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  1. Wow really well painted as always Vikinglodge. Love the sheer, is there a tutorial on it? Great base, is it GS and textured or something else? Great looking beer mug. The Goblin is cool, I really like the bottle, and that tartan is great. Thanks for sharing ... always an inspiration.
  2. Nicely speed painted dargrin. Geat choice of colors. Any more shots of this one out there?
  3. This guy is great rbs_madrid ... love the metallics and the gems. The checker board pattern must have taken a while. Great gold bit on the armor too. My only reservation is the fur. It doesn't seem to stand up to the rest of the mini (INHO)? Might just be the angle of the photo? Great job all-in-all. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yeah ... great job on the bone color Clouse, well done.
  5. Welcome to the boards Shadowlight. Looks good, I agree, a little more black lining would help define areas on the mini. Keep painting, post often.
  6. Great diorama Ardice! I love the base you did. Neat concept, very colorful even for gypsy's :-) I'm also interested on who makes these minis? And what is this "Vampire Wars"? Thanks for sharing.
  7. Ok ... I can see the pictures now, but unfortunately I find it difficult to tell the mini from the background. Any chance of snaggin a pic with a piece of paper blocking anything not mini from the shot :-) From what I can see, I think it looks neat .... is there green brains there ?
  8. Great job on Quimby mrbuddylee. I just did this guy link 2 mini. I really like the base you gave him.
  9. A good one to begin with is Photo Bucket [www.photobucket.com].
  10. Yeah ... that's a great sculpt! Looks like he's pretty fresh .. could use a touch of blue, green and pale gray to dead him up a bit (IMHO). Otherwise a great paintjob Mastertickles. The dead grass adds a nice touch :-) Thanks for sharing.
  11. Great looking sculpt ... sneaky pose :-) Any chance we can get a larger pic of this guy and a back view ? I like the browns and the face. Keep painting, post often.
  12. Niloc


    Love it ... very nice job jenova !
  13. WOW ... now those are some close-up pics. What kinda camera do you have? Really like this sculpt, you've painted it well. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Nice job Mrs. E Keep at it. Welcome to the boards.
  15. Unbelievable bushido ... fantastic job I have no right to comment on such work .... a real inspiration man. Thanks for sharing
  16. That's what I'm talkin'bout. Wow :0) those look fantastic! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing.
  17. Yeah, ditto on the multi angle pics :-) Great job :0)
  18. Nice work Frankthedm, I like the eyes (kinda look metallic). Thanks for sharing.
  19. Now that cool Hexxenhammer ... fantastic idea, I like it alot! Almost looks as if it'll glow-in-the-dark. Very ghost-like. Thanks for sharing.
  20. (*bump again*) Here's a better shot with new base ... more pics will be posted on my website: Comments always welcome.
  21. (*bump*) To twiztidjuggalo78: Yeah, that gold metallic base just isn't working for me either , just wanted to try something different. I've since changed to to black (now it doesn't distract from mini). To Death Angel: Thanks ... it only took me two or three tries this time around. Willl post new pics of the mini later today. Thanks for the comments all.
  22. Try a simple, neutral gray background, something that doesn't effect the colors when you take a picture, and maybe some tats on all that skin :-) Just a thought. Nice job on the mini. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Great work zaphod, cool base. Good to see your work again and you getting back into the swing of things man :-) Thanks for sharing.
  24. Reaper — #2397 Quimby Copperthumb. Had a blast painting this guy, tons of personality. Try some freehand and gem work along with some different shading techniques. Let me know what you think. Comments always welcome.
  25. Sorry for the bump .. just gota a better pic of the mini: Thanks for your time.
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