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  1. Cool ... what line are these guys from ? How did you do the gems? Thanks for sharing.
  2. I think these are great minis ... I gotta track these ones down :-) Geat paintjob Death Angel on such tiny little ones. Can't wait till you get the other two.
  3. WOW ! Great job VL ... hats off to you man, I love it ! Lightsource is very nice, what's your secret?
  4. I really like the back of the cloak, the hair and the metallics :-) Nice job Chastity !
  5. Great save kkoene :-) Nice paintjob, thanks for sharing.
  6. Just soak it in Fantastic for a couple hours, wash with warm soapy water with an old tooth brush and let dry. Primer it and your good to go :-)
  7. Welcome to the boards Vidar. Paintjob too like a good one .... but I agree with the others .. bigger would be cool, and maybe a back view too :-) Keep up the fine work, post often.
  8. that is an awesome idea, I previously avoided stringing a bow because there just isn't stuff thin enough. Forget my newbie question, but how do you do that. Do you tie it, or just a dab of superglue? Used super glue, pin and tweasers ...... and a number of attempts :-) After one side stayed where I wanted it and dried ... I managed to hold/bend the hair (with the help of the pin) to where the arrow notch should roughly be, stretched the rest of the hair and glued it to the other (bottom) end of the bow. Finally, after all said and done, I snipped the ends and painted tips of the bow darker than the hair to hide/blend better. Here's an extreme closeup of the attached bowstring: hmmm ... by my description I should have about 3 or 4 hands LOL .... Let's just say ... there's gotta be an easier way than what I did.
  9. Hey all ... I've finally got these two to meet. They seem to like eachother well enough :-) Stringing the bow was an experience ... used my own hair :-) Was thinking about using a piece of white thread, but the scale was all wrong, and looked like a piece of thin rope. But I tell you, what a pain-in-the-butt that was to super glue, and make it look like the bow was being drawn .... All in all, I'm really happy about how this miniature turned out. Thanks again Lady Tam for all the great help you gave me on completing the horse, without it, this mini would have never gotten off the table Comments welcome ...
  10. Dark Heaven: #2437 Captain Razig #2021 Tara the Silent #2795 Paladin Initiate #2397 Quimby Copperthumb Front Rear Left Right #2545 Fitch Coincatcher Front Side
  11. Nice job on the chainmail Otter. Skin tone is good, a little touch on the sword blade with a bit of hightlights would take some of the flatness out of it IMHO :-) The base material is good, doesn't take away from the mini, but the base itself needs some paint. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Great job on these guys .. really look cool, love the colors.
  13. Yeah .. Dr. Faust's site is a great resource for beginner painters (like me) and I'd imaging that even seasoned painters can still find stuff there too :-) As for me ... I've found it easier to black/brown wash a mini after it's primmed, helps me see what I'd applying paint too. For "camera is fuzzy" question, check your cameras min and max distance on it's macro function ... mines between 8" - 12" ... I also double check with a measuring tape. Good luck and welcome to the boards.
  14. Wow .. nice work mateybob. I like these older ones too ... Hands look linda big though :-) Nothing to do with your paintjob, just an observation (*sp*). Nice work on the Banshee's robe, the belt and hair could use a touch more hi-lites (INO), but it could be the photo. Great job
  15. Man ... these guys are really small ... two to a base ... and elbow room to boot :-) Great paint job Vinny, and lots of details ...... thanks for sharing.
  16. Beautiful man ... very inspiring, great job :-)
  17. That's some fine work HoD, nice job. Is that blue on teh helment painted or coming from another source ?
  18. Wow, 15mm scale, now that's tiny :-) Great details on these guys, does that middle one have a moustache? Thanks for sharing.
  19. I think these things are the greatest :-) I like this one with the closed mouth and the pins for teeth. I can't comment on casting, don't know the first thing about it. Great job ...
  20. Yeah .. those picture are alot better man. Wow, looks good, I like the metallics. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Wow ... that is big. Keep us posted on how your doing .
  22. Nice skavenbabe ... can't wait to see it based. I like the colors of the cape/cloak, but there doesn't seem to have nuf shadow (IMO)? Real nice blade on the sword.
  23. Wow ... real clean paint job Buggeye, love the snake skin and the flesh tone and high lights are fantastic. Well done :-)
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