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  1. Jesse, your a legend, the Resolutionary Painting Challenge thread is great and just what I needed. Thanks for pointing it out to me Painting to tournament or organised game deadline was always a great push so might just have to try and get into some tournament gaming again too.. nice advice Rob :) Chris I will watch your blog with interest, nice way to get them hoards of bones done and in a single place
  2. Agree that its the discipline of keeping it all going which is the harder part once the motivation wanes...The hardest part I'm finding is not having a dedicated hobby area and having to pack away everything again every few days...When you have a dedicated hobby room/area you take it for granted and now I no longer have this luxury it is harder to keep motivated but I'm determined to give this a go. Thanks for looking and the comments..they are helping too :)
  3. Pretty much decided that this year I am going to try and paint a heck of a lot more since my progress over the last three or four years has been about the same amount of models I have painted in the last week or two and picking back up the brush has been fun. While I'm only able to paint to table top standards I thought I'd show you guys here a couple of the models I'm doing since the last couple have been Reaper models. I'm actually quiet liking how the bones material paints up...here's a link to my painting blog to keep me motivated...http://whatneededpainting.blogspot.co.nz/ hope you enjoy it and can advise how I can make things better
  4. I never knew what a Gnoll was until a few days ago and this is awesome. I'm about to start painting one of mine and this has been great inspiration
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