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  1. Great work ugluk69. Very solid look Beastman. I like the horns and fur. Is it dipped? Thanks for sharing.
  2. Good work on the mini ... highlight just a couple more levels and base him. Then you'll have a great mini. Thanks for sharing, keep painting and post often.
  3. I'm a big fan of "take-the-time-to-do-it-right" drybrushing. Well done :-) Love the shield symbol. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Very cool WintersRainne ... does look alive :-) I read a article on lava bases somewhere (I think on CMON, but don't quote me on it.), and it was mensioned that using neon paints really make it pop. Just a thought. Well painted. Thanks for sharing :-)
  5. Nice work fieldarchy. How did you do that base? Thanks for sharing :-)
  6. (*grin*) ... now that's a mini with character. Great job!
  7. Like the Mechanithralls A & B's .... what's the story on them ? I agree with hitting them with some wash ... that'd do em wonders :-D Thanks for sharing. Keep painting post often.
  8. When I first seen this I completly missed the round windows I don't know if this would help any, but I took a different spin on the front of the building and ran it through PS. Instead of three round windows I made one wide door and a large window. The top half of both is gone ... just frame left. Just an idea. Hope it helps some .... It's gonna look cool when it's done
  9. Uggh .... you guys make this look sooo easy What a great job, I love the armor and the spatter on the blade and the highlights are band on. Thanks for sharing
  10. Yeah ... that first orc is great :-) Which ones are they?
  11. ROTFL My Smurf Name is: Stoner Smurf ... that's too funny
  12. Cool little dude :-) Good buggy colors .... neat.
  13. I don't know if it's me or my monitor, but I find it hard to see any details Any way we could get a close up of the face and shield? Like what I see ... nice and dark for a evil warrior. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Oh man ... what a great job ... love the fur and the yellow on the rider. Gives a nice contrast. Tis a sad day Thanks for sharing.
  15. Sweet work Darkstar, love this one
  16. Great dice tower .. that's pretty neat.
  17. Wow .... thank you so much guys/gals for the great pointers. I'm going to try them all! Here's one corner piece I did ... still have three others to complete. Comments most welcome ... and thanks again
  18. Hey guys/gals ... I picked up some ruins a couple day ago. Cleaning was a breeze, just a bit of GS to cover where the two halves meet: Primed in gray ... looks ok: I tried a black/brown wash on it but looked like ... umm .. can I say crap? Anyway, decided to paint the whole thing black. Now I'm on the basecoat stage, this is where you all come in Do any of you have/know of URL's or have a recipe on painting realistic rock? I seen a stone throne that Dark Star did up ... something like that? Any help would be great. [There's a few pic posted on my site as I go along with this project, leave a comment/suggestion if you want.]
  19. Great gold Mengu. Really like this sculpt :-) Like the base too ... doesn't distract from your work :-) Thanks for sharing.
  20. Great armor joerav17. Give's this tiny mini alot of character. Skin tone is good as a basecoat but needs some highlights on the raised areas and maybe a shadow in the lows (IMHO). I find the back of the cloak very busy .. but that's a halfling for you :-) As for the Quiver & Arrows, it doesn't look like there's a whole lot to work with, you might be able to get away with drybrushing for texture? To finish this little guy, give it a cork rocky base, with some grass. Keep painting and post often. Thanks for sharing. [Just my 2 cents worth]
  21. Needs a large snowy base with some dead branches and some 1/2 covered rocks :-) Mini is looking great, maybe increase the highlights on the fur. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Awesome Elouchard. Very nice How long did it take you to do all those glazes and ink washes? Thanks for sharing.
  23. Ok ... I gotta get me some of these :-) Great job Sergei, looks like fun ... thanks for sharing.
  24. Really nice bone Sergei. Can you share your method? I love pirates, and the fact their undead har har
  25. Nice solid start on this one. Like it :-) Can't wait to see it completed. Thanks for sharing.
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