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    Minis, tabletop games, video games, painting, drawing, keeping busy.
  1. Wikkidcrow

    Reaper Familiars 2

    Thanks for your comments guys I really appreciate it :)
  2. Wikkidcrow

    Dwarf Pirate

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments...glad you guys like hin
  3. Wikkidcrow

    77235: gnoll leader

    Nicely done
  4. Wikkidcrow

    14041 Warlord fairy familiar

    Nice job
  5. Wikkidcrow

    77396: Olivia, Female Cleric

  6. Wikkidcrow

    77212: Tiik baron

  7. Wikkidcrow

    Mice & Mystics (character mice)

    Very nice
  8. Wikkidcrow

    03566: Valloa, Elf Thief

    Very nice
  9. Wikkidcrow

    Reaper Familiars 2

    Totally understand lol
  10. Wikkidcrow

    Dwarf Pirate

    Dwarf pirate about to open a can...I think he turned out pretty good...whut do you guys think?
  11. Wikkidcrow

    Reaper Familiars 2

    Thanks for the comments guys...thanks for letting me know whut the second one was, it was driving me nuts, and of course all the others :)
  12. Wikkidcrow

    Reaper Familiars 2

    Painted the reaper Bones familiars 2. I didn't know whut the one mini was so I painted it how I thought it should go. It's the one that looks like he's carrying logs. I had a blast painting the fire elemental. Tell me whut you guys think.
  13. Painting minis regularly is very relaxing

  14. Wikkidcrow

    80033: Frank Buck

    Nice job reminds me of Indiana Jones