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  1. I use mainly Citadel paints, mainly due to the influence of my painting mentor. I believe the bracers were done in Balthazar Gold (which looks more bronze) with a layer of Nihilakh Oxide, to give it the verdigris effect.
  2. The monsters themselves are pretty easy, given their size, unlike the heroes in this game which are much smaller than standard Reaper heroes. The plastic is comparable to Reaper, but they come with some pretty nasty mold lines. I've found that most of them need to be reshaped with the par-boiling water/ice bath trick, and then liquid green stuffed to get them up to par. The paint sticks to the models well and they have a wide variety of fantasy baddies to choose from. On the whole, I enjoy working with them.
  3. Ah yeah, I have not yet attempted to use OSL. I do have several models that would benefit from the effect. I may have to start experimenting.
  4. Here are some of my non-reaper work, from the Descent 2nd Edition board game by Fantasy Flight Magma Elemental Ettin (sorry for poor picture quality)
  5. A few pics of the Big Bad Evil Guy from one of my current 5e campaigns.
  6. My version of Judas Bloodspire. Commissioned by a friend for Christmas.
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