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  1. Pytt

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Storm Giant Royal Guard

    Absolutely wonderful! I love the colour scheme, and his deep blue skin!
  2. Pytt

    Cute Miniature Post-off

    Omg! I actually let out a sudden giggle of joy when I scrolled to see his face! So adorable!
  3. Pytt

    Massive Scorpion Demonworld by Glitterwolf

    Very nice! It looks like the real thing! Makes me think of Fallout II... *shudders*
  4. Sweet idea! This is probably overkill, but maybe you could drop some weapons/armor into the mold before the plastic has hardened to make it look like it has had lunch? Sort of like this: http://www.aidedd.org/dnd/images/cube.jpg The weapons could either be bought as part of (metal) conversion kits or maybe sculpted from clay (but it would probably have to be a good colour to begin with because I suppose acrylic colours wont react well to being dropped in melted plastic).
  5. Pytt

    Wise Frodulf: RBG

    Wow! He's amazing! The colours are fantastic, he'll definetly be easy to spot on the battlefield.
  6. Pytt

    Drake White Raven & Ian Crusader Mage

    Good job! Especially the eyes and the freehand, as others have said. :)
  7. Pytt

    Carnivorous Plants

    Very nice! Love the texture, it makes them look very organic. :)
  8. Great job! Love the illumination effect, I think you pulled it off perfectly. On the last picture, where her face is more zoomed in, I think her eyes might be a little bit too wide open so she is looking a little scared. But that is just a really minor detail on a great piece, and it might be the angle of the photo and the light tricking me.
  9. Pytt

    DDS2: Aurora Dragon (large pics)

    Oh. My. God. She is just so beautiful! And that aurora pattern... Absolutely amazing!
  10. Pytt

    Troll (Pathfinder) - 60021

    Wonderful! I love the colour scheme, it's so vibrant. :D
  11. Pytt

    Reaper Bones: Cereal Monsters

    Nice! It's always nice to get to use some really bright and funny colours!
  12. I feel the same as Pippin; really wish I had thought of that before I started painting her! xD Great conversion anyway, absolutely love it!
  13. Very nice! Regarding the body type; maybe some of the assumed male bugbears are actually larger females without huge breasts?