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  1. Occasionally in the game I'm running after the party battles a band of orcs they find skins of 'orcish battle grog' but I figure that's as close to the consumption of a fine brew that they'd (the orcs) get
  2. d'ohh...that should have read bug bears...no wonder they have pot (beer) bellies, eh?... :D
  3. to me (especially image "c") they remind me more of bud bears than orcs...BB are supposed to be bigger than orcs anyways, right?...I get 'em and use 'em as part of my BB platoon...
  4. where did you run the pins for the shell?...it seems too thin to put a pin into it?... ???
  5. Question - I'm in the midst of painting this one myself - did you pin the legs at all?...What about the shell?...I did not figure to pin the legs because they seemed to fit the openings very well (snug due to shape & design) but the shell was a different issue...
  6. I read that too...What were your thoughts?...I was less than enthused and don't figure to pick up the next one... :(
  7. Ouch! You guys are rather extreme in defense of your properties. Either that or there's some kind of weird spanking/wrist slapping with a ruler/flogging underground I know nothing about. :) Be happy - what you don't know can't hurt you... :D
  8. Steven Page,Sep. 05 2002,5:06]I've had good results with Krylon Matte finish spray. Very consistent. Ditto on the Krylon Matte Finish spray...Dries super quick and never gobby or uneven...
  9. I think that I just spotted my niext mini purchase...Maybe two if I add/convert that axe to #2565...
  10. I agree w/ everyone's fantasy titles, especially Cook's Black Company series...Two other titles that I highly enjoyed The Stand by King and Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy...
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