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  1. Today it's 130 years since the 'Titran accident' The day before a lot of small fishing boats left the fishing village of Frøya, somewhere north of Trondheim on the northwest coast of Norway for the fishing grounds known as the Titran sea. That evening a storm came in from the Atlantic, and hit the fishing grounds at around 1am. 29 boats were lost and 142 men lost their lives. Both the ports of Kristiansund and in Trondheim had telephones and got a storm warning, but while Frøya was slated to get it, it was not yet operational. That same storm killed 30 fishermen at Røvær near Haugesund on the southwest coast on the 13th. One of my Greats was in an open fishing boat that night. He was washed overboard by the waves twice, but managed to get back on board both times.
  2. Gadgetman!

    New Here!

    Army Painter is... for special interest groups. I found their white to be more like chalk paste than paint, and the rest also required thinning to become usable. For Tamiya, all you really want from them are the clears. There's nothing like it in any of the other ranges. And for good reason. Not only is the stuff toxic, but it smells to high heaven also. And yeah, you don't want to use it with your good brushes. Use in well ventilated areas only. The old Humbrols have nothing on these... Reaper's metallics also requires a whole lot of Shaking going on. Varnishes not only helps adjust the shine, but it also protects the paint. You'll find that dust can cling to minis for years after they've been painted, unless they've been varnished. And some varnish after doing something difficult. Because if they accidentally hit some freehand with a brushful, it can be wiped off without destroying the freehand.
  3. Gadgetman!

    New Here!

    Great paintjob! Almost good enough that we can forgive you for using Citadel paints... Actually, thnking about it, I probably have those, too... Somewhere... (Never got around to trying them. Are they any good?) Did you use a varnish on it? You may want to use a matte varnish on at least the cloth parts to cut down the glare since most fabrics aren't that shiny. (This is not a critique, just my suggestion to push it towards the next level of excellence) A Donegan Optivisor with optic glass lenses is a nice tool to help with detail work. You may want to send a PM to a moderator to combine the two threads.
  4. Note that Signum models are first produced in Resin, then Metal, so read up first. Metals should have the word 'Metal' on the picture, but... The main kits are still Resin, though. They're not entirely to the level of Kimera or Scale75, and you can expect to use a bit of GS or other putty where parts fits together, but most details are much better than metal. I don't have any GF9 minis that I'm aware of. (I have a very comprehensive spreadsheet)
  5. Sometimes... Habits can be dangerous... I have a long ingrained habit of switching the hotplate off before removing a pot. It's normally a good habit as it stops the plate from going red-hot and possibly starting a fire... But today I was making caramel pudding, which is 'mostly' milk. And I had the heat on a bit higher than I should so it came to a boil a bit quicker than expected. I switched off the plate, thentried to grab the pot... at the same elfed moment as the milk boiled over! Now my left longfinger hurts, the stove smells of caramel, and I need to wash the floor... I saved most of the caramell pudding, though.
  6. Okay... Here's the problem. Most of those models are short run. 200 is common, 500 is pretty much max. (the moulds never lasts very long, so they constantly have to make new ones, and that wears on the master, also. ) So if you like a model, you BUY IT NOW, because if you wait until you're actually capable of painting it, odds are that it was sold out a long time ago, and now only available as a bad Chinese recast. And we DO NOT condone buying that recast. (We may accept Cadwallon recasts of old Confrontation pieces, but only because the company that owns the IP now is a big sackful of orcs. ) So I have a lot of fantastic minis from Scale75, Black Sun and all the others. Mostly they're stored in plastic boxes, but now and then I take one out to admire it... And sometimes I spot a mold line or some flash, and I say to myself, 'hey, I can fix that!' and that model takes a small step towards completion. A few of them have even gotten a coat of primer, and in the case of the 75mm Lady Mechanica from the 'Tesla's Legacy' series from Kabuki, I've even shot some base colour. (only on the 'base' that the mini is attached to, but still... ) If you want a boxfull of resins to start out on, snag a copy of Signum The Game. Sure, it's 32mm scale, not 75mm or 120, but they still got a whole lot of detail in there, and many of the nonhuman races are significantly taller than humans. Also the sculpts are pretty nice. Very 'Confrontational'. I'm actually about to drop them an order(not for the game, I have that) for their new Ulrike the Pathfinder.
  7. Gadgetman!

    Midlam Hobgoblin Raiding Party

    You can pay for those ships during the PM later... Now, what's more worrying is that there's only ONE Female! Midlam has been pretty good at incorporating females in their sets, so that's a bit odd.
  8. Gadgetman!

    Gnoll Warriors 77012

    We all love Gnolls. I think... I called mine 'Ral the Indominable'... Say hello to Ral the Indominable! Destroyer of Adventurers, Defiler of virgins... And in about 30 seconds, he'll be Ral the Flat when his sister catches him messing with her brand new armor, and pounds him into the dirt... OK, maybe I didn't love that one Gnoll...
  9. Gadgetman!

    Boneflail, Gnoll Cleric, 77234

    SHE is called Boneflail for a reason... That's a female. Other than that, don't forget to add bloodspatter on the flail.
  10. Gadgetman!

    Midlam: Halflings gone Bad

    I have Pies! Delicious pies... They must be because someone cut a slice out of two of them... Yes, the nutters at Midlam cast some slightly oversize pies to add to the shipments. No, you can't have one. Oh, and I also have a couple of bags of fresh dragonfood...
  11. Those are... Yeah... Anyway... Today I aquired a new USB Powerbank... Of course, I will be me, so it wasn't a normal Powerbank. No, this one uses 4 x AA batteries. I'm currently charging a set of Panasonic 'Eneloop' 2450mAh Ni-mh batteries, and have another set waiting to be charged. We'll see if they're still usable(been hidden away in a drawer sine 2016 or about then). If they work, I'll label them with TZ tape so that I know which belongs to which set. (I intend to always use and recharge them as a set of 4, never splitting the sets. BAtteries that are always used together will work better than if you mix and match... )
  12. Gadgetman!

    Dragon Colors????

    Google for 'tar dragon Michael Sobyak' There may be a bit of purple in the paint on the wing membranes.
  13. Gadgetman!

    The dancing girl -Miniature in limited edition (NSFW)

    That's.-... poetry given form. In for a 75mm pledge.