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  1. My package has now reached the Norwegian terminal. Also, the tracking app says that it's only 8Kg...
  2. Gadgetman!

    The Hamsters Journey 40 mm by Cartoon Miniatures (ScaleBro)

    Eh, they're Resin minis, and at 40mm scale, so they're not that expensive. (54mm scale often goes for €18 - 22 each)
  3. Gadgetman!

    Basing question - materials to use

    Don't need to MAKE cattails... Just get some small resistors or diodes (Through-hole version), and snip off one leg near the body of the component...
  4. Gadgetman!

    Basing question - materials to use

    I'd like to add; if you see something weird, get it, you never know when it'll be useful in a base. Among the plethora of stuff I have picked up for this is those small glass plates used on top of microscope samples. Never used them, but I imagine that they'll come in handy sometime. A broken watch? Unless it's a fully digital it's bound to have some mechanical parts and cogwheels suitable for a Cyberpunk setting. PMMI plastic rods? Any size you can get. Brass rods and tubing...
  5. 'Aquired' a DELL 5290 2-in-one hybrid PC at the office. It's replacing my aging 7240 Ultrabook, at least temporarily. We're considering it for some of our more Heisenberg users (Don't know where they are or where they're heading... ), so it just makes sense that those who will have to support them get to play with them first.
  6. Jinxed it... Now the package is in Holland... And delivery date is the 4th of june...
  7. Gadgetman!

    Basing question - materials to use

    Check out this thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85445-terrain-essentials/ The KS it links to has funded, but it's possible for late backers to get in on the Pledge Manager, still...
  8. Tracking now says my package left England yesterday, but isn't scheduled for delivery until the 31st. Also, it's 'Pining for the fjords, so excuse us if the package stays a few days in a location that doesn't make sense' PostNord that's supposed t do the deed here in Norway. The Pledge Manager links to UPS Interlink, which of course doesn't recognise the tracking code.
  9. Got 4 packages today... 3 were from one online store, and contained Blade Runner 2049 on Blu-Ray. a 16GB 133x CompactFlash card, and a spool of 0.1mm braided fishing line respoectively. The final package came all the way from Spain, and Oh my Deity! Those new metallics from GSW are just GORGEOUS! In addition to the paints, there was a set of round cutters, a pack of 2mm brass rods, assorted colours of grass tufts, a pack of treestumps cast in resin, a bottle of UV-curable resin and an UV-LED flashlight.
  10. And now I got a DPD message...
  11. Just got a tracking code! With EasyPost, not DPD, though... As for Bones Black and glue, it softens up real nice in hot water, and the glue isn't all that strong when boiled... (Pulled apart one of my Efreeti a while ago to adjust the poor fitment)
  12. Gadgetman!

    Spring/Summer Colors for the Herbalist

    Well, my colour wheel says Red is the complement to Green. A predominantly orange dress together with green base? No. The complement to orange is blue. You could go for a 'split complement' with Red-violet and Red-Orange, possibly. The triad would be Green/Violet/Orange.
  13. I wonder how many packages are left to ship from the UK hub? Besides mine, that is...
  14. I had a whole box of clamps like that, but possibly slightly smaller. The smallest are just Minotaur droppings! The spring is too strong for the plastic so they'll break apart, usually when you clamp something. (Don't open them and let them 'slam shut'. Trust me... ) That looks like a Picma brand 'brush pen'? (My google-fu is strong today) We'll need a report on how well it works... The round cutters... There's a set of those in my package from GSW... wish it would show up soon...
  15. Gadgetman!

    Paint Equivalents

    Ghostly Moss is a 'Special Edition' paint, and is not 'out of production', just 'not for sale unless they have a reason for it'. A good place to pick it up is ReaperCon(Actually, I think it's the only official place to get it) Hoard it carefully, and hope it holds until the next time its available. (I've never been to ReaperCon, but you can bet I order the Swag Bag online when it's available. ) Just FYI.