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  1. Great looking Crusaders ugluk69. Love the color scheme, and the bases are really well suited for the minis. Thanks for sharing :-)
  2. Good job on the goblins Rastl_Deeperdown. I'm gonna have to pick me up some of these dudes. Thanks for sharing. Keep painting, post often :-)
  3. Great job on the NMM and the rotten flesh rex_lyver. Well painted. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great freehand on the cape Warden54. I don't know ... I think the only two things could be, a rocky/snowy base and for the top of the staff, maybe a blue or green (gem work) to seperate it totally from the mini. Just my 2 cents :-) Nice work, thanks for sharing.
  5. Fantastic piece Herr Oberfroschmeister, great take on Aysa, very fitting. Nice and eerie Now if I could only get that much life in my living minis not to mension the undead ones
  6. This guy is great ... I did this one as a mini exchange last year. Looks good. Thanks for sharing :-)
  7. Fantastic job ugluk69 ... very nice. I love these guys!
  8. Great job Coldsteal. Love it. Say, what did you use for the long grass? Thanks for sharing.
  9. Wow LordColdsteal, well painted :-) Thanks for sharing.
  10. LordColdsteal: The rocks are wood chips and cork, and drybrushed. deep_sashelas: The hole in the CD was filled with GS prior to priming.
  11. Hey all ... it's been a long time (couple months anyway) since I've posted anything and I just completed a diarama for my brother aka Jayman as a welcome home present. As you can imagine, prep work prior to priming was interesting. Lots of mold lines and holes filled with GS, little details and so on. This project was more over an excersize in painting clothing and freehand. But somewhere along the way, turned into a gift ... glad he liked it :-) The figures come from the dollar store, in a bag of 50 Here's a comparison shot for size: As always, comments, critique, suggestion most welcome :-)
  12. Cool take with the undead flesh color. Nice seperation color with the hat and pants. Diggin' the washer base :-) Thanks for sharing.
  13. Niloc


    Nice ugluk69. What's your dip method? Oh, any chance we can get a larger shot ?
  14. Wow ... great work Darkstar. Fantastic base work too
  15. I agree ... really nice base(s) LordColdsteal. Well painted. Love this color scheme, may have to steal it Thanks for sharing
  16. Great to see you around the Show Off section :-) I really love this piece DS, fantastic flow and subtle color changes. Thanks for sharing :-)
  17. I like the converstion Nanite. You said "bits" was that GS or were they pieces from other miniatures? Don't feel bad about NMM, I have as of yet tried it Thanks for sharing. Keep painting, post often. Later
  18. Brumbor did a bang-up job on this mini. Great job on the face.
  19. Sorry skavenbabe, was out of town ... just got back today. Yeah, I really like #2572 Overladen Henchman. He's next on my workbench (after my first 'small' diarama battlefield). The minotaur is great! Dracos did a bang-up job excellent title.
  20. Yes and Yes For grunts ... metallics are great. Love the color scheme. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Great work, nice and clean paintjob Ran images through PS ... I hope I did them justice. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Did a quick goole search for you and found this place: http://www.manhyo.co.jp/product/kimono.html Hope it helps, looking good so far :-)
  23. Love the choice of colors you used jenova, gives him that wilderness mage thing going on :-) Very cleanly painted too. Great freehand on the bottom of the cloak. The base looks a bit bare though IMHO, but I like the texture of it. Is it GS or something else ? Thanks for sharing.
  24. Ok ... now that's clear as mud, I got another question. If the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, what is the speed of dark?
  25. If you are in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens if you turn on your headlights?
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