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  1. There was also the previous Cyanide Blood Bowl game that is (I believe) still more popular than the sequel is now. There are quite a few online leagues for the first game. It is worth bearing in mind because the rules for the Cyanide video games are very similar (or identical) to the current rules being used in tabletop (and of course the tabletop Blood Bowl scene is still surprisingly big, if more than a little resentful of GW). When they re-release Blood Bowl there will be many people who already know the rules from playing the video game, or who may just want to paint a physical version of
  2. I recently picked up one of the Clear Brights triads, so I was blending the clear bright blue into ghost white. From what you are saying (and from my own impression) it seems like there is too much of the pure ghost white on there. Some of it did look better in my first attempt for that reason (I managed to put on thinner lines), but I had to re-do it after I altered the colour on the staff (not good to drybrush near something you really like!). Edit: I do really like how the OSL on your gnome looks so clearly like a lighting effect. A lot of the OSL I see (even in tutorials from skilled p
  3. Thank you all for your comments. I have taken your advice (along with some tips from my fiancee who is an artist/designer) and I think I have two miniatures now finished to my (tentative) satisfaction. I eventually decided against painting the frog on top of the wizard's staff green as it introduced too much colour confusion. I attempted a sort of "glow" effect from the orb (after I repainted it in a manner similar to Pingo's)... though I may decide to tell people I was going for a "frosty ice magic" effect instead. I am not sure how well it worked. For the valkyrie I tinted her leathers with
  4. I had read about the importance of thinning my paints, I am trying to do so however I don't think I have a good method for it yet. If I try to use my brush to introduce water from the mixing pot it's not enough unless I do it over and over again. I have a homemade wet palette (sandwich Tupperware with damp paper towel covered in a layer of parchment paper) and at the beginning of a "fresh sheet" of parchment paper I will splash some water on there so I get some droplets to use for thinning, however if I want to return to the same palette later this doesn't help much (droplets are all usually u
  5. That is really helpful, thanks! I had no idea that was supposed to be a little frog on top of the staff. I am also going to steal your strategy for painting the orb. You did a great job making it look glassy.
  6. Thank you. I have done a couple of rounds of brown wash already, followed by a re-highlighting with the pale saffron colour (because the wash dulls them). It may be that my highlights are going on too thick. I had to go check. They are in fact a dark chocolate brown colour. That's encouraging! I feel like I was better when I was younger, though now I am not sure whether I have forgotten what I knew then or if I just had lower standards. Squirrel?! Anyway wonderful start! I thouorghly approve of your choice of minis Thanks, I have a few more that I am excited
  7. Hello, I used to paint Games Workshop miniatures when I was a kid, but was put off for many years by the price. Having found out about Reaper recently I decided to get back into it. I picked up the Learn to Paint Kit, a few extra Reaper miniatures and some extra paints/brushes. The valkyrie I have attached was my first attempt after a long break, and now I am getting onto the mouslings. I am having some difficulties though. I would love to hear any feedback on these difficulties I list or any other criticism or advice. With the valkyrie there are some parts I am quite happy with. Her r
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