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  1. Got a bottle/tube of Black 4.0 this week. Have yet to crack it open, though. And now I just got a new email from them. They now have ULTRA powder. It emits 'Ultra-violet purple light' Imagine a translucent Ghost or spectre mini with a wash of this?
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fiercefemalesfactory/valeria-the-moonlight-lover-female-werewolf-pin-up-stl-pack/description That's just one of the poses... A bust is also planned. And there's a FREE Download of another of that creator's works.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/female-miniatures/female-miniatures-for-3d-printing-iriel I mean, just LOOK at it. You need this one. Really.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mythologicartsstudio/fantasy-bar-with-fantasy-barmaids-part2-miniature-stls/description I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... Can you resist that smile? I'd love to post a few more pictures, butt some... yeah... And the Half Orc Barmaid threatened to cave my skull in if I reposted any of her photos... Still 7 days left to get these and a lot of other sculpts, including 'bikini night' versions...
  5. Because it has Shieldmaidens riding walruses, of course.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ttcombatundead/half-tilt 2player game where you joust with teams of halflings. That's just the beginning of the nonsense. Yeah, I backed it.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/613468721/food-fight/description Honestly, who can even start to describe this one?
  8. I'm looking at replacing the goblined plastic sliders with proper metal extending slides. Just need to find some that I like. I have 2 tall ALEX drawer sections, too, that could also use a bit of 'adjustment'... Also, for those of us with a FDM 3D printer, GidFinity grids fits pretty well in these drawers.
  9. I did something seriously NOT sensible... Friday night I drove to the nearest IKEA, and there I bought: 1x KIVIK 2seater couch. 2x EIFRED 'kneeling' chairs(I'm sitting on one right now) 1x ALEX writing desk(132cm wide) 1x ALEX drawer section(70cm high) 1x ALEX cabinet, same size. Those two will be part of my new hobby desk... And way more scented candles and kitchen items than a single man is supposed to have... And it all actually fit in my van! What a pity that the road to IKEA is over 200Km long, with a mountain pass, elfed up weather and the last part is Motorway with 80 or even90Km/h speed limits... And my van can barely do 100Km on a 100% recharge in the winter. Add the mountain pass, lots of water, then slush and even snow on the road and a car that prefers speeds below 70Km/h... Picked a slightly longer route back home with shorter distances between chargers, so that I could run the heater on more than just 'not even enough to keep the frost of the windshield' setting. Those EIFREDs are nice. And will hopefully help mitigate whgatever the cheap 'gaming chair' did to my back. THey're also CHEAP compared to what similar chairs are priced to elsewhere.
  10. Yeah, I believe it was Capricorn. Just couldn't remember the name when I posted last night. That stuff deforms a lot easier than the regular PTFE tubing, though, so DO NOT use pliers to cut it. Sharp knife only.
  11. I got my Ender 3 MAX adjusted close enough to correct that I could try another print... It was still making clicking noises and uneven extrusion, though. Today I got a package with those Blue PTFE tubes that Creality has. They're supposedly even slipperier than regular. And a package of 'cleaning filament'... did a 'cold pull'(heated to 230, pulled the blue PLA I was using, pushed the cleaning filament in, turned the heat down to 90, waited until it cooled, then pulled the cleaning filament out), but it didn't look bad... Removed the PTFE tube, and... it was missing a 2x4mm section across it about 5 or 6mm from the end. Ouch! Replaced the nozzle because I suspect the missing material is in it, and also installed the new PTFE tube. Now I just need to level the bed... again...
  12. They supposedly closed it now. I wonder how many still haven't finished their pledges in the PM. 9898 backers... Between 5 and 10% of regular Kickstarter projects are never heard from again. I'm guessing 648 backers.
  13. FormWare is Buy Once. Anyway... My Ender 3 MAX is misbehaving, so I'm bribing it with some new parts... The Micro-swiss Bowden Dual Gear Extruder. The brass wheel of the old extruder feels a bit worn, so this was probably in the nick of time anyways. Just one problem. The filament sensor doesn't fit any more. I've bodged it up so it hangs in there for now, though. A quick check of the X-axis showed that it was NOT level any more, either, and the design is just pants. I'll have to much about with tolerances and stuff and see if I can get it back into position. I'll make some exentric nuts to do it properly later.
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mythologicartsstudio/fantasy-bar-with-fantasy-barmaids-miniature-stls A fun selection of barmaids a barkeeper and even a bouncer.(Keeper and bouncer are male. classic... cute... eh... Not going to upload the Mindflayer, or the mindflayer in leather underwear... Or any of the other barmaids in their underwear...
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