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  1. Bombshell will be suspending the billing for their Patreon for 2021 because the extra work is causing a backlog of other work.
  2. Today I got a little bag of screws in the post... Just a couple days over 2 weeks after they left England. Anway, spent 2 hours installing the clutch housing and the gearbox today. The gearbox is only hanging by 2 bolts, yet, but it was past 8pm, and as I have neighbours I try to keep the swearing to a minimum after 8pm.
  3. Got my .STLs today, and are already busy wasting grey resin on them.
  4. I assume that everyone is already aware that Midlam is running a new KS, but... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1662635043/classic-cloaked-halfling-adventurers/description Story Throughout the land, small shadowy figures are reported, often just glimpsed out of the corner of the eye. They go hither, they go thither! They are abroad on unnamed errands and secret quests. It can only be... The Classic Cloaked Halfling Adventuring Party! A Set of 10 Classic Cloaked Halfling Adventurers for all of your Fantasy Adventures. Welcome to our latest Kickstarter Project, which we are running as a quick campaign, of just over a week. Our plans for the year, like so many other peoples, have been knocked sideways and we are behind where we planned to be. To that end, we intend to run this campaign for just over a week, and get the miniatures sent out to backers before the end of the year. The classic cloaked halflings project came about because the few halflings we did have with cloaks, always proved popular, and it remains a classic look. So here we have male and female cloaked halfling with a variety of adventuring gear. Now hurry up, you only have 7 days on this one because they hope to get the minis out the door in time for Christmas.
  5. I have come to the conclusion that the Presupported .STL of Vadoma from Signum is a pretty good test of a Resin printer and your settings. Overexpose just slightly, and there's elfed chance to remove the supports without breaking off a leg.
  6. I'm guessing that it's resin with a bit of bone dust added to it. It is acually legal to buy bones in some situations, but using the bones in this way is rather... not right.
  7. Planet Computers have 40% off on the Gemini, 30% off on the Cosmo, and 10% off on accessories.
  8. I finally have a WfH day again... (The previous one was in April I think). But it's all meetings. On the other hand... I'm still in my underwear...
  9. 'Utenfor' = Outside... I'm trying to find a site that allows everyone to view it, but so far, no luck.
  10. Technically they're F-16 A 'MLU3' or 'MLU4' so they're equivalent to Block40/50 planes. (F-16C/D) Yes, it's a 737. It's either a 737-700 or 737-800. I'm guessing that it's the 800 since it has winglets. (SAS was a bit slow on the uptake on that point) And the footage was definitely shot from an F-16.
  11. Troll Lord games: $1 to $30 gets you 10% off $31 to $100 gets you 20% off $101 to infinity gets you 25% off
  12. Weigh the empty roll. Assuming the next roll is of the same brand and have the same spool, it'll allow you to get a good idea of how much is left on it later. And most slicers can calculate the weight of the filament will be needed for a specific print.
  13. 'Nyheter' is News in Norwegian. I don't see any tankers... (In fact, we don't have any tankers. ) No, the King is home at the palace. That plane is bringing home the current Norwegian soccer champions. The team is Bodø Glimt, from the city by the name of Bodø, and guess what, there's an F-16 squadron stationed there, too. A closeup that was on the newsbite showed one of the pilots with a scarf in cub colours. That doesn't have anything to do with the gag, though. Anyone flying commercially these days are being told to wear their mask for the duration of the trip, with vague hints of consequences. you can see thee original video clip here: https://www.nrk.no/nordland/forsvarets-f-16-eskorterte-bodo_glimt-hjem-til-bodo-for-a-motta-hyllesten-etter-seriegull-1.15257068
  14. Antarctic Press is doing a sitewide 50% sale friday through monday. BLCKWKND
  15. Got the replacement touchscreen LCD for my Photon today, and just finished installing it. Now it's printing Vadoma from Signum. Finger's crossed...
  16. Swap out the heater cartridge with one with a higher rating(30, 40 and 60W versions are common. You probably have a 30 or 40W), or you could reduce the print speed.
  17. It's fine grit sanding and polishing, I'm afraid. Or possibly use a clear epoxy resin on top?
  18. My CAT S40 lasts a whole week if I only use it as a phone. If you want to do midnight Pokemon Go, you probably have 4 hours... (GPS; Game and a proper LED light tends to drain batteries) I think the current moel is the S41, though. (Unless you want the top S62 top model) Or you could track down a replacement battery from China...
  19. Why you never take your mask off on the plane these days...
  20. And now to a different topic... The NSPCA have decided to take decisive action and are taking breeders of English bulldogs and Cavalier King charles Spaniels to court. It's sad that so many breeds are created with such a flawed beauty image that the animals have trouble even breathing.
  21. Michael Contraros has 40% off on selected models. GreenStuff World has 15% off.(requires discount code shown on their front page)
  22. Hm... One article I saw reports that the rate of suicides have just abput halved since the lockdowns and WFH schemes began here in Norway.
  23. Not interested unless they have a kid with a DBS Apache bike... M brother had one back then...
  24. Acetate? as in transparent plastics? not only would it look GROSS even without sneezing if someone wears one for any length of time, but that stuff won't filter any air.
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