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  1. If the 'red carpet dresses' were held up by prayer, they owuld fall down pretty quickly, considering how many men are praying for it to happen...
  2. Fit it with a radar and paint it up as a F4U-4E or 4N Nightfighter from the Korea period? The Prop has a diameter of 13'6" and the aircraft wingspan is just a smidge over 41'. So the prop is just a little under a third of the wingspan. Early models had a 3bladed design, and later had a 4bladed. It should be possible to make one for this aircraft, if you have the patience. (And a good set of magnifiers)
  3. Survey time. Which means it won't be long now before a flat, red cardboard box shows up in the mailbox.
  4. You're right! The same with her horns. And the Agrath, or is ir Argath? bust has the same issue. (Honestly, doesn't anyone do a proper read-through before they post updates?)
  5. The high prices is because they don't really want buyers. They use MMF as a Fulfillment system and as advertising. They want more Patreons, because a buyer is maybe $10 every few months, while a Patreon is $10 every month. I would check what the motherboard supports first. According to Intel, your CPU may be able to handle DDR4-3200 (PC4-25600) Anything faster is most likely not worth the money.
  6. That card is supposedly a pretty decent performer even today, as long as you don't plan to use RayTracing or DLSS as the card can't do that natively. Frankly, I don't think adding more RAM will do much to speed up that machine. How full is that NVME drive, and brand? Some will slow right down if they drop below 30% free...
  7. I got a Beelink T4 desktop computer today... Only problem with it is that if I leave it on my desk, I'll never be able to find it again... It even comes with a bracket to mount it on the back of a monitor... 4 USB3 ports, Headphone jack, HDMI and DisplayPort, Wifi and an Ethernet connector. Runs on 12V (1.5 - 2A) and is supposed to be able to handle 4K video. I'm pretty certain it comes with a Windows 10 verion of somewhat... not entirely there legality and probably quite a few hacks to hide that. But I'm going to install a Linux version on
  8. What kind of computer, how is the memory organised now, and which graphics card do you have? My HP ProBook made a giant leap when I upgraded it from 8 to 32GB, but it would have done even if I had only gone from 8 to 16GB, or possibly even by dropping in 2 x 4GB modules because the nVidia card in it doesn't like single-channel RAM. Going to two modules solves that issue... And 32GB is the max it can support...
  9. The Silenius bust is nearly there. Just can't put my finger on what's wrong.
  10. That sounds like a regular Tuesday to me... Except that I don't install Adobe. 'User programs can be ordered and installed directly from the 'program portal' on the intranet site. If the program you want isn't there, contact the Helldesk'... I'm not part of the Helldesk... PC Installs is just log onto an intranet site, type in the computer name, select a profile and verify the MAC address. Then just restart it and select PXE boot. Less than an hour later, it's ready to log on. A couple of restarts later, and everything is updated. (We currently have 5500 users. We can't do
  11. Reaper and other companies use the moniker 'White Metal' because 'pewter' is often associated with Lead. The fact is that Pewter isn't one specific alloy, it's a name used to describe many Tin alloys, even some without Lead in them. Lead in the mix will soften the metal(none of those crunchies when bending back parts) and also lower the melting temperature. Lower melting temperature means they can get away with narrower relief channels in the molds, and they also last longer. It's also cheaper than an 'unleaded' alloy. but Lead has... issues... and Re
  12. Those Plastic Crayon boxes looks really, really like the Really Useful Boxes from England. The best storage for individual metal minis is 'tackle boxes' or sortement boxes with movable divider walls.
  13. I'm going to skip this one. I did a bit of math, and to fill the resin vat on that one, up to half an inch will take about a Pint. Or half a pint if you're satisfied with a quarter inch depth in the vat. Sure 'it'll all be used anyway, so what does it matter'? (and the tank refill will keep it at a safe level throughout the print) Except we don't start a print without 'enough' resin in the vat, so there will be slumps of unused resin, maybe 100ml or more. The Vat refiller system? How easy is it to clean out? It would suck to print with
  14. The intro to his video? Doesn't impress me. He's fond of Citadel and Army Painter brushes. Sure, that AP brush is comfy to hold, but it's a synthetic, and doesn't carry a point at all. If he's demonstrating the final product in the video, the bottles are very transparent. Which means they're filled far up in the neck with paint. No room for an extra agitator bead, or even for the paint to move around in when you're shaking a bottle. (AP had the same issue with the paints I bought way back when I started. ) If the bottles
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