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  1. Excellent ... love this mini, well done VL. Your drawing kicks butt too. You have a great talent, glad you like to share Later
  2. WOW ... fantastic detail on that mini. Great job ... should be very happy in its new home
  3. Yeah ... take it easy, be cool, later. Whatever works.
  4. Thanks, great to be here. I'm actually a volunteer firefighter .. small town, from the east coast of Canada. Will be posting as often as I can .... keep er frosty.
  5. Is it too late to get on the bus on this winter x-change? Maybe I should hold off till next spring, better my skills and stuff eh ?
  6. Say, what's all involved in the mini exchange ... is it something you sign up for or is there a URL I can check out ? Just a newbie question Thanks
  7. Thanks man ..... yeah I like these oldies ... I've finally got some good pics (read an online manual on my camera) ... and there alot better in quailty. Will post them here to this post as soon as I can rig up a better light source and stuff. Later.
  8. Here's a couple images of my late night miniature painting. Been thinning down paints to near ink level. Figured that if I'm going to learn to paint with any kinda serious quality, this is the best way ... I can build up in layers without covering details on the sculpt. Comments wanted/needed, thanks :- ) Oh yeah, this is yet anyother mini I don't know the proper name for, but by the looks of this "Citadel" miniature it's a goblin. Talk to you later.
  9. Hey guys/gals, I finally got a base on this little guy " FA34 - Gnome Warrior Thief"
  10. Here's a comparison size shot:
  11. Hey all ... I need your help. I have a collection of old minis (Citadel - 1980 - 1985) and I don't know the names of many. This is where you guys/gals come in .... I've posted a bunch to my site: http://www.paladin.cehdesigns.com/unknown.html I'll be posting more and more all the time ... I have 14 of these minis and have only tracked down two so far :-( Hope to hear from you ... let me know if you'd like to see thumbnail pics of these unknown minis posted here? Talk to you later
  12. Oh man ... that's a good question .... wish I knew the answer :-( I got this mini way back in I think 1984-85 from a little hobby shop (no longer with us) in Moncton. The only thing I have as a clue is what's scratched on the bottom of the base: "FA34" ... does this help? Here's a pic of the base:
  13. Yeah ... I believe so ... lol ... would look pretty buggy if I painted them open?
  14. This mini is much smaller than your standard 25mm ones ... it's been a great pleasure to paint this fella ... and even more so; post em here for everyone to see (and hopefully comment on). I look forward to and and all comments or questions.
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