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  1. I can't swing that much money for it, but I figure that some of you may want to take a look... Alternative Armies has remastered this classic dragon, and are casting 200 of them. That's a 9part kit weighing in at HALF A KILO of metal. They want £125 + shipping, but then they throw in a Dragonrider and saddle for free...
  2. Just watched this video, and of course I had to share... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciCI49SNdWc
  3. That Phone-driven printer... yeah. I also backed that one. I should have been more careful about the red flags.
  4. Most of the scams are pretty easy to spot, really. And as long as you also stay away from computer games and movies, you're mostly golden... (I'm past 500 backed... Maybe half a dozen bad ones, a couple others that faltered, oh, and I may have gotten a few taken down thanks to IP theft... )
  5. Was trolling about on Reddit today when I spotted a mini I liked in the painting subreddit... The Ghost of Kiyv is the one I noticed. The entire set is $90... Yeah, had to have this one, too... I had originally planned to maybe buy a LSD conversion kit for the diff in my car, but then again, I don't use it that often, so it can wait... Since I freed up a bit of my budget... This one also joined the lineup. It's for a good cause is my excuse.
  6. Never heard of Collective Studio before. Some neat minis, though. I assume they never got featured with a free mini on any of the large Patrons. That tends to draw in new members.
  7. Yeah, the Mars 2 or Mars 2 Pro are probably better printers. They don't use any higher resolution LCD, though. The big point for the one at Geetech is the added 30mm build height. They're all great for small terrain and not-insanely-detailed minis, though. not everyone can get a Saturn 4K at that price or free shipping, or are hesitant to pay that much for something they have no prior experience with. Or they don't need the detail. As long as it's not the AnyCubic Photon Zero, though... (I got hold of one, very, very cheaply... Slightly used. Probably used for one or two prints. 100micron X/Y resolution. Honestly, you can SEE the pixellation. you'd have to be a pretty sick individual to even think of comparing it to other printers) One day I'll pick a model and print it on all my printers just to show the difference in quality... Actually, we really need a 'Sir ForQuality' or something, a free download mini .STL with decent details, for comparing printers and resin properly.
  8. Geetech is selling a 2K Resin printer for $99... B/W LCD, typical 82 x 130mm LCD, but 190mm print height. How good it is, is anyone's guess. It's cheap and has a B/W LCD, so it should be usable, at least. It also uses .ctb files, so it can at least be used with Chitubox, and possibly a lot of other slicers. Shipping costs might be an issue for some, though.
  9. And now Phrozen just release a 'Light curing Putty'...
  10. It takes either divine inspiration or a very deranged mind to create a kitbash like that...
  11. Okay... Maybe not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I guess it needed doing. Left work at 2:30pm today, and stopped off at a warehouse to pick up some stuff I ordered... 3 x 80cm wide 202cm tall IKEA Billy bookshelves, 1 x 40cm wide, 100cm tall IKEA Billy bookshelf, 1 x 9 drawer IKEA ALEX commode... And did you guys know that they've made a new version of the big, blue bags? Longer, narrower and with a zipper... Ordered 2 of the old and 2 of the new ones also. That stuff was all ordered before I got sick, though, and I had to have the collection date postponed until today. At the warehouse I just drove the car up to the loading ramp, so it was relatively easy to load the stuff in my car. It's incredible what can be fitted in that little, red car... But then I got home... I live on the upper floor, and there's outside stairs. Carrying everything up those stairs was... not good for my recovery... And I need to unpack them(and preferably assemble everything) no later than saturday before noon as the local recycling center is only accessible to me on saturdays in even numbered weeks. (They close at 4pm on all days except thursday, when they're open to 7pm, but I'm either on my way home, or home eating dinner still when they close, so saturday is the logical choice for me) And I'm all out of energy now...
  12. There's a trucking company here in Norway that has a lot of trucks driving down the continent. The name is Toten Transport. For one reason or another, they enjoy driving through Germany... The saga of the user-killed printer... Another printer has died, also, and while it's a slightly different model, it actually uses the same model fuser. It now has a gaping cavern in the side... The local tech also told us that a new fuser would cost us about $500. It's a little lower than we expected, so we might get one, to install in the second dead printer... if the original issue in that one can be fixed cheaply enough. If not, we just remove it and tell everyone that it won't be replaced. We have a policy that there shouldn't be more printers than coffee makers in the office. (We have 3 large Dejong Duke full-height machines at the office) If people can get up and walk over to the coffee machinee there's no reason they shouldn't be able to walk over to the printer, either...
  13. Garnishing vages is pretty much impossible here in Norway. And since we're a Government agency, there are no Christmas bonuses, either.
  14. Today, a user killed an A3 Sharp MFP at the office... Yeah, it was a bit old, and it was out of warranty, and Sharp stopped letting us renew the rather extortionist support contract last year, but still... It worked, it printed fine, and then a user got some full-color A3 prints to wrap around the fuser element... Bad enough, but that can be fixed with patience... Except the user didn't have patience, and couldn't be elfed to go to one of the other printers(some of which are newer and more capable),... No, she decided to try to fix the problem herself. She opened the panel, found the fuser and spotted the problem. Then she decided to fix it herself. (I'm sitting maybe 30meters down the corridor! That's how far away help is... ) Of course, getting to the paper isn't easy. It's just a narrow slot... So, of course she grabs a bl**dy STAPLE REMOVER! to try to dig the paper out... Yeah, one of these. Left deep gouges in the heating element. Getting it replaced, if a part can be sourced, will cost more than the printer is worth! And we can't buy a replacement! Not just because it's almost the end of the budgetary year, and the IT budget has just about enough for a couple of USB cables left... No, we have a contract with Xerox to supply large printers(we're big, and our yearly purchases are large enough that we're supposed to put out tenders. We can't do that for everything, so we instead put out tenders for 4year supply contracts on all things IT, with agreed upon prices for the next 4 years on a set of specified model sizes.), or rather, we HAD a contract with them. Because of rising prices, they have stepped away, so now we don't have a supplier. And either need to start the process of signing up a new supplier, which can take months, or... (Lets just say that if they come with an offer the next time, that will be weighed in during the decision) AAAAAAAARGH!
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