... nice eyes :-) Keep painting.
  9. This I like to see close up .... nice choice of colors and the beard looks good. I'd like to see how you did his hammer and the details on it and stuff. Keep painting, post often :-)
  10. Niloc


    Great colors ... can we get a close-up ? Keep painting man :-)
  11. Looks impressive man ... is there any way to get a close-up ? From what I can see of the high-lites, it looks good.
  12. Yup .. that's one gross mini .. hehee, looks like it's inside out ? Very cool, great colors :-)
  13. Finally ... my shipment arrived in the mail this morning :-) :-) :-) Gotta get busy ..... talk to you later.
  14. Hey all .. took your advice and here's a final result: 1. Cleaned glass 2. Placed mini (complete with base) on scanner. 3. Took a small open ended box with a white piece of paper glued to the inside. 4. Covered mini, box and glass with a dark gray material. 5. Scanned image (front & back) at 600 dpi and opened it in Adobe Photo Shop. 6. Removed the background and cropped the image, applied a "auto level" filter to the mini, and tweaked the brightness a bit. Here is my final results ... it's the best scan of a mini I've ever got ! Thanks again all .... comments welcome :-)
  15. Nice man ... nice. Great colors. I like how you did the base.
  16. Hey man ... don't sweat it ... that's where I get my paints from too ... but I spend alot on my brushes so I guess it equals out. Heck, I use Future for my thinner, and brake fluid to strip em :-) Keep painting.
  17. Right on man .... well done ... I like the challenge of a limited pallet :-) Good job on the shadeing. Keep painting, post often. Later
  18. (*sigh*) My shipment hasn't arrived yet ... was told that it would arrive no later than today :-( Yeah right ... anyway, if it's not hear tomorrow I'll never get shipments via Canada Post ... I'll go with a courier !!!
  19. I agree with the comments on the snow, but maybe a very light drybrush of gray blue would bring out the hi points, and maybe the tuffs of grass would look more in season of the tops looked brown and dead. Justa thought? I really like the mini, don't get me wrong :-) and you can't really notice any of your repairs. Looks great, keep painting, post often.
  20. Cool ... bones look great man ... nice touch with the pumpkins, really sets the mood. I like the NMM, but looking at it .. do ay think it may need a touch of rust, or is this scarecrow a clean freak? Justa thought, great job !
  21. Gonna look nice man ... keep posting your progress :-)
  22. What a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit :-)
  23. Wow man ... is that ever nice, where to start. Skin is fantastic, very smooth. Keep posting Yeah .. want to see a back shot too
  24. Thin paints and a blackwash .... lookin good man ! Keep painting, post often.
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