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  1. Great job I really like your William Wallace. Sorry to hear about the foot I know this is late coming I just joined this forum and found your post today. A far as the keeping your foot elevated I am disabled and can't sit in a desk chair for very long so I built a desk that goes over my recliner and am able to keep my feet raised up.
  2. So what do you all use for thinning your paint? I am using reaper paints and have been told by some of you all that I need to thin out my paints. I have tried adding water(distilled) but the pigment doesn't seem to stick together. I have been doing a 50/50 mix. Is this the ratio? Do I need flow Aid? Or acrylic matte medium? Or Slow-dri? If so what formula do you use? I know it's a lot of questions sorry just looking to get better at my painting.Thank you all in advance for all the help I know you all will give me. :)
  3. I bought two Nail polish rotating display racks from amazon they each hold 200 paint here pix they cost $60.00 each
  4. Nice story now to eat the menacing Ginger Bread cookies lol
  5. Ok so here they are so far I have to do a finial sanding on them and then prime them and then paint (all the mods are done)
  6. I really like the bases on pic #9 and #16 where did you get those bases you make them?
  7. I just received a bottle of Dragon Green labeled 9410. There may have been a bad batch of labels or for some reason the numbers were changed after the first run of Dragon Green #9410. Edit: Anne says that there was a bad batch of labels for Dragon Green showing it as 9410 given out at Artistcon and obviously they are still handing out those from Artistcon. So your bottle of Ancient Oak 9410 is correct and Dragon Green 9410 is incorrect. Cool Thanks for the info I email reaper and they said that the numbers where not set in stone until they are released for sale.
  8. My next one is going to be 77208: Anwyn. I got my Christmas presents early my mom got me a package from reaper it has over 80 miniatures and 25 paints in it .
  9. I am working on 77376: Minotaur Demon Lord making some changes to him the loin cloth is too thick and he looks like he is wearing a diaper. lol
  10. is that the bones one or the metal?
  11. On nathrax I first cut off his tongue and trimmed it so it would lay on the bottom of the mouth then drilled a hole in the back of the mouth I made the fire with hot glue using a needle to pull up the glue before it dried to make it look like it was rolling. I then put a piece of metal in the end to go in too the hole in the back of the mouth.(pinning it) On the anti-paladin I took hot glue again and made little globs then lines from the glob on a piece of paper from the back of a sheet of stickers(so that it wouldn't sick to it). Doing this multible times then cut the lines close to the end of the glob so the line would taper down then cut to length then super glued them on the sword hope this is clear to all of you lol
  12. You are correct. It's using normal paints without metallic flakes to fool the eye into thinking it's real metal. It takes a lot of practice with blending and knowing how and where to put the highlights and shadows to make it convincing. Cool nice job by the way I am still learning thanks for letting me know.
  13. OK I have a question I got a bottle of paint in my box the number is 09410 but it has a different name the name on it is Ancient Oak so witch name is it? Ok so I check out the pamplet and it says that Dragon Green is Number 09412 so is the one in the pix here a misprint?
  14. Very nice I too add her too my growing want list lol
  15. I like the way you made his bones look older than the others
  16. LOl I am such I a newb i had to go look up NMM I think i found out what it means Non Metallic Metal painting right if not please let me know.
  17. Thanks everybody for the comments. If I did do a wash any ideas on what color choices?
  18. Thanks I am using Reaper paints. But I wasn't sure about thinning them they seem so thin already. I update the post with the names of the miniatures sorry I didn't do this at first.I am such a newb lol
  19. WOW i just started painting miniatures and in my last shipment I got a free paint and it is #09410 Ancient Oak lucky me lol.
  20. Here my first two miniatures that I have painted please let me know what you all think.(update the models are 77279: Narthrax and 89032 Anti Paladin) I modified Narthrax with fire out of the mouth.And I modified Anti Paladin by Thinning the cape out.
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