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  1. Not all that much. It would have saved me the bother of cutting those steel rails. It's the work on the aluminium profile that takes most of the time.
  2. That's only on MMF, not on KS or IGG. I hate to point out the rules, but...
  3. I think I'll stick to FormWare. Their license is a onetime $150, not a yearly renewal.
  4. This is how my Photon looks like right now: For those who doesn't have one, the change is the rails mounted on the outside of the vertical axis. And the red block connecting the sliders on those rails and the part where the print plate mounts. Originally, it used to ride on a 3wheeled carriage that slid along round steel rods embedded in the nooks in the aluminium rail. So, what's wrong with that? Wel, the steel in the wheels and the steel in the rails rub, and eventually wears ever so slightly, and since the rails are so close together,
  5. Finished my Red Box Games End of Business buy; 1 x Halfling Female Cleric / Mage Bonnie Brightmorning (RBG0503) = $6.00 1 x Demonic Acolyte Zhuura (RBG0909) = $8.00 1 x Yrsa the Accursed (RBGSP0002) = $10.00 1 x Ingrior (RBG0055) = $8.00 1 x The Rogue Ravenna (RBG0040) = $8.00 1 x Thea the Swift (RBG01013) = $9.00 1 x priestess - Half clad (RBG01002) = $9.00 1 x Dagny of the dawn (RBG0039) = $8.00 1 x Edele (RBG0040) = $8.00 1 x Svjanna the sinister (RBG0067) = $8.00 1 x Red Meaghan (RBG0135) = $9.00 1 x Maother Hermione (RBG0????) = $9.00 1 x Magda from Afa
  6. Here in Norway we have a model sailing ship hanging down from the ceiling in most churches. And it's hung so that it always points towards the front of the church. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Votive_ship . So mind where it points...
  7. I wish I could have spent the evening painting, but.... All my paints are packed up in plastic crates. Pencils and other tools are in yet another couple of crates, and the minis are... yeah, packed down, too. Except my painting desk. That has been demolished. Now I'm working on designing a new desk. One with storage space for ALL the paints... Without wasting all the space like the old one did. (Lots of HobbyZone racks) I hope to start cutting parts on the CNC this weekend...
  8. I'll try to think about you Americans when I begin my 4 weeks of vacation this weekend... No, probably not going to happen... And I still have 9 days to spend... (They're for an earlier year... got to stop moving them over) I have two cell phones. My work phone, which will be left at the office, and my private phone. My nearest colleague and my immediate boss have the number for it. They know better than to call me unless something actually caught fire... Of course, there's a few issues with taking my vacation so early... I get back
  9. Fun fact; The Goodyear tire company is named after Charles Goodyear as a tribute only. There is no other relation between him and the company.
  10. Andreas is 11 years old and has very aggressive brain cancer, and not very much longer to live. But the song about him, 'Main Man' will continue to play. (All proceeds of the single goes to a children's cancer charity here in Norway. ALL proceeds, even the ad revenue on YT) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3n0YMkkLuk
  11. But that's only 22 episodes out of 44? Starhunter: Transformations is the next 22 episodes. Or you could get the collected works as Starhunter 2300... Oh, and the Starhunter REDUX is the Director's cut with re-edited scenes to more closely follow the original script. Maybe it'll show up on DVD one day?
  12. What's the point? I mean, if they at least had 3D scans of the girls with a few fantasy(or whatever) costume and accessories...
  13. That compressor has a 3L tank, so it really shouldn't be going like that. Most quick connects are of a pretty decent quality. But feel free to tape the threads with nylon tape.
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