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  1. Picked up a breadbox today... Yes, it's pink and gold... Yes, they also had a stylish black one... But the pink was on sale at half the price of the black box. And no, it will never be used for bread. I've already glued in place 3 strps of UV LEDs around the sides, on the inside, 4 short strips across the bottom, and 4 strips across the underside of the lid. I think I left 4 or 5 'links' of the LED tape. Now I just need to solder on some bits of wire before I can test it... So, it'll probably be finished in 2029 if I stick to the usual schedule...
  2. At that size, a fat Delta printer is probably the best because there the bed doesn't move at all. Slicers used to have settings for print speed at different layer height, so that you could get it to print at lower speed when it gets to a specific altitude. That could be used to combat the inertia issues of large prints. I think that type of setting just disappeared as printers became more robust.
  3. Some of the leaves looks as if they'd be good as Ferns, also.
  4. Only one thing to do; get a whole box and paint one for each possible colour...
  5. Some brass rods I ordered in early April just crossed the border!
  6. I'm running with 10 seconds, but I think I can go to 8 or 9 seconds. But there may be subtle differences between printers and batches of Resin, so... The trick with 3D printers s to find 'rock solid' settings, and fire it up before you go to work(or whatever) in the morning so that you have a fair certainty that when you get back home it hasn't broken loose or otherwise made a mess. Oh, and to fill the build plate as much as possible...
  7. A package from Midknight left the Chicago nternational hub on May 5, I hink, and again on May 20...
  8. I believe I have 'Samantha Fox Strip Poker' for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum somewhere. Quite disappointing really. Not only is te computer a pretty weak player, but the pictures are really, really grainy...
  9. Can't say I da any issues with excess resin. There are small nubs and marks from the supports, of course, but that can't be completely avoided no matter what you do. but a fully pre-supported Artisans Guild mini (at scale this time... I had something else taking up the other half of the plate) came loose in seconds. With all parts intact. It's doing the Soak'n Shine post cure right now... Now for something different... 'nuff said...
  10. I have experimented with removing supports BEFORE the IPA bath, and seem to have done that successfully. The big advantage is that the IPA/whatever cleaner lasts longer because the amount of resin pollution you get in it is pretty much proportional with the surface area of the resin parts. And supports have a lot of surface area.
  11. Awesome! Will there be a Kindle edition?
  12. The Ancubic Photon and the Elegoo Mars both havee X/Y pixel width about 50microns, the Sonic have 62micron, and the Saturn seems to come in at 75micron. The Photon zero I believe have about 100mcron. You lose some resolution(not that you'll notice it) but you gain a really, really big build area. Yeah, and the 1.5 - 2second layer exposure time doesn't hurt, either. (I'm running a 2700 layer print right now, and are running with 10second exposure time. Reducing it to 2 seconds would remove 6Hours of print time!)
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