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    I Love Sculpting and I Am Starting To Get Into Painting Aswell.
  1. Check Out this Lion sculpture i Just rececntly got :) I reaallyy love it so far As some of you may know I dont create my own art because I suck at Art, So i just collect it :) anyway this Lion stands in my back yard and looks so good, My mate actually got a bit of a fright from it the other day until he realized it wasnt real, hahaha I dont have any photos of it yet because unfortunetally my camera broke the other day. <Edited by TaleSpinner to remove commerce links and add linked photo.>
  2. Yeh I Meant Sculpting The Substance. I Found This Kit Here. What You Think?? Recon Its Would Be Worth It??
  3. Can Anyone recommend the Best Tools For Stone Sculpting Please? Im Too Used To Sculpting With Clay So Im Gonna Need Some new Tools Now
  4. Love It, God Dammit Wish I Could Paint Like That
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