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  1. Those are really awesome - I love their ... earthiness? I dunno how to say, they look the part of elementals anyway!
  2. I feel like that with my Reaper stuff! I was supposed to be working on RPG figures 'after' the orks and such and then I got sucked into other projects. But! Hubby seems finally interested in playing CAV with me so I'm trying to start on his army
  3. wow I love the contrast on their vibrant caps and their skins beautiful work!
  4. that's really amazing! I love the colours!
  5. Been working pretty steadly though bad about keeping up pics! Did these guys (mostly done) in January. They are GW minis from the Battle at Pelennor Fields Lords of the Ring starter set. I started on these guys closer to end of the month, as well: They're for my Luna Wolves, first guy is the Terminator sarge (which I'm painting along with some other terminators from the Burning of Prospero box set) This guy is a resin cast Apothecary from FW I bought off ebay - he's got a pretty bad mold slip along one leg, b
  6. Still feel scattered from Christmas tbh but here's my ATC for @Keianna
  7. Not to my knowledge, it's even only suggested to use hex bases, because there's a lot revolveing around base to base contact and as mentioned firing arcs. Course the models all come with hex bases, all the same size, so I tend to stick with those anyway myself.
  8. It took me a min to get the Jones one but then I really laughed - love it :D RE: basing yes - make sure you let them cure fully. It can depend how you do it, but generally I use a layer of PVA/water 50/50 for my first layer. And you really have to let that fully dry and harden before you can do anything else. If you do, it ain't comin off any time soon! but if you don't yeah you'll pull up your basing materials sadly. You can also, use super glue, or straight PVA on your basing materials. Again let it dry fully, and to give them that little extra sticky, hit them with a spray bottle of
  9. He looks awesome! I've had minis that I've repainted a few times too =/ He really came out well this go around! lovely slime effects and I like how he looks like he's coming out of the ground! great work on the dirt
  10. That is wonderful! I love especially that they're different skin tones, very cool!
  11. Is it bad when you get distracted from the distraction? Sigh Hobby ADHD But gotta create when the Muse is handy, she's fickle like that. Some time ago I'd done a twitter contest for peeps into da Green boyz and anyway a couple prizes were conversions I would make. Finished one the last like two days. Haven't started other yet, but I got some ideas... Try to get them vaguely in order, hopefully didn't repeat any sometimes taking pics on phone, using google to update to my comp is confusing. To explain a bit, my friend's building a Blood Axe t
  12. Trying to do up a load of these guys from the Battle of Pelennor fields box (GW Lord of the Rings starter box set) - just to table top, so's to actually play the game at some point before the end of the Era. Saving the fun ones for later (calvary and the big Nazghul). The models are a lot closer to true 28mm scale and so a bit smaller than I've gotten used to painting tbh.
  13. I've been working on this guy for well over a year I think, really just finished his base off b ut here he is in all his glory. Wonderful sculpt, typical FW resin (mold slips etc) but he's a beast in 30k games vs flyers so really really love him! :D
  14. Ahhh thanks :D that makes more sense, I didn't even think of that ><
  15. hoping my exchange partner gets it soon! It's still listed in as at customs in Canada and has been since 12/13 =/
  16. Man I love the armies!! and no one, no one, can resist the cute Christmas Dragons!! >< lol
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