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  1. Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way... (Uninstall the prgram, remove it from registry and delete all files and folders belonging to it.) Then do a clean install. I posted over on Formware's forum recently, and they may introduce some sort of 'dead pixel map' function for resin printers, where you add the points manually, and the slicer will stop you from placing a model on that spot. Just what you need when you need to print out an army and the LCD isn't altogether, and the replacement is on a containership drifting somewhere in the Pacific...
  2. Yes, that's what I thought, too. None of them 'screamed at me' to get them, but together, they're worth the price.
  3. Re-launched. New thread is posted. This one can be closed.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theforestcreaturesv2/the-forest-creatures-0 Available in 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 scale. They've got a week to go, and is funded.
  5. Can't they just set up a direct draww from my account?
  6. The problem is that you need to use Spincasting or newer tech if you want detail. Also, those old molds were made to be used with Pewter with Lead in it. Pewter without Lead has a higher melting point, and hotter metal wear out the mold faster. And it casuses cancer in floridians. (Pewter with Lead also does that, only faster)
  7. If you want to continue feeding wild birds, please put up a proper feeder. Spreading it on the ground is almost as bad as those bundles of grain people put up on a pole. Birds defecate when they take off, and if they were sitting in the food before that, guess where the 'load' ends up. Yeah right in the food. That's how a whole population can be wiped out when one bird is sick.
  8. The reason they're on the MMF store at all is to entice new Patrons. It also means they can 'reward' their Patrons wih 50% off codes so they can buy those .STLs they missed before they joined.
  9. Ah, but there's padding available for this one... anyway... Big Child Creative sent me a newsletter... 15% off on this: But only for the first 100 buyers... I was one of them.
  10. I got a new phone today... (Well, it arrived yesterday afternoon, and I only unpacked it and connected it to a charger) The CAT S62 4G Pro. I love it when work pays for expensive toys... It replaces 'my' old S60 which is suffering from weak CPU, old Android and a battery that is beginning to bloat. I also got a new sodablaster(the type with underbarrel reservoir. Ie, the cheap stuff), a hood with glass and built-in helmet and a 5Kg can of blasting media. I've just started the restoration of my father's vintage Nuffield with backhoe . The tractor is different from what he started out with as a machine operator in the 60s, but the backhoe is the exact same model. So, yeah, it needs to be restored. First to working order, then if I can get plates on it, a full rubdown and spray paint. Those blue bags doesn't contain sand, but chalk. They're ridicilously heavy...
  11. I don't care for even 5% of the stuff, and some is stuff I already have, too. Just a way to donate. Actually, even with just 5% it's a good deal for $50...
  12. Got a whole bunch of 80x120cm 3mm thick MDF sheets today... Time to start making a proper paint organiser...
  13. Found it? You mean you aren't automatically notified when they start a new project? Are you... a first timer?
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