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  1. Cool ... I really like how you went from the purple to green in the claws. What's your secret? Keep posting man ...
  2. I think my favorite one of the lot is: Shirodora Jujiro, Oriental Warrior.
  3. I vote snow :-) Great job with this WIP man .... keep painting !
  4. Yeah, it's a pain trying to get a pic of a mini with white ... I have a zombie and part of it's skull is showing. I get a lot of lighting problems with it. I do like that idea that Darkstar wrote about "put a 3M surgical mask on my directional lights", gotta try that. Heck it's better than my bright idea of using paper
  5. Love it .... that's some nice ! Great idea with the wet brushing, gotta try to try it :-) It is a lot bigger than a reg mini, but it works.
  6. Ya gotta hate when you headed off to the battlefield and someone notices that you forgot yer pants. Do Ogres say "DOOOH" :-)
  7. (*grin*) ... ummm, looks neat :-) No really, I think it's neat ... I like the chariot thingy. Is that real wood or painted ?
  8. Great work man .... dig the gold tooth :-) Skin tones are good ... chainmail is great. Keep painting :-)
  9. Man ... he's some blue. Looks great. That's one of the neatest ones I've seen in a long time, but that's just me :-) Keep painting, post often.
  10. Wooh, neat skin color :-) I like the base also, really adds to the overall scheme. I really like the scroll case. Well done !
  11. Like the hair, could use a hi-lite or two ? Skin tones are nice to man ..... keep painting :-)
  12. Look great LT ... can't wait to see more.
  13. I hope to be getting my winter x-change mini I'm going to be painting in the mail in the next couple days ... woohoo ... I can't wait to get started !
  14. Those are great ... do you have any idea when they'll be available ?
  15. Wow ... man, if the rest of that mini is as good as the shot you posted Jester. It's a fantastic piece :-) Keep er frosty.
  16. Man, that's some great stonework, and the base rocks! Keep painting. Just realized after I posted that ... hehhe, no pun intended.
  17. I love before and after .... hehehe, but compaired to you, your before is still way better than my after :-)
  18. Look great man ..... great blood and snow. Skin tone is great too. Need to see some fear in those eyes of the cut off head, just a thought? Keep painting.
  19. I think it's great man ... I'm still can't get my dry brushing to look well , always looks powery (*sp*). So I save it for my bases. Feathers are great ... say, what's your mixture for fur color? I have a couple animals/creatures to complete and am looking at different color ideas and techniques? Keep painting .... later
  20. Excellent job .... great eyes and high lites :-)
  21. WOW ... great WIP SB love the fur. Keep at it and post more eh. Later
  22. Wow .... love the wings, excellent job ! Base is great too.
  23. Some serious red fu happening here man .... well painted. Great Armor ! Later
  24. That's sharp man ... good job, keep painting :-)
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