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  1. The inhabitants of both are pretty much nuts so who can blame me for misremembering...
  2. Can't they just set up a direct draww from my account?
  3. The problem is that you need to use Spincasting or newer tech if you want detail. Also, those old molds were made to be used with Pewter with Lead in it. Pewter without Lead has a higher melting point, and hotter metal wear out the mold faster. And it casuses cancer in floridians. (Pewter with Lead also does that, only faster)
  4. If you want to continue feeding wild birds, please put up a proper feeder. Spreading it on the ground is almost as bad as those bundles of grain people put up on a pole. Birds defecate when they take off, and if they were sitting in the food before that, guess where the 'load' ends up. Yeah right in the food. That's how a whole population can be wiped out when one bird is sick.
  5. The reason they're on the MMF store at all is to entice new Patrons. It also means they can 'reward' their Patrons wih 50% off codes so they can buy those .STLs they missed before they joined.
  6. Ah, but there's padding available for this one... anyway... Big Child Creative sent me a newsletter... 15% off on this: But only for the first 100 buyers... I was one of them.
  7. I got a new phone today... (Well, it arrived yesterday afternoon, and I only unpacked it and connected it to a charger) The CAT S62 4G Pro. I love it when work pays for expensive toys... It replaces 'my' old S60 which is suffering from weak CPU, old Android and a battery that is beginning to bloat. I also got a new sodablaster(the type with underbarrel reservoir. Ie, the cheap stuff), a hood with glass and built-in helmet and a 5Kg can of blasting media. I've just started the restoration of my father's vintage Nuffield with backhoe . The tractor is different from what he started out with as a machine operator in the 60s, but the backhoe is the exact same model. So, yeah, it needs to be restored. First to working order, then if I can get plates on it, a full rubdown and spray paint. Those blue bags doesn't contain sand, but chalk. They're ridicilously heavy...
  8. I don't care for even 5% of the stuff, and some is stuff I already have, too. Just a way to donate. Actually, even with just 5% it's a good deal for $50...
  9. Got a whole bunch of 80x120cm 3mm thick MDF sheets today... Time to start making a proper paint organiser...
  10. Found it? You mean you aren't automatically notified when they start a new project? Are you... a first timer?
  11. I would assume that a few layers of paint and a varnish should protect them reasonably well from UV light. Anyone feeling up to printing off a few minis(of the same model) and giving all but a few a coat of varnish(two of each with the same varnish) and leave them on a livingroom shelf for a year or two?
  12. I use Formware so I would add a step. After selecting and scaling every one, I use the Autorotate function to have them rotated in a way that requires less supports. Any mini that ends up face down, is then manually rotated to be face up because we don't want a support in the face. Looking for islands can be a bit of a pain. I just wish that a 3D mouse wasn't so expensive.
  13. The difference between 3D printed and cast resin is that the 3D printed uses a UV-activated resin, while you use a 2pack acrylic or epoxy resin when casting. And while the 2pack resins can be formulated to be 'tolerant' of UV light, you can't really do that with 3D print resins. It's possible that other types of resin printing uses a more stable resin, though.
  14. Wyrd is having an easter sale... And they have a rabbit pulling a girl out of a hat... Easter Angelica is on its way together with a few others.
  15. Their treasure isn't all that buried... I don't like the one with her left leg lifted in that silly pose while holding her sword out, but the rest will be mine! All mine!
  16. Claudia does good work, but these really didn't catch my interest...
  17. My most sincere condolences to any Swedes living in Strømstad today. Thursday before easter a normal workday in Sweden, but a religious holiday here in Norway, and some Norwegians go on a Pilgrimage to Strømstad to pray at the Temple of Systembolaget... ( google 'Harry handel' )
  18. Say hello to Albert! He's been fostering at my sister's place since he was brought in to a cat rescue. In the beginning, he was very shy, but then he realised that being petted felt good, and now he will sometimes even attempt to climb into people's laps... Unfortunately, he uses his claws. And sometimes he just wants to hold onto the hand that pets... Or he's twisting around in bliss, and about to fall off, and... uses his claws to avoid disaster... And his claws go through anything. He may end up becoming part of the family because the rescue organisation can't re-home him.(You can't send him out and have him returned, or thrown out, just because he never learned to be careful with his claws as a kitten. )
  19. They claim to have a 60W heater element, so I think they have enough heat to print at that speed. I'm just not certain they have the frame and drives to back it up.
  20. I'm a bit ... uncertain about this one. So it can print at 250mm/s, or so they claim. On a regular cartesian printer. Honestly, there's a lot of reasons why Creality and the others don't already do that speed in a home printer... And even if not, it's not exactly a revoluitionary speed. My Dreammaker Overlord Pro printed with 150mm/s in 2016. They brag about 0.1mm accuracy... That is minimal layer thickness. The nozzle is 0.4mm as default. They brag about the stability of the print platform because they have 4 bearings it rides on. Others have 3 for a reason. One or two Y-axis belts doesn't matter as long as they're centered. There's a lot of hype, and they have hired several hypecompanies to spread the word. There's a 'Referral campaign,' with a chance to win big prizes. (I really don't like those... )
  21. Molding is a rather harsh process... I had a bit of an issue with the Heilog figure... I broke one of the feathers in her hair when removing the supports. Oops... And her right leg failed(dropped off the plate) after about 3mm. (I think that was because I didn't clean the plate properly?) The base(The 'bare' version, supported) had a flaw in the supports, but that can be fixed with Greenstuff or Milliput. No problem... Today the leg printed fine, so I have all the parts... How much detail can the Mini 8K produce? Feather in her hair? Check! Wings of the butterfly on her finger? Check! Antennae on butterfly head? Check and Check! Yes, I know it's a 75mm scale model, but still... I feel like I need to go lie down for a moment...
  22. Mike Rowe is back. Just as dirty as before... That is, 'Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe'.
  23. I got a package from Warhog in Poland yesterday. It contained the latest bust from Ignis Art; Chors. Trust me, the folks casting for Ignis Art REALLY know what they're doing.
  24. It's not in the April pack from Moonlight... *Sigh* Can't back yet another Patreon... Never mind. Doubt I'd ever get up my nerve to paint it. Love the Harefolk Druid n this months stash. 🙂 I printed up your Wonderland minis as test pieces on my new 8K printer... But they got mirrored... That's probably the least strange to happen to Alice and the others. And I'm going to donate a March Hare to a colleague at the office. She's a bit too smug about her dialled-in FDM printer.
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