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  1. Nicely done Delvecem ... looks good from here ... like the greens and the base. Well done. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Kinda hard to tell ... need bigger picture please. But what I can see ... the shiny chainmail looks pretty nice, and the base is cool. Were you going for a copper armor, neat.
  3. It looks like there's lots of details well painted on this one .. any chance for a larger pic?
  4. Great job SaintRigger, I really like this one. great avatar!
  5. If your in a serious crunch and don't mind a little work, go to a dollar srore and find the toll painting section, there you should be able to find some moss. This is where the work comes in .... chop it down to scale (took me about 20 minutes by hand). I would have used the food processor but I think my wife would have killed me :-) It's not by far the best idea, but would be ok for game pieces. You'll still have to paint/drybrush to make it resemble real type grass .... Oh yeah, if you have an old brush, the bristles can be removed and used for longer grass (seen it in a post here somewhere), painted and looks real shape. Hope this helps.
  6. I run XP and every once in a while I plug the camera in and nothing happens ... didn't bother trying to mess around with stuff I don't know about :-) What I do to get it working is: 1. Right click on My Computer and choose Properties 2. When the System Properties dialog box opens I then choose the Hardware tab. 3. In the Hardware tab choose Device Manager. 4. When the Device Manager dialog box opens and lists your available hardware, select the very first thing (your computers name) and right click. There should only be one thing to select now "Scan for hardware changes" This always finds my camera when it doesn't automatically find it in XP ... and to boot, starts that handy photo download wizard thingy :-) Hope this helps .....
  7. I'm one for using Future floor polish as an extender (mixed 1 part future with 10 parts distilled water). Find it does the trick on armor and weapons. Helps protect mini from handeling while painting and before a dullcote.
  8. Now that's cool! Great job El Guardian. Welcome to the boards :-) Thanks for sharing. Keep painting, post often.
  9. I like em ... maybe a heaver black lining on them (IMHO). Great game pieces Otter, well done. Thanks for sharing :-)
  10. Don't know if this helps any .. but I ran one of your photos through Photoshop and it seems to be a leveling thing? Really nice work, cool water effect. My only question would be her eyes, she looks like she doesn't have eyelids ... probably just my monitor and/or the way I see her ... don't get me wrong, it's just an observation, and in no way a negative critique, just curious :-)
  11. Fantastic job Gabe! Love the gold the most Great color scheme. Don't know much about 20K (I hope that's right ), but I know what I like in a paint job. I really like this one, very clean, well done.
  12. I'm really liking those new pics ... going over to your site again. Well done jenova :-)
  13. Welcome to the boards Mrs. E. Nice work on this mini, love the skin tone and the gren and golds. Well painted. The high lights on the hair could be up'ed a notch, but might have been lost in the pic (IMHO). Neat take on the base .. looks like carpet. Thanks for sharing, keep em comming.
  14. Hey Bonehead ... how did you get these pics tweaked to a white background so well ?
  15. Nice job DS ... couldn't help but tweak the pics a bit in photo shop .. I just hope I did your work justice ... I think it looks great. Love the metallics, and her face.
  16. Oh man .... now that's cool ! Freshly summoned, I agree jjpens77. Well done Frankthedm, I really like the moss look and the stone color.
  17. Fantastic Nanite ... that's too cool :-)
  18. LOL ... wow, that's cool Frankthedm. What a neat idea
  19. Oh man ... sorry to hear about the drop, but I'm sure you'll be about to fix and touch up without a problem. Looks great so far, let us know how you make out.
  20. 75 views and no reply help? Well, I'll keep working away working, might post it when it's done. Thanks :-)
  21. Here's the near completed mini ... I have to re-do the bottle I sculpted for my outta GS, but so far so good. After I got the basic colors on I proceeded to add shading ... simply black/brown washes on the hair, boots and pants, staff head etc. Then I worked on the cloak by adding layers of grays up to white. You can't really see the color that well on the trim of the cloak, but it's a royal purple with black backed yellow buttons ... man, that was a lot of dots :-) Finally, I gave him a light spray of mattle finish, (I stop now and add a coat of protection to insure I don't start rubbing paint off) and continue on with some more details. As you can see by the pics, there's lots left to do. Here's a shot of my first gem: (man, I gotta work on better camera fu). Any comments and suggestion really needed ... having a heck of a time getting the bottle to look good, or atleast like a potion of some sort
  22. That's great FuzzyIzmit .. really like him. Love the freehand. Don't know why you said "... pillow is a poor attempt at sculpting with green stuff." , I think it's great. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Looks good DH ... any chance we can get a close-up?
  24. Great work Enchantra ... I love the cheek color and the book :-) Well done ... hope your feeling better eh ?
  25. Very nice skya, she's beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing ... the base is good, doesn't distract from the piece. The skin tone is bang on, I really like the fur on the wings and the line down her back. Good NMM on the sword, and the reds on the hilt and her um, coverings are well done. Thanks for sharing. WOW
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