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  1. I like it .. the hunter and the hunted. Great work, the freehand sets the cloak off. Like the red on the armor. The wall looks good too :-)
  2. Hi all ... it's been quite a while since I've actually posted anything painted in what feels like months :-) Anyway, here's three reaper minis I've been working off and on for about a week now. From top to bottom: * #2246 Elquin the Daring * #2572 Overladen Henchman * #2397 Quimby Copperthumb (*I've been doing progressive write-ups on these ones on my website*) This will be the only time I post till there done. Comments most welcome ...
  3. Truly beautiful work there skavenbabe Love the skin tones and the reds! The freehand is awesome. Which ones were primed in white and which ones in black ?
  4. Wow, that's a sweet looking mini Gabe, well painted. Like the tats, but I find them a bit bright or something ... a wask in your flesh tone would lighten some (IMHO). Your NMM is nice, I still haven't been able to get up the nerve, so metallics are the way I'm going
  5. Looks like a great start Vil-hatarn. Cool conversion on the monks staff, works well. That's one of my favorite sculpts. Keep painting and post often :-)
  6. Wicked job Neyuttad, love the color and the sculpt. Thanks for sharing :-)
  7. Great job wtwest. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Ditto on what Kelcore said ... those teeth and eye are great! Can't wait to see more of your progress :-)
  9. Nice painting SteveP. I like the hi-lites on the cloak, not too strippy, which can easly happen (well in my case anyway) when hi-litin' black. Welcome to the boards, thanks for sharing.
  10. Great tutorial ... I'm gonna have to try this real soon. Thanks again for posting :-)
  11. I'm defiantly not a big gun painter by any stretch of the imagination, but I can tweak a photo :-) I really like the work you put into this guy! Skin tone is great. Never realized how much detail this one had, wow. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Really nice man ..... great job. Love teh cool purple, and the armor.
  13. ROTFL .... thanks man, oh that's bad :-) Cool .... thanks, reading now.
  14. Well, I got into the green stuff last night ... man, this stuff is like sculpting with bubblegum :-) Anyway, I did the best I could in creating a potion bottle: On close instection, it seems that this mini is looking at his hand anyway, so I figured that I'd give him something to look at. Here's a close-up: Let me know what ya think. Any suggestions or tips I can use when I try to paint a glass boittle with liquid in it ?
  15. Wow ... looks pretty good ... how big is this guy?
  16. LOL .... those are cool Elouchard. Great idea and painting. Love the skin tones of the demonettes but the mount takes the prize! Thanks for sharing.
  17. I like this sculpt, great paint job too prophet118. Hope you don't mind, but I tweaked your image in PS. Thanks for sharing :-)
  18. Nasty purple little bugger :-) Great colors .... well done Frustrated Father.
  19. Mmmm DAS ..... love the smell of that stuff LOL. Once again Jester ... your work astounds me ... will I ever get there? nah ...... :-)
  20. Great painting Zinzig .... love that base. Thanks for sharing. Yeah .. natural light is the best !
  21. Nice metallic job FF ... I like the silver and gold ... I've always found it near impossible to layer with metallics. Keep painting, post often :-) Here's my attempt at this: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12632
  22. Excellent job on the troll, love the colors and the hammer. Real cool base too :-)
  23. Looks pretty good from here ... can we get a bit bigger pic ... from what I can see doghouse1234 ... maybe a black/brown wash over the beard and some hi-lites. Kida hard to see from here. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Looking great SK ... hehe, she'd gotta feel a draft coming from somewhere :-) Can't wait to follow this one to completion.
  25. WOW ... those are some big wings :-) I think I'd agree with Clouse ... a little hi-lightin on the blade would make it pop. Other than that Kavidium, nice job!
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