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  1. Cats that doesn't like travel... My sister's cat is on the extreme end. She'll puke within minutes of the start of the trip, and spend the rest of it moaning. Not a pleasant experience for anyone. If she sees anyone handling the cat carrier in any way, she's off to hide immediately. Her previous cat would just make a fuss until she was let out of the cage. Then she'd make her way back and up on the hat shelf shere she would lay down and look at the traffic.
  2. you can try the formware online stl repair tool. I don't think it has a size limit, only a 4minute runtime limit. (If the file needs more than that it must have really serious issues) No cost, no registration.
  3. I get the distance to be nearly 1700miles, or 25Hours driving. A best case in driving is 2 days, with one overnight at a hotel or motel. And you want to be 2 at least for that trip, because 12hours driving alone each day is an accident waiting to happen. (long stretches of interstate. Monotonus driving is even more effective than counting sheep... ) Add the 3 or 4 tanks of gas.... (I get around 40mpg on my car. What does his car get?) It's quite probably cheaper to ship it and buy a plane ticket. Safer, too.
  4. It's too late. It's no longer a bachelor party if he's gone and tied the knot already.
  5. Eh, no. 50DKK is US$7,97 today, according to an online calculator I found.
  6. Yeah. Beautiful, but way too pricy for that scale.
  7. The trick with FDM printers is to schedule print jobs that run all night and till AFTER you plan to get up the next morning. Then you may be able to get 22Hour+/day print time out of it. (You lose a bit for cooldown after a print is finished, and again when it heats up in preparation for the next print) Unless you have a tight schedule in the morning, of course. If the print bed is detachable and you have another, you can get better than 23Hours/day.
  8. B-but... We haven't finished planning the bachelor party, yet!
  9. The only important point when painting a Sherman is that if it has the long-barreled 75mm, the outermost part(what exyends past the short barreled version) was often painted black to attempt to hide that it was in fact a long-barreled version. The Germans would try to target those first if they spotted them because they were the ones most likely to be able to penetrate the Tiger's frontal armor.
  10. If you want to get an USC get a proper one, not one of those 'jewelry cleaners' as they're underpowered minotaur droppings. A good sign is stainless steel outside and at least a 1L volume chamber (4x4x4") I dropped the fastening clips for my fuel injectors into mine, and in 15 minutes, it stripped the paint off of them... (I only wanted to clean them, not strip the paint... ) And yes, they are noisy. With a really annoying buzz.
  11. And hurry, over half the $9 pledges have gone already.
  12. His human form reminds me of Marty Rayney from Homestead Rescue...
  13. You can probably run it with 4GB RAM also, it'll just be sluggish in handling. If you're considering a Photon, you can also try Anycubic's own slicer. My most important tip today is to set up your MMF account NOW! Sometimes there are limited time freebies there. As long as you 'buy' them while they're free you can download and print them later.
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