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  1. Was finally able to unpack the box and pick out some things. I'll get some pics and then figure out how to re-stuff the box. Should be mailed out in the next couple of days. I apologize for the sluggishness of my responses, we have been slammed with major flooding yet again. 2nd time in 6 weeks. :P
  2. Received my AMAZING minis today! Perfect timing to, as I am off to an afternoon of gaming. Will get pics later this weekend and post them. So much epic....
  3. Shipping has been delayed until Monday or Tuesday. My truck is currently in the shop and was not ready today. :p
  4. Growltiger

    03547: Juliette, Wizard; re-imagined to Stephanie, Alchemist

    Those eyes! Great job.
  5. Growltiger

    60049: Red Mantis Assassin

    lovely job! Amazing to think it was a first. Wish my early ones looked that good, heck I'd be happy if my current stuff was that scale.
  6. Growltiger

    77609: Autumn Bronzeleaf

    YAY! Her domain was Astral / Twilight / Void. You win..........umm....... A SMILEY!
  7. Growltiger

    77609: Autumn Bronzeleaf

    This is a PC (oracle, half-elf) from a campaign we finished last November. I altered (made less "poofy") her hair and changed out the top of her staff. Not happy at all with the face but this is the Bones version and it was slightly miscast/wonky. I was quite happy with the gradient on her robes which doesn't show that well here. Table Top quality, but I do take a bit longer on PC models. Phone pics suck, sorry.
  8. Growltiger

    77258: Babau Demon

    Table Top quality. Ready to eat players souls.... Not much else to say.
  9. Growltiger

    77148: Mangu Timur

    Very impressive indeed!
  10. Growltiger

    77303: Male Paladin

    Thank you! Faces have always been a weak point for me so I have really been focusing on them. I now do the face first so I'm not dreading doing it once the rest of the mini is done. (Also allows me to strip the model if I really mess it up) :)
  11. Growltiger

    77044: Turanil, Male Elf Paladin

    Thumbs up on the cloak and shield. The color choices are stunning.
  12. Growltiger

    My Frostgrave Illusionist's Warband

    Great looking band you have there.