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  1. Neat diorama .. I like the runes. Post more on your progress :-)
  2. Yeah ... it's was a hard call picking colors ... my biggest fear was for these guys NOT to look like Santa's Elves planing a revolution (LOL). Gonna apply some advice I got from Darkstar about scanning minis on a flatbed scanner. It's frustrating when I'm happy about how these guys turned out and them being so much smaller than the standard 25mm scale. Will post something (hopefully) this afternoon. Later
  3. Niloc

    Scanning Q

    Thanks man ...... that's helps a bunch. I'll post something in the Show Off soon. Later
  4. Niloc

    Scanning Q

    Hey all, got a quick Q I no longer have the use of a digital camera :-( So I've been placing my minis directly on top of my flat bed scanner ... been fooling around with different resolutions (from 300 - 1200dpi), I was thinking about trying my max setting (9600dpi) ... here's my question: Do I really need to go to 9600dpi just to get a good picture, or is there a faster way to set this up? I'm half desitating in posting this, just seems like I'm spinning my wheels here. Any thoughts on this would be great .... later.
  5. Oh man, are those minis ever sweet, fantastic painting ! Your "very special client" should be over joyed (*sp*). Keep posting, I never know what I'll see next :-) later
  6. Congrats man ... nice job. Keep painting
  7. Cool ... another site to surf. I'll check it out ... heck, maybe we could swap links or something? Later
  8. I thought after I "scanned" and posted a couple of my minis, I would wait till I got the use of a digital camera before I posted the mini I recieved from Durak in the winter exchange. I can't wait to share ... it's a fantastic paint job, I hope I can do half as good someday.
  9. Fantastic job man .... like the map better than the wanted poster. Keep painting.
  10. I'm not to sure if I want to post these guys here since the image quality is really poor. I scanned these guys on my flatbed scanner at a resolution of 1200dpi and PhotoShopped em down to a managable (*sp*) size. I no longer have a digital camera, but still wanted to share, and to learn from comments and suggestions from you guys/gals out there. Well here's what's invaded my workspace as of late: Again ... sorry for the image quality, please comment on what you can :-) I'm really happy on how these guys turned out (never know it from the pics), but their eyes are the best I've ever done. I promice to get these pics replaced asap.
  11. (*sigh*) I'm way up here in Canada ... can't prime too cold ... thinner freezing ... must keep painting. Sorry about that .... just one of those days where I feel sarcastic :-) Wish I could be there ...
  12. Wow ... they look done to me, what could you possibly have left? Well done ... hehehe ... I love orcs! These are scanned images ? What resolution did you use to get these to work ... I can't scan anything thicker than cardboard ... was woundering if there's an easy way to do it?
  13. Looks great ... shinny :-)
  14. Yeah, it's different .. like that in a mini. The freehand rocks, great job !
  15. Is this ever a sweet mini ... great job, I really love the cloak. I still think "minty fresh" would have been neat. Later
  16. The best and eeasiest place I've ever come across to paint eye is here: http://www.reapermini.com/?nav=The%20Craft...aint&article=12 Ya can't beat this tutorial .. heck, if I can do it, anyone can do it :-) Hope this helps ... later
  17. Wow .. love the face and lips ... very nicely done man .... the base is great too. Keep at it.
  18. The armor and chain colors are a refreshing change from the norm, really like it. The face is great and so are the eyes.
  19. Fantastic as always Jester ..... I still can't believe you painted it standing in your kitchen LOL ... gotta do what ya gotta do I guess :-) Keep pushing paint bro.
  20. Well done man ... I like it! The grainy thing always happen to me too when I am layering, the only thing I found to help smooth things out is a extreme black/brown wash thinned with Future (I think I use 20 drops of thinner to one drop of paint). But with there being SO much flesh ... I'm not sure if it wouldn't ruin it? Gradations are working really well, keep up the great work :-)
  21. I agree with VL ... great flesh tone ... now if I could only get that good Keep up the great work. I did find the photo a little dark (no biggy). Later
  22. I like the concept of a poinionus blade ... but after I painted the blade (gonna try this on my orc raiding party), was just going to add a tiny line of bright green where the poison would run to but still stay on the blade. After that a wask of brown/black along the top of the blade. Hmmm, now that I see what I've typed here, it doesn't seem to make a heck-of-alot-of-sence. I'll push the Orc Raiding Party up to the head of my mini list and get a pick in the next couple days (to a week). Sorry about the PhotoShop tweak (alot brighter than it would look actually painted) ... LOL ... I need visual aids to explain myself :- )
  23. Looks like a great mini .. say, do you have a larger pic so we can see details (like the eyes your "... not quite happy with ..."). Later
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