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  1. Gadgetman!

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    The resin minis were in blister packs in my package, and the metals were in zip-lock bags. Bases(for the metal) were loose in the box. I was in at the 'Blind Justice' (2 resin minis) level, for Keera and Lisbeth, and added Loreen in the PM afterwards.
  2. No tracking code today... Maybe tomorrow?
  3. Gadgetman!

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    My package showed up without any warning today.
  4. Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame has hit on a couple of financial speedbumps, so he's selling off some original art, a couple of prototype 'Handbrain' GM screens and stuff. (on evilbay) Lots of discounts in the store, too. (If you search you can even find a Schlock mini in there... ) I just filled out my comic book collection a little bit... Well, maybe more than a little bit... (and most of it was NOT discounted. )
  5. Gadgetman!

    Highlighting Nightmare / Noir Black

    Not certain about Noir Black, but for Nightmare black, I think I'd use a dark Purple as the first highlight.
  6. I have the same stuff on order, but I was thinking more of trying it as a gap filler.
  7. Gadgetman!

    First Legion Fantasy Line

    Well, they're honest about it at least. And while it may suck that you need to get so many core sets to get freebies, if any are unlocked, at least it means it's less likely that they overextend themselves.
  8. Gadgetman!

    First Legion Fantasy Line

    I'll be needing the Femme Fatales set at least...
  9. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    You guys know hat they have caffeinated chewing gum in Japan? Lotte's BlackBlack.. (I have a box on a shelf for those days... ) Going to head to bed early tonight. (11pm is early for me) Have to get up early to hand the flag, fix a good breakfast an be ready before the TV at 8am... May 17th and all that you know. (Norway's constitution day) There will be parades and fun. Our national broadcaster will be streaming all day, starting at 7:50am (GMT+1), about 2 -3am or so in the USA? https://tv.nrk.no/serie/gratulerer-med-dagen/2019/MUHU15000119 Fun fact, we have children marching in our parades, not soldiers. (We make an exception for the HMKG drill corps, of course)
  10. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I decided to save the Salty licorice for tomorrow. It's a special day after all.
  11. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    What do you know, it's almost summer here in Norway... I even got my Ice cream maker running now. (One of those with a proper refrigeration system, not those silly 'freeze elements') Just need to decide on what flavour to add.. Caramel, chocolate, or salty licorice... Live is hard...
  12. That's just the issue, Norwegian customs DOESN'T REQUIRE the number! It's completely irrelevant WHO is importing something when the VAT and whatever TOLLs are applied(As long as it' not a company or organisation). For that they just need a value and goods. Mostly, the customs work is done by the shipping company or the shipping company in conjunction with the customs people. (The Norwegian post handles it by themselves) The post just ships the package to the nearest post office and slap a 'Pay on Delivery' note on it, and I pay whatever fees when I collect it. DHL hands me the package, then mail me an invoice a few days later. After all, they have my name and address... UPS I believe bring a wireless CC reader and take payment when they deliver the package.(Years and years since they delivered me anything) EDIT: Also, no tracking code today... Maybe tomorrow?
  13. They don't have a legal right to it. At all. But I'm willing to take a risk in order to REALLY, REALLY elf them over...
  14. Honestly, I'm nearly hoping that DPD puts it on a sticker on the outside of the box. So that I can royally elf them over... (more like Orc them over) with the Data Protection Agency here....
  15. Gadgetman!

    Cosmo Communicator

    Just a couple of updates... The camera is 24Mpixel, and they're now in the process of tuning it for this specific setting. The project has been delayed about a month. Mechanical mockup has been approved, and tooling is being finished. and the project has passed from 'Live' to 'funded' and is still available as 'in demand' for late backers.