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  1. Omg! I actually let out a sudden giggle of joy when I scrolled to see his face! So adorable!
  2. Very nice! It looks like the real thing! Makes me think of Fallout II... *shudders*
  3. Sweet idea! This is probably overkill, but maybe you could drop some weapons/armor into the mold before the plastic has hardened to make it look like it has had lunch? Sort of like this: http://www.aidedd.org/dnd/images/cube.jpg The weapons could either be bought as part of (metal) conversion kits or maybe sculpted from clay (but it would probably have to be a good colour to begin with because I suppose acrylic colours wont react well to being dropped in melted plastic).
  4. Wow! He's amazing! The colours are fantastic, he'll definetly be easy to spot on the battlefield.
  5. Good job! Especially the eyes and the freehand, as others have said. :)
  6. Very nice! Love the texture, it makes them look very organic. :)
  7. Great job! Love the illumination effect, I think you pulled it off perfectly. On the last picture, where her face is more zoomed in, I think her eyes might be a little bit too wide open so she is looking a little scared. But that is just a really minor detail on a great piece, and it might be the angle of the photo and the light tricking me.
  8. Oh. My. God. She is just so beautiful! And that aurora pattern... Absolutely amazing!
  9. Wonderful! I love the colour scheme, it's so vibrant. :D
  10. Nice! It's always nice to get to use some really bright and funny colours!
  11. I feel the same as Pippin; really wish I had thought of that before I started painting her! xD Great conversion anyway, absolutely love it!
  12. Very nice! Regarding the body type; maybe some of the assumed male bugbears are actually larger females without huge breasts?
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