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  1. Nice job. I agree with CS, reds could go up just a notch. I think a double pupil in the yellow eye would make him go up a level from just a demon to demonic (IMO). Well painted, thanks for sharing.
  2. WOW she's fantastic ... you've really come leaps and bounds from mini #1. The eyes are GREAT ! Well painted, thanks for sharing.
  3. Welcome to the boards trp81. Neat conversion. My only comment would be add a base, and maybe give Cornugon a black/brown wash to pic out all the details Thanks for sharing, keep painting post often.
  4. Nice work dargrin. Love the camo base idea, great idea :-) Thanks for sharing.
  5. Great choice of sculpts Mojoman. I ran him through PS (hope you don't mind). Welcome to the boards. You'll find lots of information, tips and tricks on these boards. I've learned alot, I'm not saying I can hold a candle to these guys in painting, but I've learned alot I like the metallic armor, but the only thing I can say is the horns on the helm, they need to be more horny ummm ... painted with a bone color. And maybe a med. gray drybrush on the chainmail and the same for highlights on the hi points of the rest of the armor (IMHO). Thanks for sharing, keep painting, post often.
  6. How did I miss this post Really nice skin tone and the crystal is bang on. Great job ugluk69. Thanks for sharing. Keep painting, post often
  7. Really good job Gus Landt. Lots of gem work, nice job Could be my eyes , the photo and/or monitor, but the highlights on the armor could be brought up just a bit (IMHO). Your NMM looks cool, I haven't got up the nerve to try it yet Thanks for sharing.
  8. Beautiful ... sheer is very nice. Feathers are fantastic! Is it just me or would she make a great redhead (IMO).
  9. Cool .... I like the undead hunters. Neat mini. Very metallic :-) Thanks for sharing.
  10. I'd like to present my latest work. One I hope of many to come in the future. Really liked painting this one. Total painting time was about 12 hours from cleaning to mattle finish. I'm pretty happy on how the armor turned out ... orange and dirty. I could have taken the green skin highlights up a notch or two. But I'm calling it done. Comments most welcome. [*EDIT: Larger images can be found on my website in the Gallery*]
  11. That has to be one of my all time favorite dragons, I love the blue Kellyn and the shading is fantastic. I know the new owner will be over joyed! The base really suits the figure .... thanks for sharing
  12. I love these guys ... great job on the GS conversion Herr Oberfroschmeister When I try to do anything with GS it's like trying to sculpt with bubble gum .. I can use it for base work, but anything detailed I'm outt a my league :-) Hat off, er on to you man ... thanks for the insperation
  13. I can just see these little buggers coming outta the wood work in swarms Love the fur and the skin tone. Nice job.
  14. Wow ... that's just nasty (in a good way though) LordColdsteal. Well painted The only thing is to maybe slime up the mouth(s) and eye(s) with a bit of gloss finish ... make it look hungry. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Good looking yellow rbs_madrid, nothing wrong with that. Nice highlighting, and lots of details to look at. I like the free hand on the book. My only thing is the base looks undone. I'm one for a black base, just my 2 cents :-) Great job, thanks for sharing.
  16. Outstanding work Sue, love it
  17. Now this is COOL Fantastic job on the diarama twjolson. Love it! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Now there's a sninny dwarf. I have to agree with smokingwreckage and a matte coat would do this mini justice (for tabletop or display). Nice painting bikerdrew. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Nice job Yukimura. Thanks for sharing :-)
  20. Yeah .... she look tiny, say man ... where's the blood stain on the axe head? Really well done Nice skin tones and I like the base.
  21. Wow ugluk69, these guys are great The only thing I change is the color of the penny bases ... a sharp contrast of dark green flock (drybrushed) would make them pop (IMHO). Nice GS job for the ushanka hat. Great job on the 20mm minis. Thanks for sharing.
  22. I really like the bone of the skeleton Runelord151, well done :-) Thanks for sharing.
  23. Good looking mini bikerdrew, welcome to the boards :-) Thanks for sharing, keep painting, post often.
  24. Stunning Elouchard, fantastic job That's an insane amount of scales to paint You lighting effect is again top notch. I realize this is a large mini, but do you think you could post a close up shot from the bottom of the shield to the top of the sword to get a better look at it? Great job and the flame and the base. Thanks for sharing.
  25. Wow Ivarr, really nice CAV paint job ... love it. Thanks for sharing.
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