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  1. Wow ... it looks great .. love these things too. I ran it through PS7 and came up with this : Welcome to the boards, thanks for sharing.
  2. They look great man, great colors and bases, great dwarf grunts ... thanks for sharing :-)
  3. Wow ... is that ever gonna look sweet after dullcoted. Great job !
  4. I have an idiot proof camera :-) It's a ViviCAM 3710 3.2MP only have a 4x digital zoom, but the lowesst mode is 1024x768 you can tweak out the white ballance by chooseing one of 4 options (nice) takes a good little macro anywhere from 8 - 12" away. oh yeah, you can take mini movie clips as well. doesn't come with a flash card, but you can pick one up easy nuf. I got it for under $200 CAN. Hope this helps.
  5. Great looking monk ... what kind of backdrop do you use ?
  6. I love this sculpt, and you did a great job bringing him to life! As for camera fu .. heck I on average take something like 10 - 15 shots per mini and feed them all through PS to pick the best one. Just dumb luck that one of these come out to my likeing.
  7. No DA that eye is fantastic ... really make the mini stand tall, (*grin*) being 54mm you can do soooo much more, I love it, well done. Thanks for sharing :-)
  8. Ouch, I hear ya man ... the only thing I've found to help me pervent getting super glue on the mini is to take a tooth pick and with a slight angle to it touching the place on the base where I'm applying SG then this way if my hand moves it'll hit the toothpick and run down on the base and away from the mini. Love the post battle look this guy has ... great job.
  9. This is gonna be cool ... Can't wait to follow this along. My only thing is the sholders ... I have to agree with mmmgreenstuff, bigger and more agressive would be cool, and would lend to a ballance with the sword. Just a thought :-)
  10. Holy Cow Jerster ... way to through paint around. That's a lot of minis! I'm not going to comment on these [i have no right IMHO] ... just enjoying and learning alot. Thanks for sharing :-)
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys ... let you know what I come up with ... and post to the Show Off Section soon :-) Later
  12. I've made a gradient image that I often use when taking pics of miniatures. Download it to your harddrive and print it:-) Hope it helps :-)
  13. Great work Santini ... I tweaked you pics a bit to bring out the colors. Keep up the great work. I'd also like to see her on a base. Thanks for sharing
  14. Wow, what an excellent looking mini ... great paintjob to boot Kelcore. I love the purple and gold ... great choice! The dead grass is a suttle and fitting touch for an Evil Anti-Crusader.
  15. Hey all ... I got this mini about 2 months ago ... it's been on the shelf ever since I started cleaning it and getting it ready to prime. My question is an obvious one I noticed his right hand is deformed and seems to have extra ... um ... material in it ? I seem to remember this coming up in another post awhile back (searched for it but no luck) ... this is how I plan to fix the "bad mold" problem. Giving him a flask made from green stuff prior to priming him. Any thoughts, comments or suggestion are most welcome P.S. Just let me know if you need to see a larger picture. I'll post it here asap. Thanks.
  16. Man, SK ... your work is excellent. I really like look of this one. Leather, hair and base are great !
  17. Nice painting man .. really like the bone technique. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Really nice Mengu, great choice in your colors :-) That base is very origional ... gotta try that with plastic card. Well done, thanks for sharing.
  19. Hair and crazy glue ... and lots of patience :-)
  20. Been following your progress ... truly an inspiring piece. Great job man!
  21. Great job Roadkill ... Just paint the rocks, and drybrush the flock to get rid of the shinnyest ..... and your done :-) Cool mini.
  22. Cool ... love to see more pics. Looks like a blast :-)
  23. Great job Jester ... love that rusty old axe.
  24. Wow, really nice bleujenna. Love the rose on the shield and on the tabard. There's a lot of little things on this one :-) Love to see some closeups.
  25. Very nice Jess, well painted!
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